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Questions 1 - 3:

Reading text:

Music Library User's Guide

These days, it's easy to hear the music you like, anytime you want. Almost any piece of music you can think of is _____(1) online.

You can download an entire album of songs or choose just the songs that you like. With all the music that you _____(2) stored in your MP3 player, you can take it with you everywhere.

Then you can choose to listen to the music that suits your mood. Whether you feel like listening to _____(3) songs, romantic music, or feel the urge to dance, you have the music that you want right there at your fingertips.

1. (1)
2. (2)
3. (3)
Questions 4 - 7:

Reading text:


The Department of Sociology at the University of Northern Wisconsin _____(1) an academic conference on social transformation in the Midwestern United States from June 7 to 9. _____(2). Interested professors and lecturers are asked to submit their abstracts before May 1.

You will be sent a notification from the department if your _____(3) is selected. Once you receive this notice, you will be required to submit the full paper for review and approval.

Submissions are welcome from all universities, and we look forward to seeing a range of topics. _____(4) the conference’s focus on the Midwest, we welcome work from other regions as long as it relates to the needs of the target area.

4. (1)
5. (2)
6. (3)
7. (4)
Questions 8 - 11:

Reading text:

To: Henrietta Tomlin From: Charlene Gruden Subject: Upcoming Atlanta Music Festival

Dear Ms. Tomlin,

I regret to _____(1) you that I will not be able to perform at the Atlanta Music Festival next week as originally planned. Due to a family emergency I will be in Kentucky all next week and won't be able to make it to Georgia. Since I thought it might be difficult for you to find a _____(2) to play for one hour, I contacted Mr. Daniel Jordan, one of my colleagues who currently plays in a band _____(3) Twangy Tunes and it is located fairly close to Atlanta. He said that he and his band would love to play at your event. _____(4). Check the attachment for their contact information and a link to their homepage.


Charlene Gruden, Singer/Songwriter

8. (1)
9. (2)
10. (3)
11. (4)
Questions 12 - 15:

Reading text:

Please make sure you read this guide thoroughly before using the printer as it will help you learn to use the printer properly.

Items included in the package: PAV-II Printer, Power Adapter, and Solution Disk.
Any items missing _____(2) delivered at no extra charge by contacting the retailer within five days of purchase.

To prepare for printing, first, open the two layers of covers and load paper into the paper cassette. You may _____(3) up to 20 sheets. Placing 21 or more sheets may cause a malfunction.

To print images stored on a USB flash drive, remove any memory cards from the slot first. Once the slot is _____(4) insert a USB flash drive and follow the instructions on the screen.

12. (1)
13. (2)
14. (3)
15. (4)


Questions 16 - 19:

Reading text:

Gordon Institute Publishes Study on Americans' Eating and Exercise Habits

In its last survey conducted a decade ago, the Gordon Institute found that many Americans were not as active as they should be and often ate excessively. Now, the Atlanta-based nonprofit organization has released the comprehensive results of a new survey on the same topic.

According to the survey, 45 percent of Americans exercise once a week for 30 minutes a day or more. An additional 25 percent exercise three times a week for 30 minutes a day or more, and a further 10 percent exercise at least 30 minutes every day of the week. -[1]-.

Of the Americans who do exercise, 65 percent say they jog slowly, 25 percent say they lift weights, and the remaining 10 percent say they walk long distances or perform other activities. -[2]-. About 40 percent of this group say they don't make any effort to regulate their food intake, while about 60 percent say they strive to eat healthily at least some of the time. -[3]-.

These results make for an interesting comparison to a similar survey the Gordon Institute published 20 years ago. In that survey, only 23 percent of Americans said they exercised at least once a week. Furthermore, the percentage of those monitoring their food intake and endeavoring to make smart food choices has risen 11 percent. -[4]-.

16. What can be inferred about the Gordon Institute?
17. What type of exercise did most survey participants prefer?
18. What does the most recent survey indicate about Americans?
19. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong? "The rest of them say they do not work out at all."
Questions 20 - 23:

Reading text:

The National Wildlife Service at Mr. Andover National Wildlife Refuge announces the opportunity for a recreational business contract for the Snake Creek facility. An opportunity like this doesn't come often, and it is perfect for anyone who is interested in opening a recreational business and contributing positively to the natural environment. This contract involves boat rentals, bike rentals, canoe rentals, campsite rentals, and equipment sales.

The closing date for the submission of applications for the business contract is Thursday, March 16, at 5:00 p.m. Interested parties can take a one-time guided tour and attend a question-and-answer session about the recreational facility on Wednesday, February 23. To make the meeting run more efficiently, we recommend that you personally review the information on our website ( and write down a list of questions that you might want to ask at the session. Please e-mail the questions that you write down to the Refuge Manager, Joe Yosemite, at Questions must be received by February 10, so that a transcript of the questions and answers can be made available to all parties. You will receive this transcript at the start of the question-and-answer session.

Also, since the weather in the park is unpredictable and we may be walking over some pretty rocky terrain, participants are asked to wear hiking boots and warm clothing for the tour, which will start at approximately 3 p.m. and last about two hours. For further information regarding this opportunity, please contact Michelle Vance, Manager of the National Wildlife Service, at 1-236-547-9875.

20. What is the purpose of the notice?
21. What will some people probably do on February 23?
22. According to the notice, what will participants most likely receive at the meeting?
23. What should participants remember to bring to the meeting?
Questions 24 - 26:

Reading text:

Renfrew Gymnasium: For all Members

At Renfrew Gymnasium, we always do our best to ensure that you have a pleasant and safe visit. To that end, we would like to remind all members about our policies regarding personal items. -[1]-.

The gym provides lockers in the changing rooms to store your possessions while you work out. However, please do not leave highly valuable items in your lockers for security reasons. Renfrew Gymnasium is not responsible for the loss of any items left in lockers. -[2]-. You may leave valuables with our front desk staff, who will put them in a safety deposit box. -[3]-.

Should you lose any belongings during your visit, please notify a staff member at the front desk. You may also ask them to see if anyone has turned your item in to the lost-and-found.

-[4]-. Thank you for your cooperation in these matters, and speak to one of our helpful employees should you have any questions or concerns.


24. What is the purpose of the notice?
25. According to the notice, what should gym users do when reporting a loss?
26. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong? "They will provide you with a ticket which must be presented to retrieve your stored items."
Questions 27 - 30:

Reading text:

Pan-European Pilots Association (PEPA)
Career Fair

March 2, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Grand Ducal Hotel
Milan, Italy

Schedule of Events

10:00-11:00 a.m.
Siena Hall
Registration for Attendees
Job candidates can complete registration forms and receive an information packet of all participating airlines and companies.
11:00-12:30 a.m.
Duomo Room
Opening Speech
CEO of Euroways Airlines, Cario Bruni, will make a presentation on the future of the European air transport industry.
12:30-2:00 p.m. Lunch
Meal vouchers for several nearby restaurants will be provided for all participants.
2:00-5:30 p.m.
Rinascente Exhibit Hall
Company Exhibits
Representatives from all participating companies will be available to discuss employment opportunities and arrange interviews.
5:30-6:00 p.m.
Duomo Room
Closing Speech
President of PEPA, Hannah Warren, will provide closing remarks about advances in flight technology.
All Day
Vittorio Room
Career Counseling Services
Counselors will be available throughout the day to provide advice on résumé, cover letters and training programs that may be beneficial to job seekers in the industry.

27. For whom is this event most likely intended?
28. What is the association president scheduled to discuss?
29. What will be offered in the Vittorio Room?
30. What will NOT be held at the hotel?
Questions 31 - 33:

Reading text:

Athena Airline Passenger Briefing

This passenger briefing contains information about our flight itinerary to Phoenix and Salt Lake City. Please ask a customer service representative if you need further assistance.

Thursday 12/23/2007
Depart SAN DIEGO, CA   BROWN FIELD MUNI 08:00 a.m.
  Flight Time 00:53 Time Change: Add 1 Hour(s)  
  Catering Info: Light breakfast including danish, fruit and fresh orange juice 

Thursday 12/23/2007
  Flight Time 01:21 No Time Change  
  Special Notes: Transportation from Salt Lake Airport to your meeting will be provided by K & R Limo. Service - 602-555-1234 

Friday 12/24/2007
  Flight Time 01:15 No Time Change  
  Catering Info: Sandwich tray, fresh fruit and light dessert

Friday 12/24/2007
Arrive SAN DIEGO, CA   BROWN FIELD MUNI 02:53 p.m.
  Flight Time 00:55 Time Change: Lose 1 Hour(s)  

31. What is this information related to?
32. What is this passenger's final destination on Thursday?
33. How much time will be spent flying on the return trip?
Questions 34 - 36:

Reading text:


Tuesday's Movie Club meeting at the Megaplex cinema will be moved to Friday at 3:00 p.m. We will be watching the movie The Wizard of Oz. It is the 20th time we have shown it. During the movie, we will serve popcorn and drinks at our usual low prices. Remember, as part of our special offer, this week you can bring one friend for free. We have seating for only 300 people. This is one of our most popular movies, so don't be late. We hope to see you soon.

34. Which of the following is true?
35. What is the special offer?
36. How many people can watch the movie?
Questions 37 - 38:

Reading text:

On Friday, August 9, Chucktown Area Regional Transportation Association (CARTA) will be redirecting commuters. Buses connecting downtown area 1 (Market Ave & Thurmond St.) to uptown area 4 (Rivers Street & Colemen Blvd) will be using the Charlie River bridge to avoid Highway 61. Crews will be working to repair power lines and clear the street of debris over the weekend caused by last week's hurricane. Signs will be posted at each bus stop around the Chucktown metro area informing passengers of route changes. Delays can be expected.

Repairs and clean-up of Highway 61 should be completed by Monday, August 12.

Customers requesting further information or having questions should contact CARTA information Services at 875.5836 or visit the Web site at

37. What will the workers do over the weekend?
38. What information will signs give the passengers?
Questions 39 - 42:

Reading text:

Sylvie Depardieu,
Small Business Association of Windover,
P.O.Box 7465,
Windover, VT

Dave Mitchell
Manager, Sunrise health Foods
154 Beecham Avenue, Unit 3A
Windover, VT

Dear Mr. Mitchell,
As a long-time member of the Small Business Association, I'm sure you're as upset as the rest of us about the recent hydro rate increase of 29 percent which took effect in October. The difference in our monthly electricity bills is considerable, and for small businesses such as ours that are struggling to make ends meet, I'm sure I don't need to tell you what the increase could mean in the long term.
I wanted to let you know that, as President of the Small Business Association of Windover, I have taken the initiative to contact the State Corporation Commission on behalf of the Association to voice the concerns of small business owners in the area and to register our opposition to this rate increase.
In doing so, I was informed that final approval for this increase has not yet been given to Vermont Hydro by the Commission. Commissioners will decide in the near future whether to approve all, some, or none of the requested 29 percent increase. If the full 29 percent increase is not approved, customers will receive a refund for any overcharges (so save your monthly statements).
This pending decision gives us an opportunity to prevent the increase. That is why I am writing to all of the members of the Association to ask for your support. As customers of Vermont Hydro, we can all contact the Commission and register our opposition to this rate increase. Now, it is your turn to be proactive. Call to register your opposition and pass the word along to businesses in other areas served by Vermont Hydro; even your friends and family could call - every little bit helps.
You can call the State Corporation Commission at (800)553-7845 between 8:15 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. You will be directed to leave your name, address, telephone number and a statement of opposition. The call takes only 2 to 3 minutes. Every call is tabulated and will hopefully make a difference in the final decision made by the commissioners.

Sylvie Depardieu

39. What is the current position of the sender?
40. What is the main purpose of this letter?
41. What information is NOT included in the letter?
42. Who should be contacted about the matter?
Questions 43 - 44: refer to the following want ad.

Reading text:

Jump-start Your Career in Marketing

ABC Marketing is currently offering internships to 10 hard working up and comers in this field. We are requesting applications from any and all students who expect to graduate this spring. This is not exclusively for marketing majors, but some knowledge of the marketing world will be considered an asset.

If you are interested in this position, please submit the attached application form along with the following:

- your university transcript
- a photo of yourself
- 2 letters of recommendation (one from an employer, and one from a teacher or professor)
- an essay of 500 words or less explaining why you should be our choice as an intern at our firm.

We look forward to receiving your application.

43. What kind of opportunity is presented here?
44. Which item does NOT need to be included with the application?
Questions 45 - 46:

Reading text:

Open House presented by Vaughan Company Realtors

Saturday, 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Welcome to 1906 Saturn Court!
This four-bedroom, two-bathroom home is ready for your family. Features include a new roof, a new hot water heater, a new air conditioning unit, a landscaped patio, and a newly remodeled dining room.
Local schools are Madson Elementary, Eisenhower Middle School, and Lexington High School.

List price: $120,000

45. Which of the following is NOT new?
46. What is the name of the school for young children?


Questions 47 - 50:

Reading text 1:

To: All life guards
From: Beachside City Council
Re: Beach rules and competition

The summer season is nearly here, so we would like to remind you about the beach rules. We will put this sign up at every beach. All life guards must keep a copy of the rules in their life-saving kit. Also, we will have a volleyball competition every day this summer. Please do not watch the competition. Keep your eyes on the sea.
Have a great summer!

Reading text 2:

Open: May 31st - August 31st
10:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.

. Special volleyball competition between 2:00 and 5:00
. First prize - $200
. All entrants must be over sixteen years old.
. Each team must have two players.
. Each team must have one male and one female.

No animals.
No camping.
No glass bottles.
No cars or motorcycles.
Children under eight years must be with an adult.

47. When is the beach NOT open?
48. Who shouldn't go alone to the beach?
49. Which team would be allowed to play in the competition?
50. Which of the following is NOT true?
Questions 51 - 55:

Reading text 1:

E-Klavier Digital Piano - User's Manual

Thank you for purchasing an E-Klavier Digital Piano by SoundDesign! Please carefully read the user's manual prior to operating your digital piano. Not only will it enhance your experience, it will also extend the life of your machine. Your E-Klavier Digital Piano is manufactured to the most exacting specifications using the best materials available. By following the instructions contained in this manual, it will provide you with a lifetime enjoyment. In addition to this manual, there is more information on the SoundDesign website.

Important Warning
The surface of your new E-Klavier Digital Piano by SoundDesign is coated with our patented high-gloss enamel to mimic the finish of the highest-quality grand pianos. It is susceptible to scratching. Should it require cleaning, you should wipe it with a lightly-dampened cloth. Under no circumstances should you use detergents or abrasives to clean any part of the surface, as scratching or discoloration may result.

Should you have any problems with your digital piano that are not covered by the material in this manual, first check the FAQ and troubleshooting sections of our website at If you still cannot find a solution to your problem, call our service representatives at the number on the back cover of the manual, or e-mail them at

Reading text 2:


To Whom It May Concern:
I recently purchased a T-201 E-Klavier, and have been very satisfied. It has so many useful functions! If anything, it has too many. (It took me a whole afternoon to figure out how to use it properly; but, then again, I'm not exactly skilled with electronic gadgets.) It really lives up to the promises in your literature. The sound is excellent. My son-in-law, who is a concert pianist, was impressed, so that says a lot.

Anyway, the main reason I'm writing is that my little granddaughter spilled her grape juice all over the top of the keyboard. I mopped most of it up at the time, but some got under the lid and now it's a sticky mess in there. I tried using a damp cloth as the user manual recommends, but it's just not coming off. I looked through all of the material on the website, too, but I think this problem is rather unique. I'm worried about ruining the finish, so I'm asking if there are any soaps or detergents that I could safely use.

Thanks a lot,
Randy Wilson

51. What are owners of the T-201 E-Klavier instructed to do?
52. What are consumers told to do if there is a problem with their E-Klavier?
53. What should be used to clean the surface of the keyboard?
54. What is the purpose of the e-mail?
55. What has Mr. Wilson already tried?
Questions 56 - 60:

Reading text 1:

4110 North Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33603

July 11

Daniel Ainge
665 Terrace Drive
Brandon, FL 33511

Dear Mr. Ainge,

Congratulations! You are one step closer to realizing your dream of owning a business. Over the past two decades, Franchise Master has helped thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs like you find success through the franchising model.

As a franchisee, you will benefit from proven business practices, receive administrative support, and be able to predict sales and expenses. You do not need prior experience since all franchisees receive extensive training. You will fully enjoy the advantages of joining an established company!

In addition, you now have the perfect chance to learn more about our partners by coming to the 24th Annual Franchise Expo in Fort Myers, Florida. Many well-known franchises that require the initial investment capital you said you'd be willing to pay will be participating, such as AirCare Repair and Missy's Ice.

If you have any questions, call us at 555-8965 or stop by our office at the address above.


Hilary Archer

Reading text 2:

24th Annual Franchise Expo
September 6-9, Fort Myers, Florida

Request Info | Exhibitors & Sponsors | Join | Press Releases | Contact

Previous | Next

Section Booth Company Name Industry Initial investment
2 52 AirCare Repair Repair services $20,000
2 54 ShoeSaver Repair services $31,500
4 79 Barb's Chicken Food retail $32,000
4 81 Missy's Ice Food retail $20,000
5 94 Muscle Bound Fitness services $38,000
5 113 Space Cycle Fitness services $25,000
10 205 Clean Sweep Home services $26,500

To view a map of the facility with booth locations for participating franchises, click here. Booths are limited to one per participant.

Reading text 3:

Tampa Weekly

Is franchising right for you? (continued from page 1)

As I learned when I spoke to experts at the recently held Franchise Expo in Fort Myers, franchising is not for everyone. Franchise Friendly's Sam Romanek told me, "Franchises may pose fewer risks than start-ups, but they may not be a good fit if you value total independence and control."

As for choosing the right franchise, FBA's Barbara Allred advises doing your research. "Don't just look at a company's recent performance," she said. "Find out how the overall industry is doing." For instance, she cited the promising outlook for home services and a diminishing one for personal fitness. "Fitness clubs have boomed in recent years," she added, "but the market is now saturated."

56. According to the letter, what is NOT a benefit of owning a franchise?
57. What can be inferred about Mr. Ainge?
58. In the letter, the word "model" is closest in meaning to
59. What is suggested about the 24th Annual Franchise Expo?
60. Which business might Ms. Allred recommend?
Questions 61 - 65:

Reading text 1:

Dynamic Performance

Improve your acting skills at the region's top acting school by enrolling in one of our spring or summer courses! We have programs for both our regular acting students and for anyone with an interest in learning the craft.

Spring Intensive
A comprehensive course designed to teach the fundamentals of acting. Learn to read scripts, use vocal techniques, and move dynamically. Runs from May 1 to July 1. Available at all campuses.
Tuition: $2,250

Summer Intensive
Similar to the Spring Intensive, with the addition of classes in improvisational techniques. Students will learn to respond to other actors without a script. Runs from July 5 to August 13. Available at all campuses.
Tuition: $3,495

Summer Youth Ensemble
Explore the world of dramatic acting through a fun approach. Open only to students aged 15 to 18. Runs from July 11 to August 5. Stamford and Brookline campus only.
Tuition: $2,500

Summer Bridge Program
Designed exclusively for advanced students enrolled in our full-time acting program, this three-week course will deepen your understanding of acting. Available at Charleston campus only. Runs from July 10 to July 31.
Tuition: $1,800.

To apply, e-mail your registration form to admissions director Floyd Mink at

Reading text 2:


Category: Short Programs > Acting > Dynamic performance

Awesome program! ★★★★★
by Cody Norris
Best three weeks of my life! Got the classes as a birthday present and couldn't have been happier. Learned a lot about acting and made a ton of new friends. Looking forward to enrolling full time... More

Not a bad experience ★★★☆☆
by Liz Hershowitz
My expectations were high for the Spring Intensive given the overwhelming number of positive comments about it on this site. Overall, it was a good experience, but I wasn't fully satisfied with the instructor... More

Mostly good ★★★★☆
by Mandy Berger
I generally enjoyed myself quite a bit and am glad I enrolled. I think I benefited from some of the course work and liked everyone in the class, but I felt that improvisation classes were a little outdated... More

Reading text 3:

Dynamic Performance
Registration Form

Date: July 4

Name: Hannah Boyle
Telephone: 555-2092
Address: 410 Fayette St, Savannah, GA 31405

Which program are you interested in?
☐ Spring Intensive ☐ Summer Intensive
☐ Summer Youth Ensemble ☒ Summer Bridge Program

How did you first hear about us?
☐ Online ☐ Print ☒ Mail ☐ Referral

What do you hope to achieve by participating in a program?
I want to receive professional acting advice.

61. For whom is the announcement most likely intended?
62. What is mentioned about classes at Dynamic Performance?
63. How much was the class Ms. Berger took?
64. What is indicated about Mr. Norris?
65. What is suggested about Ms. Boyle?
Questions 66 - 70:

Reading text 1:

To: Adam Johansson
From: Kristina Hausmann
Date: February 17
Subject: Urgent event update

Dear Mr. Johansson,

There are some changes to the schedule for tonight's fundraising event. Professor Trevelyan's flight from San Francisco has been delayed. He will not be able to arrive at the venue in time to speak during his original time slot. So, we will serve dinner 20 minutes early, and Mr. Trevelyan can speak immediately after. Now, the schedule has already been sent out, and we have no time to reprint it anyway. Consequently, it would be good if you could briefly mention these changes when you give your talk.

I'll be at the venue in about 15 minutes to make sure preparations are going smoothly and to meet with the caterers and help them set up. If you have any questions, call me at 555-7246.

Best wishes,
Kristina Hausmann

Reading text 2:

Helping Houses
Homeless Shelter Fundraising Event

February 17

7:15 P.M. Opening remarks will be given by Adam Johansson, director of Helping Houses.
7:30 P.M. Performance: The Denver Public Schools Choir will sing several songs, including pop, classical, and gospel numbers.
8:00 P.M. Talk: Professor John Trevelyan of Bay Area University will discuss the impacts of homelessness on society and why social and financial support is so urgently needed.
8:20 P.M. Dinner and dessert will be served.
9:30 P.M. Charity auction: Some of our lots this year include a two-night stay at the Carruthers Hotel, brand-new tablet computers donated by the Delft Corporation, and a signed jersey from the Colorado Coyotes baseball team.
10:15 P.M. Performance: Comedian Darren Benedict will do a stand-up routine for guests.
10:40 P.M. Performance: Singer-songwriter Kate Barton will treat us to some music from her new album, A Murmur In Time.
11:00 P.M. Denver mayor Tania Groot will deliver brief closing remarks.

Reading text 3:

Event Raises Funds for a Good Cause

During a fundraiser held at the Carruthers Hotel over the weekend, invited guests donated close to $25,000 for the continued operation of Helping Houses. Established 24 years ago, the organization has assisted homeless around the region in finding food, accommodation, counseling, and employment. Guests were presented with short talks, a selection of performances, and a banquet dinner. Mayor Tania Groot, who was in attendance, said, "It is our duty as a community to care for those less fortunate." She also presented the director of Helping Houses with a check from the city for an additional donation of $15,000. Corporate and private donations are still being accepted and can be made by visiting

66. According to the e-mail, what will Ms. Hausmann do next?
67. What most likely happened during the fundraising event?
68. In the article, the word "duty" is closest in meaning to
69. What was included in an auction?
70. What is indicated about Helping Houses?

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