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Questions 1 - 3:

Reading text:

Are you looking for a place _____(1) your next conference?

The Littleton Convention Center offers a convenient location at an affordable price. Whether your event is big or small, our site can accommodate your needs.

We offer meeting rooms, several auditoriums, and a large exhibition hall. Catering services are also available. Get _____(2) touch with us at 555-0964 to make arrangements for your event.

We know you'll _____(3) with our services.

1. (1)
2. (2)
3. (3)
Questions 4 - 7:

Reading text:

March 31

Annika Dahl
7898 Forest Road
Boulder, CO 80301

Dear Ms. Dahl,

Thank you for your recent visit. _____(1). We hope that you are fully satisfied with the quality of care that you received.

We would like to know more about your experience at our medical facility through our Patient Care Survey. Please fill out the questionnaire, and make sure that each of the five items _____(2) as directed. If you have additional comments, please _____(3) them in the space provided.

Keep in mind that the information you provide in the survey will be analyzed and used to improve our services in the future. _____(4), your privacy will be protected. We will not be able to track any of your responses back to you. Thank you for your participation.

Stanley Waite
Hospital Consumer Assessment

4. (1)
5. (2)
6. (3)
7. (4)
Questions 8 - 11:

Reading text:

To: Valued Customer From: Mark's Department Store Subject: Summer Big Sale!!!

Dear Valued Customer,

We want to thank you for shopping at Mark's Online Department Store. To show our _____(1), we're going to have a special Summer Big Sale! The coupon code at the bottom of this e-mail is good for 25% off all summer wear! Right now we are _____(2) this deal to our VIP customers only! Use this coupon code to get in first and get the best prices on this summer's selection of sandals, shorts, and swimwear at _____(3) low prices. _____(4). Don't miss this great opportunity to stock up on the outgoing spring inventory and the incoming summer inventory at the same time!

We hope to see you soon!

Customer Service Department

Mark's Department Store


Your Coupon CODE: 012MDS25

8. (1)
9. (2)
10. (3)
11. (4)
Questions 12 - 15:

Reading text:

NOTE: All Eddington's Membership Card Holders

_____(1). We will be adjusting the frequency that point accumulation statements are sent to our members. From January 1, statements will be mailed every six months instead of quarterly. _____(2) this change, members may continue to log in at to find current details. You can _____(3) your accumulated points and see what rewards are available in exchange for them through your online account. Or you can call us during business hours at 555-4955, and we will give you a total. _____(4), you can drop by a service counter at any Eddington's Department Store, and one of our staff will inform you of your current total.

12. (1)
13. (2)
14. (3)
15. (4)


Questions 16 - 18:

Reading text:

Attention All Employees!

The executives at Juniper Insurance have decided to purchase mobile phones for all employees. They are hoping that the new phones will improve communication between members of different departments. The company will be purchasing forty-seven TM-161 cell phones from Globalphone Inc. at the end of July. You will receive your new phone during the first week of August. Each employee will be given 200 minutes free each month. If you use more than your monthly limit, you will be charged an additional $25 each month. We understand that this is a new policy that may potentially be problematic, so we welcome any comments or suggestions you may have. To monitor the new phone system's effectiveness, we will be asking employees to fill out a survey. The date for this survey has not been chosen yet. However, it will most likely take place during the third week of August. Also, employees with other suggestions about how to help employees communicate better should fill out an Employee Comments Form, which can be obtained from Betty Gill in the Human Resources Department.

16. What does the company plan to do in July?
17. How will the company evaluate the effectiveness of the strategy?
18. Why would someone contact Betty Gill?
Questions 19 - 21:

Reading text:

Dear valued customer,

Our policy has been to provide customers with ground coffee when their coffee grinders undergo malfunctions. However, as more and more customers fail to remit their payment on time these days, we have determined to enforce a stricter policy in such cases.

Our new policy is effective as of September 3, 2007, and in details are as follows:

1. If a customer delays his or her payment for over 20 days and the machine does not work properly, we will stop supplying ground coffee. Instead, we will fix the unit, but the customer will be responsible for the expenses. Any payment related to these repairs will be reimbursed to the customer after he or she has remitted the unpaid balance in full.

2. A surcharge on accounts suspended for more than 60 days will be assessed.

Admittedly, this might sound a little extreme and may come as a surprise; nevertheless, we see no other alternative. As you know, we have always been committed to providing quality products and reliable service in order to meet your requirements. Without our patrons' cooperation and support, we are unable to continue to provide all of this.

In case of any inquiries concerning our new policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Miller Coffee Grinder Co.
319 Tegarden Rd
Gulfport, Ms 39507
(Tel.) 228-896-1445

19. What is the main topic of the notice?
20. What is NOT suggested about the new policy?
21. Why did the Miller Coffee Grinder Co. make such a decision?
Questions 22 - 24:

Reading text:

September 19

Mr. David Asher, President
Ford Construction Company
7083 Warren Sharon Rd
Brookfield, OH 44403

Dear Mr. Asher,

On behalf of the board of directors of Kelly Pharmaceutical Co., I would like to express our sincere appreciation to Ford Construction Company for successfully completing the reconstruction of our headquarters building.

Working under difficult conditions and tight schedules, your dedicated workers finished the project on time, as you had promised.

I want to especially recognize your project manager, Fred Zook, who effectively led your team of professional and skilled workers.


Eugene Klaasmeyer
CEO, Kelly Pharmaceutical Co.

22. What is the purpose of the letter?
23. What is mentioned as a problem of the construction?
24. Who is given special mention for leadership?
Questions 25 - 28:

Reading text:

Corrine Dealba 4:32 PM. Hi everyone. So, it sounds like Osment Industrial is interested in hearing a presentation from our firm about an indoor garden. We need to visit their offices and do an assessment next Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock. It shouldn't take more than two hours. I think it would be best if three of us visit, as this is potentially a large-scale project.
Jan Yates 4:34 PM. I've got to be at Yeltsin Enterprises to supervise a team installing a rooftop garden on Tuesday. But if it's necessary, I can ask Ellen Pearson to cover for me.
Avery Wong 4:35 PM. I'm free to go. Do you need us to do anything in regard to the presentation?
Kip Villegas 4:35 PM. I can probably manage it, too.
Corrine Dealba 4:36 PM. Please ask Ellen to take your place, Jan. I really need your expertise. Avery, I'll take care of the presentation. I will need you and Kip to take measurements of the space and find out about particular needs, the budget, and other details.
Kip Villegas 4:36 PM. Shall we leave from the office together?
Corrine Dealba 4:37 PM. Yes, let's meet in the parking garage at 2:30, and we can drive over together in my car. Is that OK for those who are coming?
Avery Wong 4:38 PM. That works perfectly for me. I'll see you then.
Corrine Dealba 4:40 PM. Thanks everyone. See you on Tuesday.

25. What is inferred about Osment Industrial?
26. What is Mr. Wong most likely going to do next week?
27. At 4:38 P.M., what does Mr. Wong mean when he writes, "That works perfectly for me"?
28. What might Ms. Pearson do on Tuesday afternoon?
Questions 29 - 31:

Reading text:

Sampat Labs
Cosmetic Testing
525 Hilltop Road, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

April 14

Bethany Fulton
Little Miss Makeup
255 Greystone Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28201

Dear Ms. Fulton,

For over 30 years, Sampat Labs has helped both large and small manufacturers secure reliable test data on their cosmetic, beauty, and personal care products. Our fully equipped laboratories are staffed by experienced technicians and researchers who understand the issues that most concern consumers, researchers, and manufacturing companies like yours. -[1]-.

In addition to testing products for its effects on skin, we are able to guide you through the proper methods for mixing chemical ingredients as well as storing and transporting finished goods. -[2]-. We also test how long your products last under a variety of environmental conditions. Moreover, our access to an extensive database of test results from other providers allows us to completely avoid conducting tests on animals. -[3]-.

Please review the enclosed documentation for complete descriptions of each of our services as well as detailed information on how to submit a product sample for testing. -[4]-. To obtain estimates of specific costs and processing times, you may call me at 555-9476 or e-mail me at

Thank you.

Jacob West
Client relations, Sampat Labs

29. Who most likely is Ms. Fulton?
30. What is NOT indicated about Sampat Labs?
31. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong? "In this regard, you can be assured that they will be able to provide you with expert service."
Questions 32 - 34:

Reading text:

Adam Suzuki
12 Westbourne Avenue
Hull, UK, HU2 7HH
November 22

Dear Mr. Suzuki,

I am pleased to announce a change to your North Bank account. Currently, you can overdraw up to £250 from your checking account when needed. -[1]-. As you have been a loyal customer with us over the past three years and have an excellent credit rating, your overdraft limit has been increased to £750. The increase will take effect at the beginning of next month. -[2]-.

In addition, I would like to let you know that you are eligible to apply for our Silver Spender and Graduate Spender credit cards. -[3]-. Some details about the benefits of each card are listed below. If you are interested in applying for either card, please fill out the attached form and send it to us. There is no need to do anything else as you have already been preapproved. -[4]-.

Silver Spender Credit Card
• 10% discount on movie admission fees
• 0% interest on installment plans for up to 24 months
• £25 annual fee

Graduate Spender Credit Card
• Access to Greyline Air's VIP lounges in airports nationwide
0% interest on installment plans for up to 12 months
• £45 annual fee

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at any time.

North Bank Customer Service Team

32. What is the purpose of the letter?
33. What is indicated about the Graduate Spender Credit Card?
34. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong? "Other terms and conditions associated with your account will remain the same."
Questions 35 - 37:

Reading text:

Quintel, Fulton Combine Forces

Quintel, Inc. ended negotiations with Fulton Corporation this week. The two companies have signed an agreement to work together to enhance bio-chemical analysis for use in medical laboratories around the country.

In a statement to the press, Quintel CEO, Ferdinand Markos, expressed excitement that the collaborative venture would help both entitles improve reputations within the international medical community. "By employing Fulton Corporation's ingenuity in the medical research field to work with Quintel's superbly engineered technology, the partnership will, undoubtedly, lead to great findings and an expansion of our presence within the community. There will be discoveries that will lead to new medicines and treatments for a number of illnesses we currently know very little about."

Quintel, Inc., based out of London, is known to the general public for its contribution to ease the suffering of patients with common, yet potentially serious illnesses, such as pneumonia. Fulton Corporation has recently begun marketing its newest piece of medical equipment an improved heart monitor for child patients which can detect the heart's responses to new medications within minutes of use.

Investors seem to be excited about the partnership as stock prices for both companies have risen more than 10% on the NYSE and the NASDAQ since the agreement was announced two days ago.

35. According to the article, what will the companies be doing?
36. What has happened in the past 48 hours?
37. What strength is noted about Fulton Corporation?
Questions 38 - 40:

Reading text:

Think Like a Champion
By Dennis Flatmeyer

What secret power do professional athletes and Olympians possess that enables them to perform under pressure? Well, the answer, according to psychologists and athletic trainers, is in the brain.
For years, athletes and coaches alike believed that athletic skill and physical training were the two most important factors determining competitive success.
Recent evidence, however, suggests that mental training is actually more critical than athletic ability. Thus, while you may not have been born a champion golfer, you can certainly train yourself to become one by employing the proper mental training.
Take for example, the four-time Olympic gold medal winner in the 200 meter dash, Paul Fisher. Paul was born with a rare neuromuscular disease that prevented him from growing normally. He spent the first five years of his life in a hospital bed, and doctors told his parents that he would probably have to use a wheelchair all his life. Then, in 1988, while watching the Seoul Olympics from his hospital bed, Paul decided that he would one day be an Olympic runner.
Twelve years later, in Sydney, Paul Fisher was standing on the Olympic podium, wearing a gold medal around his neck. When asked about his incredible victory, Paul said, "It was easy, once I made up my mind to do it."
At Haverford University, psychologists monitored ten athletes who were each given the exact same physical training schedule. However, five athletes were also given a mental training schedule, where they practiced meditating and using positive thinking techniques. What did the University discover? The five athletes who prepared mentally and physically performed nearly seventy percent better than the other five athletes!

38. What does the article mention about athletic performance?
39. What is NOT true about Paul Fisher?
40. What did Haverford University do for their research?
Questions 41 - 42:

Reading text:

Susan Learned [4:32]
Good afternoon, Mr. Wachtel. This is Susan Learned from Sigridson Office Interiors. I received the order form you e-mailed us this morning, but I have some questions for you.


Justin Wachtel [4:41]
Hello, Susan. I hope there isn't a problem with the order.


Susan Learned [4:43]
Nothing major, it's just that you wrote down your preferred brand for the office chairs but didn't indicate how many you need.


Justin Wachtel [4:45]
Sorry about that! Hold on, and let me check how many of the old ones we have now.


Justin Wachtel [4:55]
It looks like we need 18 chairs.


Susan Learned [5:02]
Perfect. Also, in regard to the Bainbridge conference table you asked for, it comes in a variety of materials. If you check our Web site, there are pictures of the table in pine, oak, and cedar. Prices vary slightly. Could you let me know your preference?


Justin Wachtel [5:04]
Actually, I am interested in the cedar version. It should coordinate well with the other desks and furnishings in the office.


Susan Learned [5:08]
I'll take note of that information. We should be able to deliver everything by Tuesday morning. However, the projection screen is being custom-built, so it won't get there until Thursday. I'll e-mail you a final invoice later today.

41. At 4:43, what does Ms. Learned mean when she writes, "Nothing major"?
42. What is Mr. Wachtel NOT interested in purchasing?
Questions 43 - 45:

Reading text:

Do you want to learn to play the guitar? Now, you can do it in just one week! For only $35, you can get our new book with two CDs. Learn to play the guitar quickly in your own home.

If you are interested in lessons, we have classes at our school three times a week, from 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. Our two experienced teachers have been teaching the guitar for over ten years.

For more information, call Michael at 335-4287.

43. What do you get for $35?
44. How long have their teachers been teaching for?
45. How often does the school have guitar classes?


Questions 46 - 50:

Reading text 1:

TO Joel Steinbrenner
FROM Maria Longoria
SUBJECT Re: Update on Web site progress
DATE March 20

Hi Joel,

Thanks for the update on our Web site. I'm pleased with the layout. I like the photographs of our rooms and facilities, and I think the online slideshow is a good idea. However, I'd like to add pictures to the slideshow that feature our natural surroundings. I was thinking that we can post images of activities like canoeing from the boat dock on Grand Lake and hiking the trails around Lake Granby. I've attached some images that you can use for that. Also, my colleague Alfredo Cantone would like to add a tab on the Web site where he can post weekly menus and list the items available for room service. Once these things have been added, we can probably launch the site, and I will then send you the balance of your payment.


Reading text 2:

Morning Glory Guest Cottages

Home | Slideshow | Facilities | Rates | Dining | Contact Us/Reservations

Open from 8:30 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. and located next to our compound's reception building is the Lucky Lucy Restaurant run by Chef Alfredo Cantone.

To see the weekly menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, click here. Meal service times are listed, and updates are posted every Sunday at 7:30 A.M.

Lucky Lucy Restaurant is also pleased to offer a limited menu of items that can be delivered to your cottage. Click here to find out what is available. Room service is offered from 7:00 A.M. through 10:00 P.M. on weekdays, and 8:00 A.M. through 11:00 P.M. on weekends.

Reading text 3:

Morning Glory Guest Cottages, Colorado
Guest review by: Jamie Wilder (

Morning Glory Guests Cottages is perfect for those wishing to escape into nature. It's just two hours from Denver by car and is located next to a beautiful mountain lake. My husband Keith and I stayed for three nights and hiked every day at nearby lakes and along the Colorado River. We were most impressed by a walk along Shadow Mountain Lake. The cottages themselves are rustic but comfortable.

Keith liked paddling around in a canoe, and I enjoyed mingling with other guests at the weekly bonfire party. I would also like to compliment the Lucky Lucy Restaurant for their incredible meals, most notably the Greek dishes that are the chef's specialty. My one complaint is that the room service menu offered only sandwiches, snacks, and beverages.

46. What has Mr. Steinbrenner been requested to do?
47. What can be inferred about Ms. Longoria?
48. What does Ms. Wilder indicate about Morning Glory Guest Cottages?
49. What is true about Alfredo Cantone?
50. What did Ms. Wilder's husband do during his stay?
Questions 51 - 55:

Reading text 1:

April 12

Dear Business Owner,

The Supply Closet, Inc., is a new office supply store in your neighborhood. We opened last month right across the street from the post office. We are your local source for quality office supplies including all office stationery, packing materials, folders, pens, note pads and more. We provide you with the everyday items you need to keep your business functioning smoothly. In order to introduce ourselves to you we are enclosing a coupon for 20 percent off your entire purchase during your first visit to the Supply Closet. Please visit us soon.

Sincerely yours,

Martha and Bill Heywood

Coupon expires June 30.

Reading text 2:


To: Gisela Freeman
From: James Riley
Re: New supply store

Please see the attached letter from the Supply Closet, Inc. I think we should try them out. I know we maintain an account with the Riverdale Supply Company but I am not completely satisfied with them as a source for supplies. I would like to find a supplier with more diverse merchandise. I'd like you to visit the Supply Closet sometime this week and purchase some stationery. We need to do a big mailing at the beginning of May so we'll need some manila envelopes and letter paper. You can use the coupon that came with the letter. Look at the items they have for sale and see how it compares with the Riverdale Supply Company. If it looks like they're a better source for supplies we can start ordering from them regularly. Thank you.

51. When did the Supply Closet open?
52. What can a customer get during his first visit to the store?
53. Why doesn't James Riley like the Riverdale Supply Company?
54. The word "smoothly" of the letter is closest in meaning to
55. The word "maintain" of the memo is closest in meaning to
Questions 56 - 60:

Reading text 1:

TrueBlue Mart Offers Rides to Local Customers

Customers of Kenneth County's most popular big-box store, TrueBlue Mart, will no longer have to worry about how they'll get their shopping done thanks to a new shuttle service. Concerned that a lack of affordable transit services has prevented certain segments of the population from shopping at TrueBlue Mart, store management felt it was appropriate to provide a free shuttle that will make stops at various locations throughout the community. The minibus will leave from Edgewood Avenue Apartments at 8:30 A.M. from Monday to Friday, making four trips a day. On Saturdays, the minibus makes just three trips, leaving from the same location at 10:00 A.M. and skipping over the second stop. The shuttle will not operate on Sundays. Routes and schedules were determined using client feedback and are posted on the store's Web site at

Reading text 2:

TrueBlue Mart

Home | Announcements | Locations | Customer Service

Welcome account holder 01983445, Emilia Harper, to TrueBlue Mart's Online Customer Service Counter. Your opinions are valuable to us. Please select a tab to leave a comment.

In-Store Experience Online Experience Shuttle Bus Experience

Thank you for starting the shuttle service program. I am able to run my errands more often now. However, I was wondering if you'd consider sticking to the same pickup locations daily. I live at the Helmhurst Retirement Community, which is close to the second stop, Glengarry University. On weekends, however, I'm forced to walk a little further to the third one. The walk is fine for me, but there are several other residents at Helmhurst who find it difficult because of mobility issues. At other times, the weather presents a hindrance.
I would also suggest that the minibus run more frequently than every two hours. Generally, I don't need more than two hours to perform my errands, so I often find myself sitting around waiting for the bus. If you take into account the travel time, that is nearly three hours out of a person's day just to shop at one store.

Reading text 3:

The True Blue Mart shuttle stops at these designated locations.

56. Why did TrueBlue Mart representatives start providing a shuttle?
57. What is indicated about the store's new service?
58. Which stop does Ms. Harper use on the weekends?
59. What is NOT indicated about Ms. Harper?
60. On the Web page, the word "presents" is closest in meaning to
Questions 61 - 65:

Reading text 1:


Coriander Fine Dining offers a selection of services for groups:

DELIVERY SERVICE: We provide free delivery service for orders over $80. A $5 delivery fee will be applied to orders costing less than this amount. Delivery is possible within the Washington, D.C city limits only.

CATERING SERVICE: Coriander Fine Dining can cater weddings, parties, and corporate or personal events at any location. We will work with you to create a menu for groups of up to 800. Service dishes, plates, cutlery, and glassware are also available for an additional charge. Contact our catering manager Cecilia Shiraz at to make a reservation.

VENUE RENTAL: Let us host your gathering in our private function room! We can serve groups of any size (up to a maximum of 80 diners). Contact Raj Kapoor at to inquire about available dates and event bookings.

Reading text 2:

TO Cecilia Shiraz
FROM Steven Potter
SUBJECT Availability
DATE June 12

Dear Ms. Shiraz,

My name is Steven Potter, and I work for Spartan Tires. I was a guest at the banquet you catered for the opening of Lucas Industries' headquarters. We recently made a deal to partner with a manufacturing company in India, and a team of their representatives are going to arrive next week to finalize our agreement. We thought it might be nice to have a meal served after contracts are signed on Friday, June 18, here at our headquarters. Everyone should be ready for dinner by 6:30 P.M. Including our representatives, there will be 30 people in total. I would like a buffet-style menu with chicken, fish, vegetables, dessert, and salad. We can make arrangements for our own beverages. We do not have any dishes or dining ware, so we will need those items as well. Could you let me know if you are available for this date and, if so, what the cost would be?


Steven Potter

Reading text 3:

Spartan Tires Joins Forces with Maha-Rubber
By Enid Wendall

Spartan Tires announced in a press statement yesterday that it will finalize a deal with India-based manufacturer Maha-Rubber on June 18. The company will produce tires under the Spartan Tires brand. Spartan Tires has 38 branches across the country, with an average of four new franchises opening annually. However, it does not produce its own accessories or parts, carrying only those made by other companies. Spartan Tires CEO Carlo Gregario said in the statement, "We don't have the facilities to produce our own tires. Partnering with Maha-Rubber will allow us to do so at a reasonable cost." The first of the new products will be available at Spartan Tires retail outlets nationwide on August 1 of next year.

61. What is NOT true about Coriander Fine Dining?
62. What does Mr. Potter ask about?
63. What will Mr. Potter have to pay extra for?
64. In the article, the word "carrying" is closest in meaning to
65. Who might Ms. Shiraz be preparing a meal for on June 18?
Questions 66 - 70:

Reading text 1:

From: Howard Hilton
To: Margaret Willow
Subject: Defective Printer

Dear Mrs. Willow,

My company, Pip Imaging, purchased an Easy Jet 1435 printer from your company four weeks ago. Three weeks ago, an employee reported that the printer turned off every time she tried to print on both sides. A week after the problem was reported, a repairman came to the office to fix the problem. After spending an entire day taking apart the machine, he determined that the printer was missing an important screw. It is critical that we have a functioning printer in order to provide our customers with quality photocopies. Therefore, it is important that we fix this problem as soon as possible. We will be closing temporarily in two weeks from June 23rd to July 2nd, while we change locations, and we would like to resolve this problem before then.

Howard Hilton
Technical Director

Reading text 2:

To: Howard Hilton
From: Margaret Willow

Dear Mr. Hilton,

First, I would like to apologize for the problem you encountered with your printer. This is the first defective product that we have ever been made aware of , and we have already contacted the Director of Production, Glen Milton, to investigate the current production practices for all Easy Jet 1435 printers. We certainly want to resolve this problem as quickly as possible. We are happy to pay for all repair costs, as well as all shipping fees. Please put the printer in its original box and send it to the Product Repair Department. The address for this department is provided in the Owner's Instruction Manual that came with the printer. We will have a specialist take a look at the machine immediately. You should have a working printer within three to four weeks. Please feel free to contact me at any time, should you have questions or comments.

Margaret Willow
Director, Customer Relations, Easy Jet Office Supplies

66. How long ago did Pip Imaging purchase the printer?
67. What kind of business is Pip Imaging most likely?
68. According to the first email, when does the printer shut down?
69. What should Howard Hilton do before returning the product?
70. Why might Howard Hilton not be satisfied with Margaret Willow's offer?

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