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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


7. What is the eye protection made of?
8. According to the woman, what do some chemicals do?
9. What does the man say?
10. Where most likely is the conversation taking place?
11. Why did Mr. Brown call?
12. According to Dave, where will the truck driver first go?
13. Why is the man changing his reservation time?
14. What does the woman say about the restaurant?
15. Look at the graphic. Why will the man be unable to use the coupon?


16. What is the T-156?
17. How much does this product cost?
18. What does NOT come with the T-156?
19. Why are these people meeting?
20. How will the employees vote?
21. How many prizes will the winner get?
22. Why did the listener travel to London?
23. Look at the graphic. Which transaction does the speaker want to discuss?
24. What is the listener asked to do?


25. As soon as he _____ ready, they will leave.
26. _____ the last ten years, professional and business services comprised 38 percent of the total job growth in the Washington region.
27. You can either submit your application by e-mail _____ send the needed information by post.
28. The bank will celebrate the _____ of the senior accountant at the upcoming monthly meeting.
29. The client would appreciate it if the invoice could be sent _____ so he can pay it before the end of the fiscal year.
30. An interactive website can save your organisation _____ amounts of time and money that would otherwise be spent on correspondence.
31. While the product might _____ its purpose well, it can be unreasonably dangerous to use due to a design defect.
32. In order to define what a Stock Exchange is today, you have to understand the unstoppable progress, or _____, of technology.


Questions 33 - 36:

Reading text:

July 15
Allison Morita
Vestige Insurance
4186 Maryland Avenue
Pinellas, FL 34624

Dear Ms. Morita,

I am writing to you in the hope that you can _____(1) my insurance claim. I spoke with general claims agent Gary Fink on July 6, _____(2), at the time, explained the process and recommended that I write this letter.

Last month, on June 20, I suffered an injury when I slipped and fell in my kitchen. The impact caused me to break my wrist, which forced me to undergo surgery. Does my policy cover injuries of this nature? _____(3), I expect to be reimbursed. Currently, my medical expenses amount to about $900. _____(4).

Please respond as soon as you review my documentation.

Thank you.


June Miller

33. (1)
34. (2)
35. (3)
36. (4)


Questions 37 - 38:

Reading text:

Dorothy Lee [4:15]
You're the intern in charge of booking Mr. Parker's flight to Las Vegas, right? He asked me to tell you there's been a change, and he needs to leave on June 9 and return on the 14th.


James Harter [4:18]
I haven't done it yet because I need his frequent flier number to check his points balance. I was going to ask for it earlier, but he and the other supervisors are still in a meeting.


Dorothy Lee [4:20]
I've got that information somewhere. I'm his personal assistant, so you can contact me anytime you need details like that. Let me find it.


Dorothy Lee [4:24]
It's KLJO294SB1.


James Harter [4:25]
Got it. I'm checking now.


James Harter [4:28]
He hasn't got enough points to cover a round-trip. Should we still use them?


Dorothy Lee [4:29]
Don't bother. We can save them for a future flight.


James Harter [4:30]
OK. I'll go ahead and make the booking now.


Dorothy Lee [4:30]
Send me the confirmation by e-mail. Thanks, James.

37. Why was Mr. Harter unable to complete a task?
38. At 4:29, what does Ms. Lee mean when she writes, "Don't bother"?
Questions 39 - 41:

Reading text:

To: Customer Service
From: Doris Hogue
Subject: Order#10009283
Date: October 10

To Whom It May Concern,

I tried calling the Toptracks 101 customer service directly but could not reach any of the workers. I purchased some albums on your Web site not long ago. —[1]—. After I paid for the selected items, I realized that I had accidently ordered the Rock Station’s Deluxe album, which I did not mean to purchase as I had already done so last month. For some reason, it still remained in my shopping cart and got checked out along with my new list of items, so I accidently paid for it. —[2]—.

On the Web site, the notice says that I should contact customer service and that a refund will be available within 24 hours of purchase. —[3]—. If by any chance, the refund of a single item is not available, could you just cancel my whole order? The Rock Station’s Deluxe album is not cheap and I certainly don’t need two of them. —[4]—. Please get back to me with the available options.

Thank you.

Doris Hogue

39. Why does Ms. Hogue send the email?
40. What is stated about Ms. Hogue?
41. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong? “It has only been about 20 minutes since my purchase, so I believe the opportunity to get a refund is still valid.”


Questions 42 - 46:

Reading text 1:

Today only! Our special offer will expire in 0 days, 17 hours, and 11 minutes.

BRILLIANT TECHWARE is offering Flash-805 distance recorders at 40% off the regular price.

The device's onboard microphone is outstanding at picking up any sound and reproducing it faithfully. Plus, our patented waveform analyzer technology reduces distortion automatically. This amazing recorder lets you remove unwanted sounds such as traffic noise and background chatter so that you only capture the sounds you want and need. It even has 50 percent more battery life than our previous models. The Flash-805 is a truly versatile tool with multiple applications for students, researchers, and reporters.

*Brilliant Techware provides free delivery on orders of $40 or above, except for items on promotion. For orders below $40, we charge $5 for delivery within North America and $10 for deliveries to most other parts of the world. For expedited shipping, there is a $5 surcharge.

Reading text 2:

Order Form

755 Orange Park
755 Orange Park
Miami, FL 32003

Customer Name: Chris Altman
Address: 11 Cornish Hill, Hesbitt, Bournemouth, UK
E-mail address:
Phone no.: 555-9100
Date: 10/17 11:23 A.M.

ORDER No.: 7891000

Product Code Description Price/unit Quantity Sub-total
3101805 Flash-805 distance recorder $145.00 1 unit $145.00
Less 40% discount
TOTAL $102.00

Each item can be discounted once only. Your purchase will appear on your credit card bank statement as BrilliantTech. All orders will ship from 3-4 business days of purchase. Cancellations may be made within 24 hours of a purchase.

Any customs taxes must be paid by customer.

Reading text 3:

Subject: Inquiry
Date: Thursday, October 17

To Whom It May Concern,

I ordered a Flash-805 distance recorder on your Web site this morning. My order number is 7891000. I told my coworker about my purchase, and she is also interested in ordering the same item since you offer the lowest price she has found on the Web. In addition, she was intrigued by its ability to reduce distortion automatically. I was wondering whether I could simply add her recorder to my current order. If so, would there be an additional fee to do that? We just wanted to see if we could save on shipping. Even if you cannot change my order, my friend will go ahead with the purchase anyway. I hope to hear from you today so that my friend can take advantage of this limited-time offer.


Chris Altman

42. What is NOT mentioned about the Flash-805 distance recorder?
43. What must customers do to take advantage of a special offer?
44. What is suggested about Mr. Altman?
45. What is the purpose of the e-mail?
46. What is true about Mr. Altman's colleague?
Questions 47 - 51:

Reading text 1:

Tea Tree Eco-Resorts Set to Open in Mexico by Year's End
By Consuela Hidalgo

International hotel chain Tea Tree Eco-Resorts is in the final stages of building a 22-acre resort on Mexico's Mayan Riviera. The first visitors are expected to arrive by December 21. Like other Tea Tree Eco-Resorts in the Philippines, and Greece, the new hotel will be as eco-friendly as possible. "We have solar panels generating electricity and heating the water, for instance. Furthermore, none of the local farmers from whom we source our ingredients for regional specialties, such as pork wrapped in banana leaves and citrus-marinated chicken soup, use any chemical pesticides at all," said general manager Jose Perez. The plan is for the facilities to be built around naturally growing trees and plant life, with structures blending in with the jungle. Further details can be found at

Reading text 2:

Tea Tree Eco-Resorts, Mayan Riviera

Welcome to our beautiful compound in the stunning Mayan Riviera! We have several activities scheduled for this week!

Monday, January 17: Sailboat tour ($22)
Join us for a 2-hour sailboat ride that stops at local islands. There's even a chance of spotting some dolphins! Sign up in advance at the guest activities counter.

Wednesday, January 19: Visit to wildlife park ($38)
Travel by bus to a local wildlife park to view indigenous animals and plants. Departure will be at 9 A.M., and guests will be back by 5 P.M. Sandwiches will be provided at a restaurant near the park. Advance bookings are necessary.

Thursday, January 20: Tour of ancient Mayan city ($57)
A bus will take guests to an archaeological site where a pyramid and other ancient structures can be found. Departure will be at 8 A.M., and guests will be back by 5 P.M. Lunch is included in the cost of admission, and bookings are required.

Saturday, January 22: Beach party (Free for all guests)
Visit the beach between 11:30 A.M. and 2:30 P.M. for an outdoor barbecue, and sample the wonderful flavors in our grilled seafood, citrus-marinated chicken soup, and pork wrapped in banana leaves!

*Prices indicated are in US dollars.

Reading text 3:

Tea Tree Eco-Resorts, Mayan Riviera

We hope you enjoyed your stay with us. Please take a few moments to provide us with feedback. Return the completed card to a front desk staff member.

NAME Henry O'Neil DATE(S) OF STAY January 17-23
E-MAIL PHONE (905)555-6948

Were you satisfied with the following during your stay? If the answer is "NO", please leave a short comment at the bottom with an explanation.

Cleanliness of facilities YES ■ NO □ Service of staff YES ■ NO □
Meals and meal service YES ■ NO □ Daily activities YES □ NO ■

My wife and I were interested in a sailboat tour but were informed that the boat only held 24 passengers and was full. So, we inquired about a trip to the Mayan city, but it was also completely booked. Thankfully, we managed to go on the January 19 outing and enjoyed it very much. I recommend that more seats be available for trips, especially during high tourist season.

Thank you for your time!

47. What is NOT indicated about Tea Tree Eco-Resorts?
48. In the notice, the word "spotting" is closest in meaning to
49. During which activity were guests served a regional specialty?
50. What does Mr. O'Neil mention about the Mayan Riviera hotel?
51. What can be inferred about Mr. O'Neil?

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