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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


7. Why is the woman calling?
8. What does the man suggest the woman do?
9. Why does the man say, "If you'd like"?
10. What is the woman doing?
11. Where is the theater located?
12. Where most likely is the conversation taking place?
13. When did the woman first make the call?
14. Who most likely is the man?
15. What is the problem?


16. What is the weather forecast for the weekend?
17. What does the speaker advise the listeners to do?
18. When will the next weather report air?
19. What is the speaker mainly talking about?
20. When should overtime hours be reported?
21. What are the employees asked to do?
22. What department do the listeners most likely work in?
23. Look at the graphic. Which software product will the company stop selling?
24. What does the speaker ask the listeners to do?


25. Thank you so much for _____ a volunteer with our center.
26. Consumer confidence in the company _____ over the months, due in part to a strategic merchandising campaign.
27. She told me that _____ as well as an actress needs a lot of time and money.
28. He is always very _____.
29. You are cordially invited to attend a _____ party thrown in honor of employees who have served the company for more than thirty years.
30. All the required application forms must be filled out _____ before they are turned in to the appropriate office.
31. In the near future, the University of Alaska's Communications Office will play an increasingly _____ role in the University's success.
32. You'll never make any more money or _____ new income if you keep using that unimaginative marketing logo.


Questions 33 - 36:

Reading text:

Turn Your Scuba Diving Dreams into a Reality!

The Estrella Diving Center's summer certification courses will begin at our Playa Del Carmen facility on June 2. No prior _____(1) is necessary because our trainers will cover all the basic techniques for beginner students. _____(2). As always, enrollees must have no existing medical conditions and be at least 13 years old. Those who cannot satisfy _____(3) of these requirements will be unable to sign up.

All equipment will be provided, and training will be delivered in three _____(4) sessions. Held on the same day, each lesson will last an hour with short breaks in between. Enrollment opens on Monday, May 3.

33. (1)
34. (2)
35. (3)
36. (4)


Questions 37 - 38:

Reading text:

Frank Cameron 2:22 P.M.
Have you heard when production on the new laptop will begin?


Liz Cohen 2:24 P.M.
I called Stan Lowell, and he said he can't get things started at the factory for at least another four weeks.


Frank Cameron 2:26 P.M.
That's not good news. What’s causing the delay?


Liz Cohen 2:28 P.M.
He says the plant can't proceed until the engineering department finishes testing the product. It's taking them longer than anticipated.


Frank Cameron 2:29 P.M.
But we're scheduled to ship the computers to stores at the beginning of next month. Do you think that it will be possible to meet that target?


Liz Cohen 2:31 P.M.
Not a chance given the current situation.


Frank Cameron 2:33 P.M.
I see. How do you think the sales representatives will take the news?


Liz Cohen 2:34 P.M.
They'll be fine as long as we inform them in advance. At this point, we just need to focus on shipping the best possible product to market, even if it is a bit late.

37. Why is production delayed?
38. At 2:31 P.M., what does Ms. Cohen mean when she writes, "Not a chance"?
Questions 39 - 42:

Reading text:

Attn: All advertising associates

The meeting with Gilman Electronics was rescheduled from Friday, April 22, to Monday, May 25. I received an e-mail from their CEO, Robert Towney, informing me that Gilman Electronics is not ready to introduce the new computers due to production delays. Apparently, technicians discovered a serious defect in one of the microchips and consequently all of the computers have to be re-evaluated. Therefore, we have about a month to work on the advertising campaign. I recommend that we meet early next week - perhaps Monday or Wednesday - to discuss the current ad campaign and determine whether or not we want to change it now that we have some extra time. Please e-mail me by 4 p.m. today with your comments or suggestions about the Gilman account. As you know, Gilman is our biggest client so it is critical that we provide the best service possible.


Mark Johnsons
Director of Advertising

39. What information does the memo provide?
40. What is the reason for the production delays?
41. Why will the advertising associates meet early next week?
42. What does Mark Johnson mention about Gilman Electronics?


Questions 43 - 47:

Reading text 1:

Advanced Financial
244 Harbor Rd.
Portland, ME

June 22, 2007

Dear Mr. Benson,

I have written to you several times over the past two months requesting an explanation on why you have failed to bring your account with us up-to-date.

By ignoring these requests, you are damaging the excellent credit record you had previously maintained with our company. In addition, every month that you fail to pay your account, you receive a $25 late payment fee. As of the date of this letter, your account balance is $235.04.

Unless I hear from you within ten days, I will have no other choice but to turn your account over to a debt collection agency. I am sorry that we must take such drastic action but I am afraid you leave us no choice. You can preserve your credit rating by sending us a check for the amount stated above.


Ross Gunter
Director of Accounting
Advanced Financial

Reading text 2:

Advanced Financial
244 Harbor Rd.
Portland, ME

July 8, 2007

Dear Mr. Benson

Thank you for your letter. You deserve an explanation for what went wrong in our accounting department, and I hope that this letter will help resolve our recent error. It has taken a lot of time to find out what happened, so please accept our apologies for the delay in this response.

A thorough look at our records revealed that we did receive your April payment on time, as you stated in your letter of June 25. However, it was credited to an account which bears a similar name to yours. Therefore, we began sending you our standard notices requesting payment, in keeping with our routine policy.

I am sorry for all the distress we have caused you. You have been a valued customer of ours for a long time and we appreciate your understanding. To express our sincerest apologies, we would like to send you a $175 gift certificate to The Wilson Spa and Massage Center.


Ross Gunter
Director of Accounting,
Advanced Financial

43. What is the purpose of the first letter?
44. In the first letter the word "drastic" in paragraph 3, is closest in meaning to
45. What problem did the accounting department discover?
46. How does the company apologize for their mistakes?
47. What can be inferred about Mr. Benson?
Questions 48 - 52:

Reading text 1:

Art Vibe Magazine

The remodeling of Brayman Museum of Art (BMA) has finally concluded, and the facility will reopen on Wednesday, September 26. This will be commemorated by a ceremony taking place on the front lawn of the museum, with a short speech by museum curator Jane Wellington. Ms. Wellington will talk about the progress BMA has made over its 50 years in the city of Auckland. She will also introduce the museum's new special exhibition, France in Focus, beginning that day, which features artifacts from Europe's ancient Gallic tribes. This traveling exhibition received terrific reviews from French publications when it first opened in Paris, and after the show at the BMA, it will go on to Sydney and then Perth. Tickets for the exhibit are $12 and may be reserved in advance at The museum will also be offering the special admission price of $5 for children aged 10 and under instead of its regular $7 for the duration of the exhibit. Inquiries may be directed to BMA's public relations specialist, Henry Kang, at 555-1288.

Reading text 2:

Brayman Museum of Art
Confirmation of Payment

Today's Date: August 17
Guest Name: Kerry Rosales
Exhibition Description: France in Focus
Admission Date: September 26

Description Amount Unit Price Total Price
Regular Ticket 1 $12 $12
Special Ticket 2 $5 $10

Payment Confirmation Number: 347792R

If you've made an advance purchase, please be sure to present this receipt to the museum offical collecting tickets when entering the exhibition. Admission will be allowed daily between the hours of 8 A.M. and 3 P.M.

Reading text 3:

To: Henry Kang
From: Jane Wellington
Date: September 10
Subject: Important change

Hi Henry,

I've got an urgent request. Unfortunately, I received a call this morning, and there will be a delay with the France in Focus exhibition. Some of the artifacts have been held up at customs. Apparently, the agents must see further documentation before they can release the items to us. We're getting the necessary paperwork, but it won't be processed in time for the show. The items should start arriving here at the museum the day after our exhibition is scheduled to open. Accordingly, the opening must be delayed by at least two weeks. I'll need you to contact those who purchased exhibition tickets in advance. Assure them that they may use the same tickets to gain admission on the new opening date but that they also have the option of getting their money back.

Let me know if you have questions.

Jane Wellington
Brayman Museum of Art, Curator

48. What is the main topic of the article?
49. What is indicated about Ms. Rosales?
50. What are those who purchase tickets in advance asked to bring to the exhibition?
51. What is suggested about the Brayman Museum of Art?
52. What are those who already have tickets entitled to?

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