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Questions 1 - 4:

Reading text:

Grimsby’s Feed Satisfies Viewers

In the three-part miniseries Feed, filmmaker David Grimsby _____(1) explores the modern food industry. The series takes viewers behind the scenes at farms and factories to reveal shocking details about the things we eat and how they are produced.

While there are numerous other documentaries on this _____(2), a combination of smart narration, intriguing interviews, and animated graphics makes Feed stand out. _____(3). It presents both the benefits and drawbacks of modern food production without endorsing any one point of view. Richly informative and visually interesting, the series is _____(4) captivating that many people will want to see it twice. The first episode of Feed will air this month on the Modern Film Channel.

1. (1)
2. (2)
3. (3)
4. (4)
Questions 5 - 7:

Reading text:

Renovated City Airport Now Open

Frequent flyers will be happy to know that the renovations at City Airport are finally finished. The airport renovations were scheduled for completion at the end of last year, but the construction team fell behind schedule and _____(1) the deadlines twice.

Now the work is completed, and travelers no longer have to deal _____(2) the noise, dust, and inconvenience of construction work.

Passengers can move more easily and comfortably through the airport, and everything is easier to find. One of the biggest improvements in the renovated airport is the signs indicating the location of the various airlines' check-in counters. The new signs are much _____(3) than the old ones, and it is easier for passengers to find the airlines they are looking for.

In general, now that the work at the airport is finally over, the situation there has substantially improved.

5. (1)
6. (2)
7. (3)
Questions 8 - 10:

Reading text:

Getting a promotion is a great honor. It means your company _____(1) your merits.

When you are promoted to the position of a supervisor, your work life changes. You are now in a position of responsibility. It is important to set a good example because your staff _____(2) you.

If you carry out your job responsibilities _____(3), you will gain their respect. This is the key to success in your new position.

8. (1)
9. (2)
10. (3)
Questions 11 - 13:

Reading text:


To: Department Staff

From: Alison Roth, Department Manager

Re: Meeting

All members of the department staff are requested to attend a department meeting next Friday morning. As you know, we meet _____(1) to review our work of the past months and finalize plans for the coming months.

The goal of this Friday's meeting is to set our priorities for the next six months. The meeting agenda is attached for your review. Let's agree to follow the agenda and not _____(2) other matters at this time so that we can finish the meeting in a timely manner.

The most important item on the agenda is the budget. We need to take a careful look at our spending practices. We _____(3) too much money over the past six months.

Please come with ideas about how we can use our funds more efficiently in the future. Please arrive at the meeting on time so that we can conclude before 12:00

11. (1)
12. (2)
13. (3)


Questions 14 - 15:

Reading text:

Clarendon Hotels and Resorts - Franchise Development

Clarendon is focused on moving forward. We keep our brand consistent and strong by managing a standard of quality product and service that is second to none, making Clarendon a name that customers can trust. Our expansion strategy covers all of the key areas of support for a successful hotel business. We take our relationships with franchisees seriously and offer lucrative financial packages.

Summary of Fees
INITIAL FEE: $75,000 (USD)
ROYALTY FEE: 5% of Gross Room Revenue annually
MARKETING CONTRIBUTION: 2% of Gross Room Revenue annually

This applies to the U.S. and Canada only. The information provided here is a summary and does not include all fees and costs. For complete information about fees, services, and licensing requirements, please request a copy of the Clarendon Franchise Information Package from our head offices in Philadelphia.

14. Who is this information intended for?
15. How much could a franchisee make in the first year?
Questions 16 - 18:

Reading text:

Home | Tours | Gallery | Contact Us

At Visit Indonesia, we offer a variety of tours to suit everyone visiting our beautiful country. -[1]-. You can enjoy Indonesia's natural beauty, experience the bustle of cities, or relax on outings to our ancient sites—all at the most reasonable prices around. Some of our most popular tours are described below, and you may click on "more" to view a full listing of tours offered.

Hiking in Sumatra
Sumatra is an amazing place with magnificent volcanoes, exciting wildlife, and beautiful scenery. Our trip will start in the hub city of Medan, and from there we'll trek to an orangutan sanctuary in Bukit Lawang. We'll spend a night camping in the jungle before ending the trip with a journey to the top of the Sibayak volcano. -[2]-.

Experience Java
Java is one of the smallest of Indonesia's main islands, but it packs a lot in—and not just in the famous capital of Jakarta. -[3]-. We'll travel through the mountainous landscape of central Java before making our way to Yogyakarta, a town containing the world's largest complex of temples, dating back hundreds of years.

The Beaches of Bali
Bali is famous for its beaches, and we will pick you up from the city of Denpasar and take you straight to the south of the island. There, you can participate in snorkeling and scuba diving! We also run day trips inland to see the rice paddies, lakes, and other attractions of the region. -[4]-.


16. What is the main purpose of the Web page?
17. What is NOT stated as an activity visitors can do in Indonesia?
18. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong? "Outside the city awaits a world of natural and historical wonders."
Questions 19 - 20:

Reading text:

Returns Policy

Chafeton Camera Supplies welcomes the return of any of our products within thirty days of purchase. In order to receive a full refund, you must bring your receipt. Returns without a receipt can only be exchanged for store credit.
Important: All returns must be accompanied by the factory packaging and in perfect condition. Returns will not be accepted for any products that were damaged by the customer.

19. How quickly must customers bring products back to the store?
20. What kinds of returns are NOT accepted?
Questions 21 - 22:

Reading text:

Seattle Library Networking Cards!

The office of Activities & Program is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Print Digital Plus to offer you custom Library Networking Cards. To order your personal set of cards, please visit: New Seattle Library users that enrolled in a membership after January 2008 will have their information uploaded by the second week of March. If you need networking cards before then, please contact Print Digital Plus to place a separate order. Their contact information is provided at the end of this memorandum.

Orders can be placed in quantities of 100 ($50.00), 250 ($60.00), and 500 ($75.00). All card orders will be shipped to the Office of Activities and Programs in 160 Thorndike Hall. You will be contacted for pick-up via e-mail once your order has arrived.

Should you have any questions about this product, please do not hesitate to contact Print Digital Plus at 631-738-8100.

21. According to the memorandum, what is true about the service?
22. How can a library member order a networking card?
Questions 23 - 26:

Reading text:

Julianna Lopez 10:22 A.M. So, it's confirmed. We're presenting a marketing proposal to AEK on July 18 at their headquarters.
John Brenner 10:24 A.M. I heard! How exciting. I went through the company profile in the brochure you gave us. They could be our biggest client to date.
Julianna Lopez 10:25 A.M. Yes. They have 6,000 employees and manufacturing plants in Thailand, Turkey, and Mexico. They also have suppliers in China, Germany, and Korea and generated over $2 billion in sales last year.
Yvonne Bailey 10:25 A.M. I can get to work on the marketing analysis for the presentation. I'd like to use the statistics in the brochure we were given. Do you think they're reliable?
Julianna Lopez 10:26 A.M. That would be fine, Yvonne. I think the figures are accurate. John and Eric, I'd like you to prepare the slideshow and handouts. Start immediately if you can.
John Brenner 10:27 A.M. Got it. It shouldn’t take more than two days to finish.
Eric Zalewski 10:32 A.M. Consider it done, Julianna. Are we going to run through the presentation before the appointment?
Julianna Lopez 10:34 A.M. Let's do a practice session on July 15. During the presentation, I'll give the main talk, and then you three can explain your roles briefly. After that, all four of us can answer any technical or financial questions they might have. Does that sound reasonable?
Yvonne Bailey 10:34 A.M. I think that works for all of us.

23. What is true about AEK?
24. What will Ms. Bailey use for her analysis?
25. At 10:27 A.M., what does Mr. Brenner mean when he writes, "Got it"?
26. What will Mr. Zalewski probably do on July 18?
Questions 27 - 30:

Reading text:

Blake Dunlap 10:28 A.M. Hi, everyone. I'm happy to announce that Alstrop's board of directors has decided to open a sixth branch in Cleveland. Consequently, they'd like to transfer existing employees so that the branch is launched as quickly as possible. In fact, I need each of you to submit some staffing recommendations.
Cathy Schultz 10:30 A.M. Would the transfers be temporary? Many of our staff members have lived here in Inglewood their entire lives. They won't be happy about this.
Blake Dunlap 10:31 A.M. That will depend on the preference of each employee. Naturally, performance is also a factor.
Roy Reese 10:31 A.M. When's our target opening date?
Blake Dunlap 10:32 A.M. The branch must be fully operational by November 15 to take advantage of our year-end tire sale.
George Kesterson 10:32 A.M. If you're looking for an office administrator, I think Tammy Roselli would do a great job. She does have a family here though, so I'm unsure if she'd want to move.
Roy Reese 10:34 A.M. And for sales director, Charles Kang would be a good choice.
Blake Dunlap 10:36 A.M. Great suggestions! Any ideas for a purchasing clerk? We will need someone to start ordering merchandise right away.
Cathy Schultz 10:38 A.M. What about Carson Drake? He’s been working in the same position for years and he needs a challenge.
Blake Dunlap 10:40 A.M. That is a good idea. Anyway, there are a number of other roles to fill, and I'll forward you all a list later today. Message me or drop by human resources if you have any other ideas.

27. What kind of business most likely is Alstrop?
28. What is mentioned as a concern about staff transfers?
29. At 10:38 A.M., what does Ms. Schultz mean when she writes, "he needs a challenge"?
30. What will Mr. Dunlap do later in the day?
Questions 31 - 33:

Reading text:

To: Larry Thompson
From: Jason Harbor
Date: September 20
Subject: Room reservations

As you requested, I contacted several hotels to find a more comfortable place for the annual shareholders' meeting scheduled on October 17. Among those contacted, the Treasure Island Hotel does have the facilities that meet our needs.

I booked the Conference Room C which can easily accommodate 200 people; the Abbey Room for press meetings, and the Rose Dining Room where the luncheon will be served after the share holders' meeting.

The following equipment and services are also needed:

- Three TV monitors
- A public address system
- Light refreshments

I will contact you next Monday to confirm the arrangements as outlined above.

Jason Harbor
Event Planning

31. What will be held after the shareholders' meeting?
32. In which room will reporters most likely gather?
33. Which of the following is NOT needed?
Questions 34 - 37:

Reading text:

Dalton, Fitch, and Cope Attorneys
143 W. 23rd St., Unit 130B, Chalmers Building, 13th floor, New York, NY
August 27th

Reginald Mercer, Attorney at Law
19 Market Close,
Newport, MD55055

Dear Mr. Mercer:
This confirms that we have received your August 18th letter and the draft of the distribution contract you enclosed. I have read the draft thoroughly and discussed it with my client, Mr. Fukazawa. The following initial points will need to be resolved before we can move ahead with negotiating the finer points of the contract:
. Term. The term would need to be at least ten years before my client could seriously consider entering into the contract.
. Unit Price. The unit price would need to be at least $140.50 before my client could consider the contract financially feasible.
. Controlling Law. My client does business only in the State of New York and does not desire to engage a lawyer in Maine, so the contract will need to provide that New York law controls.
. Publicity. My client requests that the last sentence of paragraph 3 on page 2 of the contract be changed to read as follows: "Publicity given to the program or services provided herein, including, but not limited to, notices, information, pamphlets, press releases, research, reports, signs, and similar public notices prepared by or for the Licensor, shall identify the Agency as the sponsoring agency and wil not be released without prior written approval from the Agency."
Please discuss these points with your client at your earliest convenience and let me know if your client is willing to pursue negotiation of a contract along these lines.

Yours truly,
Adrian Cope,

cc: T.Fukazawa

34. Who sent this e-mail?
35. What did Mr. Mercer previously send to the writer of this letter?
36. What is NOT mentioned as a proposed change to the contract?
37. What is the recipient asked to do?
Questions 38 - 41:

Reading text:

Satisfy your Craving for Sweets
at Katie's Cupcakes!

For the most delicious cupcakes you'll ever taste, head to Katie's Cupcakes at 637 Elm Street in downtown Lavington! -[1]-. We can make over 50 flavor combinations of cake, filling, and frosting. Whether you like more traditional cupcake flavors or more exotic kinds, like mint and pumpkin, Katie's Cupcakes can fulfill your craving without ruining your diet. Nearly half of our items are low in both sugar and fat, making them great for those limiting their caloric intake. -[2]-. We promise that, upon your request, any of our delicious treats can be baked free of sugar, gluten, lactose, or nuts or can be made specially for diabetics.

These days, many people use cupcake arrangements instead of traditional cakes for weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations. -[3]-. Katie's Cupcakes can customize an arrangement in any color and flavor, for any occasion. Stop by any time to check out examples of our work. Those placing an order for a cupcake arrangement in June will receive a 10 percent discount!

Katie's Cupcakes is open Monday through Saturday from 8 AM to 4 PM. Samples are always available, so drop by soon and satisfy your taste buds. -[4]-.

38. What is NOT indicated about Katie's Cupcakes' products?
39. According to the advertisement, what does Katie's Cupcakes do for its customers?
40. How can customers get a discount on cupcake arrangements?
41. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong? "And for those with dietary restrictions, we offer an array of options."
Questions 42 - 45:

Reading text:

The National Wildlife Service at Mr. Andover National Wildlife Refuge announces the opportunity for a recreational business contract for the Snake Creek facility. An opportunity like this doesn't come often, and it is perfect for anyone who is interested in opening a recreational business and contributing positively to the natural environment. This contract involves boat rentals, bike rentals, canoe rentals, campsite rentals, and equipment sales.

The closing date for the submission of applications for the business contract is Thursday, March 16, at 5:00 p.m. Interested parties can take a one-time guided tour and attend a question-and-answer session about the recreational facility on Wednesday, February 23. To make the meeting run more efficiently, we recommend that you personally review the information on our website ( and write down a list of questions that you might want to ask at the session. Please e-mail the questions that you write down to the Refuge Manager, Joe Yosemite, at Questions must be received by February 10, so that a transcript of the questions and answers can be made available to all parties. You will receive this transcript at the start of the question-and-answer session.

Also, since the weather in the park is unpredictable and we may be walking over some pretty rocky terrain, participants are asked to wear hiking boots and warm clothing for the tour, which will start at approximately 3 p.m. and last about two hours. For further information regarding this opportunity, please contact Michelle Vance, Manager of the National Wildlife Service, at 1-236-547-9875.

42. What is the purpose of the notice?
43. What will some people probably do on February 23?
44. According to the notice, what will participants most likely receive at the meeting?
45. What should participants remember to bring to the meeting?


Questions 46 - 50:

Reading text 1:

Association of Materials Engineers (AME)
9th Annual Eastern Regional Conference
March 10 to 11 | Clifton, New Jersey

Organized by the New Jersey Chapter of AME and hosted by the Clifton University College of Materials Science and Engineering, the 9th Annual Eastern Regional Conference provides an opportunity for engineers and scientists to learn about new technologies and network with their peers. Join practical workshops, hear about the latest research, and build relationships with stakeholders and representatives from various sectors.

Additionally, the New Jersey Chapter is pleased to continue supporting the High School Engineering Outreach Program as part of the conference. High school students in the area will be invited to participate in planned activities to learn about various aspects of the materials engineering profession. The program includes a special luncheon where students can interact with practicing engineers.

Businesses are also invited to run advertisements in our program brochure or display promotional banners at the venue. If your company is interested in doing so to support this event, please contact event coordinator Melinda Rose at For all other information, visit our Web site at

Reading text 2:

To: Melinda Rose
From: Paula Vance
Date: January 22
Subject: Conference

Dear Ms. Rose,

Thank you for processing our request. A digital copy of the full-page advertisement meant for inclusion in your brochure has been attached. Other marketing materials will be sent in a separate e-mail as soon as they are finalized. I also received the four conference tickets as part of the benefits package. Incidentally, I'd like to inquire about the price of obtaining full conference tickets on the day of the event. A colleague from an affiliated company in Europe is interested in attending, but he cannot be sure of his availability until a few days before the event. He is not yet a member of the AME but belongs to the European Society of Engineers, with whom we will be working closely on a future project.

I appreciate your assistance and look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Paula Vance
Senior engineer
Hiller Engineering

Reading text 3:

Association of Materials Engineers (AME)
9th Annual Eastern Regional Conference

Registration Fees

One-day registration
Early Regular On-site
Member $150 $230 $285
Non-member $175 $255 $310
Student* $45 $75 $100

Two-day registration
Early Regular On-site
Member $225 $340 $425
Non-member $265 $380 $460
Student* $75 $95 $120

The deadline for early registration is on January 24, and February 16 is the deadline for regular registration.

*Prices shown are for both graduate and undergraduate students enrolled in any science or engineering program around the country. High school students attending as part of our outreach program may enter free.

46. According to the announcement, what is NOT included in the 9th Annual Eastern Regional Conference?
47. What is indicated about Hiller Engineering?
48. What can Ms. Rose expect to receive from Ms. Vance?
49. What is mentioned about the conference fees?
50. How much will Ms. Vance's colleague have to pay for his ticket?
Questions 51 - 55:

Reading text 1:

Guitar Lessons

Sandra Cooper, the legendary guitarist from the Four Corners area, is now offering guitar lessons for students at all levels. Sandra's expertise is in Spanish and folk guitar styles. She is also well educated in classical guitar but is able to help students with almost any genre. Sandra is a professional musician and has over ten years' teaching experience. Prices start at $40 an hour, and the lessons are offered in her Santa Fe studio. Call 980-4323 for more information or email

Reading text 2:

Subject: Guitar lessons

Dear Sandra,

I am interested in learning to play the guitar. I already own a guitar and took lessons for six months, about three years ago. Unfortunately, I had an accident and broke my arm. I could not use it for a very long time, but now I am better and want to start the guitar again. I would like to study with you twice a week. I am free every morning except Thursday, and on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons. I work in the evenings.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Louise Merrifield

51. Which of the following relates to Sandra's best ability?
52. Where can a student receive lessons?
53. How long has Sandra been teaching guitar?
54. Why did Louise stop taking lessons?
55. Which of the following times could Louise attend a guitar lesson?
Questions 56 - 60:

Reading text 1:

Autumn Leaf to Open Second Location in Buenos Aires
By Leonard Oldman

Autumn Leaf Hotels has announced plans to open a second branch in Buenos Aires' Liniers district. Autumn Leaf public relations director Angelo Suarez said that the new hotel will be more like a temporary apartment building for businesspeople visiting the city. "There is a lot of demand from visitors who need to stay in Buenos Aires for long periods of time but don't wish to spend a fortune on a full-service hotel," he said. He went on to say that the hotel will consist of large units with living areas as well as kitchens so that guests can prepare their own meals. Although the new hotel will not house a restaurant or offer room-service like the main branch in Monserrat, there will be a 24-hour café on the ground floor, housekeeping staff, and a concierge desk. The hotel open sometime in August, and prospective guests may make bookings or inquire about rates at

Reading text 2:

April 9

Leonard Oldman
World-Biz Magazine
Unit 542, Nelson Building, 432 W. 24th Street
New York City, NY 10013

Dear Mr. Oldman,

Thank you for writing the article about our hotel chain's expansion. We appreciate the publicity.

However, there were a couple of errors. The article mentioned that bookings for the new hotel can already be made on our Web site. We have been receiving inquiries from readers of your article about this, but unfortunately, your information isn't accurate. We will only start accepting reservations several weeks before our opening date, which hasn't been established yet. Your article specified the month the hotel would likely open, but we are actually planning for somewhat later than that.

I would be grateful if your publication printed corrections in an upcoming issue.

Sincerely yours,

Angelo Suarez
Public Relations Director, Autumn Leaf Hotels

Reading text 3:

TO: Angelo Suarez
FROM: Leonard Oldman
SUBJECT: Sincere apology
DATE: April 13

Dear Mr. Suarez,

I would like to apologize for the errors in the article I wrote. I must have misunderstood one of the people I interviewed at Autumn Leaf's main branch last month. I have spoken to my supervisor, and we will print a retraction in our next issue. Please review the draft I've attached with the corrected information.

Also, I would appreciate if you could let me know once the hotel's opening date has been settled as the magazine might send me there to review it.

Once again, I am sorry for the mistakes.


Leonard Oldman

56. According to the article, why is Autumn Leaf opening a new hotel?
57. What is indicated about Autumn Leaf's new hotel?
58. What does Mr. Suarez state about the article?
59. What is suggested about Mr. Oldman?
60. In the e-mail, the word "settled" is closest in meaning to
Questions 61 - 65:

Reading text 1:

Boston Concert Hall

An internationally well-known theater production, Broken Promises, will be shown at the Boston Concert Hall from December 5 to 7. Periso Dramatists Award-winning playwright and director Lisa Adams has been on tour with her crew around the world since last month, visiting South Africa and Canada so far. Do not miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the thought-provoking and enthralling play. Tickets are $90 each for the general public and $75 for members of the Boston Concert Hall. Tickets are available at the door or at A membership discount can be applied to up to 2 tickets per member. A complete list of the crew members, photos of the play from the past, and a brief background history of the playwright can also be viewed on the Web site.

Reading text 2:

To: Samuel Ferris (
From: Melinda Nafure (
Date: November 26
Subject: Broken Promises

Hi, Samuel.

Did you know that the play Broken Promises is coming to Boston in December? Since I personally know the director, as she used to live next door to me when I went to college in Sydney, I am eager to see her production and to talk to her. Would you like to watch the play with me? I will pay for the tickets if you say yes.


Reading text 3:

Boston Concert Hall Online Ticket

Broken Promises
December 6, 7:15 P.M.

Customer Name: Melinda Nafure
E-mail Address:

Admission for 2 ($75 each)
Seats: B25, B26

• Please print out this ticket and present it at the door for admission.
• Go on for cancellation or change of tickets.
Please show up at the concert hall 15 minutes before the stated time to be seated.
• There will be a brief picture-taking section after the play.

Thank you.

61. What is suggested about Broken Promises?
62. What is available on the Boston Concert Hall’s Website?
63. Who is Ms. Nafure?
64. What is indicated about Ms. Nafure?
65. What are ticket holders requested to do?
Questions 66 - 70:

Reading text 1:

25 Gunter Rd.
Philadelphia, PA

May 22, 2007

Mr. Daniel Gorman, Office Manager
TSC Investments
76 Washington Rd.
Philadelphia, PA

Dear Mr. Gorman,

This letter is to advise you that, for a limited period of time, Budget Office Supplies (BOS) is reducing prices on certain items in our catalog. Take a moment to review the enclosed catalog. I have circled in red ink the items that are temporarily reduced. You should really take advantage of these prices.

If you wish to order large quantities or make special shipping arrangements, please give me a call and we will try to work out mutually acceptable terms and conditions. Did you now that Budge Office Supplies also offers an express delivery service, which means that you can order an item from the catalogue and receive it in less than two days? This service is free for all orders of $200 or more. Plus, you can feel safe placing an order with our company: we have never received a customer complaint.

In any event, get your order in now, as these prices are only in effect until June 23. I hope you can benefit from these discounts.

Scott Tuttle
Sales Director

Reading text 2:

Attn: All BOS employees

On June 15 we received a negative letter form one of our most valued customers, GMS Printers. The company ordered two new SP Laser jet printers from our catalogue on May 29 and requested the free express delivery service. Unfortunately, the printers did not arrive until June 6. Due to the shipping delay, the company lost a deal with a key client because it was unable to produce a report on time. As you can imagine, GMS Printers is not very happy with our service. It has returned the printers and asked for a full refund. The managers have investigated the shipping delay and discovered that an employee failed to enter the order into our database correctly. To prevent this problem from happening in the future, the managers have decided to implement a system of double-checking order. Starting immediately all orders must be entered into the database and then confirmed by a supervisor before they are sent. Let's make sure our work is as efficient and reliable as it can be.

66. What is included with the letter?
67. How could someone arrange for special order to be shipped?
68. Which of the following is TRUE about the order discussed in the memo?
69. What happened as a result of the delay?
70. Why did Budget Office Supplies decide to introduce the new system?

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