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Questions 1 - 3:

Reading text:

The Keys to Great Sales Presentations

If your business depends _____(1) on selling products or services to other firms, then you and your staff need to make great sales presentations.

Here's how to make presentations that show _____(2) clients exactly what your company can do for them.

.Rehearse every aspect of your presentation.

.Read in front of a mirror to practice eye contact.

.Rehearse in front of a friend or colleague who can offer _____(3) criticism.

1. (1)
2. (2)
3. (3)
Questions 4 - 6:

Reading text:

More and more people are choosing to become professional chefs. The number of students enrolled in culinary shools is growing every year. People choose this career for different reasons. Some _____(1) to a cooking career because of a love of food.

Others find that cooking is the perfect _____(2) for their creativity.

People traditionally think of Paris as the city where professional chefs are trained. However, fine culinary schools can be found all over the world. The _____(3) of a cooking career are great, but there are also many rewards.

4. (1)
5. (2)
6. (3)
Questions 7 - 10:

Reading text:

To: Angela Thornberry
From: Vincent Nakamura
Subject: Your laptop
Date: June 18

Dear Ms. Thornberry,

I am writing about the Trax 2700 laptop you dropped off at our store on June 15 because of problems with its screen. After sending it to our _____(1) for examination, we discovered that it contained a faulty component. At present, your laptop is being _____(2). As requested, we are also thoroughly testing the device to see if there are any other issues.

As this problem appears to have been entirely our fault, we will provide you with a $50 voucher to use at our retail store. _____(3), e-coupons for our Web site are also available. Just let us know which you'd prefer.

_____(4). If you have not received it by then, please call customer service.

Best wishes,

Vincent Nakamura
Customer Satisfaction Department

7. (1)
8. (2)
9. (3)
10. (4)
Questions 11 - 13:

Reading text:

Smith & Johnson

Tax Preparation

We take away the headaches of tax time.

_____(1) your own taxes can be frustrating and often leads to costly errors in calculations.

Are you ready to give up trying to fill _____(2) your tax forms on your own? Smith & Johnson Tax Preparation can help you!

People who use professional tax preparers get larger refunds and avoid _____(3) for underpayment and missed deadlines.

Make tax time easier. Call us today. You owe it to yourself.

11. (1)
12. (2)
13. (3)


Questions 14 - 16:

Reading text:

Volunteers Wanted!

CBG Steel is sponsoring the third annual Race for the Children, a ten kilometer run that raises money for Mercy Children's Hospital, located near the company's main building. The race will be held on Saturday, November 23, at 3:00 p.m. at the Headman Pavilion. The Planning Committee is looking for volunteers (who are NOT running in the race) to work at the drinking stations. The job is very easy, and only requires two to three hours of your time. You should arrive around 1:00 p.m. to set up the drinking station for the race, which involves organizing cups, water, juice, and snacks for the runners. Then, you will be responsible for handing out beverages and snacks to racers as they run by. After the race finishes, there will be an awards ceremony and a brief speech by CBG president, Walter Headman, followed by a small celebratory dinner for everyone. All volunteers will receive a free meal pass. For anyone interested in volunteering, there will be a brief meeting on Thursday, November 15, at 12:00 p.m. The meeting will be held in Room #203. Lunch will be provided.

14. Why is CBG Steel organizing the event?
15. What will volunteers most likely do at 1 p.m.?
16. What is planned for after the president's speech?
Questions 17 - 19:

Reading text:

June 15, 2007

Charles Masters
15 Billows Rd.
Forestwood, CA

Dear Mr. Masters,

After conducting an extensive performance review of all the employees in the Advertising Department here at Dunn and Dunn Inc., we have decided to promote you to Corporate Accounts Manager. Since you started working for us five years ago, you have consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and the ability to produce quality work. The executives feel strongly that your proposal to implement new advertising techniques helped the company to secure 20 new clients in 2004-2005. Additionally, in 2006 you voluntarily created an Office Policy Manual for new employees, which demonstrates your dedication to the company and desire to make the office environment as efficient and friendly as possible. Your responsibilities as Corporate Accounts Manager will include delegating work to subordinates, researching potential advertising campaigns, organizing meetings with clients, and determining the annual department budget. In return for your extra work, you will receive a 25 percent increase in your current salary, seven additional vacation days, and a $5,000 bonus.


John Milestone
Director of Advertising

17. What is the purpose of this letter?
18. How did Charles Masters improve the office in 2006?
19. Which of the following is NOT the responsibility of the Corporate Accounts Manager?
Questions 20 - 21:

Reading text:

Kate Hendrickson [5:01 P.M.]
Jackie, have we heard back from the Loflin Institute yet? You were supposed to ask them if their Hall D was available for our end-of-year banquet.


Jackie Dalton [5:03 P.M.]
They said another company has already made a booking on December 28th. But they mentioned a new ballroom they opened last month that we could use for the party.


Kate Hendrickson [5:06 P.M.]
Oh, hadn't you heard? It was moved to the 27th.


Jackie Dalton [5:07 P.M.]
That’s news to me. I'll call back and check for that day.


Kate Hendrickson [5:08 P.M.]
Great. Once that's settled, please send a notice about the event to the staff before December 15.


Jackie Dalton [5:09 P.M.]
I'll still be on vacation then. Is the following day okay?


Kate Hendrickson [5:11 P.M.]
Sounds good. Thanks a lot!

20. At 5:07 P.M., what does Ms. Dalton mean when she writes, "That's news to me"?
21. When will staff receive the notice?
Questions 22 - 23:

Reading text:


All employees of Roger's Cable are no longer allowed to park on the side streets on the opposite side of Manordale Avenue. We have received complaints from the residents of the neighborhood and the by-law enforcement about employee vehicles. Effective immediately, all staff are required to purchase a parking pass for the underground parking beneath the building for $35 per month. Ask your manager to have the parking fees withheld from your monthly pay deposit. Thank you for your cooperation.

22. Who issued this notice?
23. What are employees asked to do?
Questions 24 - 27:

Reading text:

The City of Burbank provides a number of additional services for the benefit of its residents. These are not part of the standard municipal services provided by most city governments and are made available to residents free-of-charge. Below is just a sample of some of these services, but you can find out about other offerings by visiting

Energy Assessment: Residents may consult an energy advisor for some general recommendations on how to improve home energy use. It is necessary to make an appointment for this service during our regular business hours of 8:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M., Monday through Friday. -[1]-. This service is subject to the availability of our staff.

Tree removal: The city's Department of Environmental Management offers complimentary tree pruning and removal services for homeowners. Simply call 555-4091, extension #808, to schedule an appointment. The service is available all year round. -[2]-.

Water analysis: Homeowners concerned about the safety of their drinking water may drop off water samples at the Department of Water for examination. -[3]-. Any water source found to be contaminated will be treated promptly.

Shuttle services: The city provides complimentary shuttle services between residential and commercial areas to senior citizens who are 65 years of age or older and to those with mobility problems. -[4]-. To schedule a pickup, call the Department of Senior Welfare at 555-4091, extension #204.

24. What can be found on the city's Web site?
25. For which service is an appointment NOT required?
26. For whom is the shuttle service intended?
27. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong? "It takes up to 10 business days for our laboratory technicians to obtain the test results."
Questions 28 - 31: refer to the following advertisement.

Reading text:

The Manor at Aldous Street
in one of Barchester's most livable neighborhoods

Parkhurst's newest apartment building offers city life at its most comfortable and convenient. The Manor at Aldous Street has a wide array of shops and fine restaurant just outside its door. And for commuters to the city center, public transportation is available at the Queens Landing station, just a short walk to the north.

Our apartment units range from one to three bedrooms. Each units has the following:
a full-sized kitchen complete with newly installed refrigerator, oven, and dishwashing machine; a dining room separate from the kitchen; and a spacious sitting room with balcony access.

Residents will also have access to complimentary high-speed Internet, shared laundry facilities, and, for an additional monthly fee, the parking garage.

Tour an apartment at The Manor at Aldous Street today. Call Henman Estate Agents at 0430-555-0108 to schedule an appointment.

Visit our Web site at www. henmanestateagents. com. au/themanorataldousstreet for apartment floor plans, photos of the building, and a map of the Parkhurst neighborhood.
Units will be available beginning on April 1.

28. What is being advertised?
29. How is the Parkhurst neighborhood described?
30. What is suggested about the units at The Manor?
31. What is NOT available on the Henman Web site?
Questions 32 - 35:

Reading text:

Gina Adenan [10:09 A.M.] I just got word from the boss. A manufacturing problem discovered at our Maryland factory will lead to an immediate recall of all T-20 and T-21 model toasters our company sold in the past year.
Hal Anderson [10:12 A.M.] I heard about that issue earlier this morning. A recall is going to be a huge undertaking. We'll have to post a notice in some major newspapers.
Oliver Lee [10:14 A.M] That's right. And we'll also have to put the same information on our Web site.
Hal Anderson [10:16 A.M.] That would be the best way to reach our customers abroad. Katie, can you draft an announcement if I forward you all of the details?
Katie Ford [10:19 A.M.] Of course. I'll put it together as quickly as I can and get a list of press contacts from marketing.
Gina Adenan [10:22 A.M.] Thanks, Katie. Oliver, as you are running the call center, you'll need to train your staff to handle inquiries regarding the recall. There will be a lot of calls from the public, I'm sure.
Oliver Lee [10:25 A.M.] I'll get right on it. We dealt with a similar issue three years ago, so I know what needs to be done.
Gina Adenan [10:28 A.M.] Okay, thanks everyone. It sounds like we should be able to handle everything.

32. What is NOT mentioned as a way to handle the recall?
33. What is suggested about the company?
34. What can be inferred about Mr. Lee?
35. At 10:25 A.M., what does Mr. Lee most likely mean when he writes, "I'll get right on it"?
Questions 36 - 39: refer to the following notice.

Reading text:

Welcome to the Smythe and Lewes team! We look forward to helping you build a career with us. We pride ourselves on the professionalism of our employees. Therefore, we offer the following tips to help you serve customers better and make your work as productive as possible.

We specialize in well-made formal and business attire for men and women from respected manufacturers. We expect employees to wear similar attire at work, and we encourage you to wear products from our stores. Therefore, we offer you a 40% discount on all merchandise including shoes and accessories at all Smythe and Lewes locations. This will allow you to promote our store and, at the same time, to develop a professional wardrobe of your own.

36. For whom is the notice intended?
37. What is probably NOT sold at Smythe and Lewes stores?
38. What will Smythe and Lewes give to recipients of the notice?
39. What are recipients encouraged to do?
Questions 40 - 43: refer to the following advertisement.

Reading text:

Managers Wanted

Speedcare is currently looking for qualified managers to work in several retail stores in the East Asian market. We have been dedicated to selling our great-quality clothing to our customers at the lowest possible prices since its inception a decade ago. The prospective candidates will possess outstanding communication, supervisory and public relation skills.

We are widely known as the leading company in providing on the job training and offering supportive work environment to our employees. Successful candidates will be responsible for organizing all hiring, training new employees and evaluating their job performance.

Employee Benefits

  • paid vacation and maternal leave
  • health, life, medical and dental insurance coverage
  • a good retirement plan
  • competitive bonus and incentive systems
  • complimentary education and training support
  • five workdays a week, Saturday and Sunday off

40. How long has Speedcare been in business?
41. What kind of business is Speedcare in?
42. Speedcare is the best in its industry for which of the following?
43. What is NOT true about employment benefits?
Questions 44 - 47:

Reading text:

Beatrice Swenson [1:22] I was checking out the sample pictures Billy Blake took of our products for the launch of our online store. I don't think they fully convey what it is like to shop in one of our retail stores. Our products should be displayed in a more comfortable setting that makes customers feel at home. I've forwarded the pictures to your e-mail. Let me know what you think.
Roberto Hernandez [1:29] I see what you mean. It would be nice to have pictures of each product in an actual home setting.
Angela Orbison [1:30] I feel the same as Roberto. And it might be a good idea to hire some models too. Show actual people using our dishes or sitting on rugs. It would help connect our products to consumers.
Beatrice Swenson [1:31] I agree with both your points. But should we go with a different photographer?
Angela Orbison [1:33] I thought his work was quite good, but it just doesn't match our products' style.
Roberto Hernandez [1:34] Well, maybe give him a second chance. Tell him about our concerns and see what he can come up with. It would save us the hassle of locating someone else.
Beatrice Swenson [1:38] You're right, Roberto. I should give him another shot at it. I'll tell him he can use one of our stores as a location if needed. I'll let you know how it goes. Can I get an update on your assignments?
Roberto Hernandez [1:42] The shipment of vases from Thailand hasn't arrived yet, so we might not be able to list them on the site by the launch date. Other than that, everything is fine.
Angela Orbison [1:42] I've completed most of the site's checkout system after several months of working on it. There are a few minor glitches to work out, but overall I am on schedule and the system will be operational within a few days.

44. What is mainly being discussed?
45. At 1:38, what does Ms. Swenson mean when she writes, "give him another shot at it"?
46. What is true about Ms. Swenson?
47. What most likely is Ms. Orbison's job?


Questions 48 - 51:

Reading text 1:

Asia Pacific Weather: Five-Day Forecast January 7th-11th

Beijing -4ºC, cloudy, with some snow
Tokyo 0ºC, sunny, with some clouds in the evening
Hong Kong 14ºC, cloudy, with sunshine in the morning
Seoul 3ºC, sunny, some light rain in the afternoon
Singapore 27ºC, windy and rainy, with some lightning
Jakarta 26ºC, heavy rain, some lightning at night
Sydney 19ºC, windy and cloudy all day

Reading text 2:

To: Alice Souza
Subject: Forecast
Date: January 7th

Dear Ms. Souza,

Here is the weather forecast that you asked for. Your trip starts in Beijing. It will be very cold there, so bring lots of warm clothes. On January 10th, you will go to Singapore. It will be hot, so you need light clothes. I think you should also pack an umbrella.
Have a good trip, and don't hesitate to call me if you have any questions.


48. Which city has the highest temperature?
49. Which city has the lowest temperature?
50. Which city will have the most rain?
51. Why did Alice Souza want to know the weather forecast?
Questions 52 - 56:

Reading text 1:

12 Buffalo Lane
Buffalo, New York

April 18

Bill Hipster
Epson Pharmaceuticals
157 health Valley Dr.
Chicago, IL

Dear Mr. Hipster,

My name is Dr. Ivan Rigby, and I am a professor of Molecular Biology at Illinois State University (ISU). I am writing on behalf of Melvin Tobin, who I believe would make an excellent candidate for the Research Aide position your company is offering this summer.

Melvin is a junior at ISU, and for the last three years he has consistently received the highest grades in his class. Last year, he submitted a research paper, "Mapping the Human Genome," which was published in The Scientist, one of the most prestigious science journals in the country. Recently, Melvin was awarded the Scientific Research Award for his outstanding work in the field of molecular research.

Despite his busy academic schedule, Melvin manages to find time to volunteer at the local elementary school (teaching science of course!), and write for the campus newspaper, ISU News. He is friendly, compassionate, and hardworking, and he is destined for great things. I feel strongly that this young man would be a great addition to your company.


Dr. Ivan Rigby

Reading text 2:

August 20

Dr. Ivan Rigby
Department of Molecular Biology

Dear Professor Rigby,
I would like to express my gratitude for the recommendation letter you wrote to Epson Pharmaceuticals and I apologize for the lateness of this letter conveying my thanks.

I have learned more in my brief role as an Assistant Laboratory Technician than I have in all three years at ISU. As you may have noticed, the company was unable to hire me for the position that you recommended because it had already been filled, but I have really enjoyed working as an assistant technician instead. I only have three more weeks before I return to ISU, but the company has already asked that I join their team after I graduate!

They are offering me the position of Laboratory Technician and assigning me to work in the division that researches medication for patients recovering from heart surgery. In addition to an excellent salary, they are also offering me free housing on the Epson Campus, which is located just three miles from Lake Michigan.

Despite recent allegations that the company is producing drugs that do not meet federal standards, I feel this is a great opportunity to work for the largest pharmaceutical company in the country. Thank you once again for helping me get this wonderful opportunity. I look forward to attending your classes next semester.


Melvin Tobin

52. Why is Dr. Ivan Rigby sending the letter to Bill Hipster?
53. Which of the following was NOT mentioned about Melvin Tobin in the first letter?
54. What will Melvin receive if he accepts the full-time job offer?
55. What happened to Epson Pharmaceuticals recently?
56. What can be inferred about Melvin's position at Epson Pharmaceuticals?
Questions 57 - 61:

Reading text 1:

MARKETING POSITIONS AVAILABLE: Sav-Tech Incorporated, San Bernardino

Sav-Tech Incorporated is looking for promotions experts for its marketing department. Two full-time contractual positions are avallable at our headquarters in San Bernardino, California, and the start date for the job is February 1. Candidates must possess a degree in marketing, and we will only consider applications from those with three or more years of experience working in the field.

The selected candidates will work as part of the marketing team. Their duties will include the development, revision, and implementation of diverse marketing strategies to promote the sale of Sav-Tech's software applications for mobile phones and tablets.

Send a cover letter and current résumé to to apply. Applications will be accepted until January 15.

Reading text 2:

TO Mia Choi
FROM Pradeep Kumar
SUBJECT Possible marketing position
DATE January 14


I was having lunch today with a colleague, Rupert Kim, who works in my company's marketing division. He said that two members of their team are leaving and that his supervisor is looking to hire two new employees. I immediately thought of you since I remembered that you were looking for a job exactly like this.

I spoke with the marketing manager, David Bradley, and told him a bit about your experience and current situation. He seemed quite interested and said you could give him a call at 555-3928 to talk about the job and possibly set up a meeting. He said that there have been a lot of applicants have the necessary educational qualifications for the position but few that fulfilled the other requirement. You should probably contact Mr. Bradley today. If he is interested, he will ask you to send a reference.


Reading text 3:

Headman Advertising Agency

January 18

David Bradley
886 N. Arrowhead Avenue
San Bernardino, CA 92401

Dear Mr. Bradley,

I am sending this letter in regard to Mia Choi, as I understand you are considering her for a position in your marketing department at Sav-Tech. I would highly recommend Ms. Choi for such a role, as she has been an exceptional employee over the last six years at Headman Advertising Agency in Los Angeles.

I have worked as Ms. Choi's director for several years now, and find her to be intelligent and creative. She has helped our agency develop many successful promotional campaigns, including work for Gleaming Studios and Holstein Dairy. Her field of expertise is social media, and she is very knowledgeable about current technological advances in regard to marketing.

I will miss working with her, but I understand this would be an excellent opportunity for her career. I'm sure you'll appreciate her as much as I have.

Sincerely yours,

Richard Morrison,
Creative Director
Headman Advertising Agency

57. What type of company is Sav-Tech?
58. What did Mr. Bradley indicate about most of the applicants for the marketing jobs?
59. What did Mr. Kumar do on January 14?
60. What is suggested about Mia Choi?
61. Who is Richard Morrison?
Questions 62 - 66:

Reading text 1:

Office World

We offer the highest quality office supplies. Stock your supply room now with pens, tape, paper, and so much more!

From July 10 to 15, we are offering 15 percent off on all kinds of paper.* Take the time to browse through our selections of plain and specialty paper at We have embossed, parchment, and colored paper for you to choose from. We can even print your letterhead for an additional charge. Order now as our special offer applies to letterhead printing! Expedited delivery service is free within California and available for a reasonable fee in other areas. Orders will be delivered to your address within three to five days of purchase.

*This offer is good while supplies last. Go to today for information on all our sale and regular items.

Reading text 2:

TO: Purchasing department
FROM: Ted Neilson
SUBJECT: Order request
DATE: July 10
ATTACHMENT: clarkson_trading

Dear Office World,

I came across your advertisement and am interested in ordering some of your paper and supplies in large quantities for my company. I'd like to order some company letterheads on cream-colored paper, plain white paper, plastic cases, boxes for storage, and some sticky notes. The details are included in the attachment.

If you have any questions, you may contact me on my mobile phone at (402) 555-9488. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

Ted Neilson

Reading text 3:

Office World
Order Number: 0000438384943
Order Date: July 11
Customer Name: Clarkson Trading, Inc.

Item Description Quantity Unit Price Amount
Stationery, cream, A4 size 5,000 $11.98/100 sheets $599.00
Letterhead printing 5,000 $0.45/page $2,250.00
Stationery, white, A4 size 8,000 $8.98/100 sheets $718.40
Archival box 15 $19.76/box $296.40
Plastic paper case 24 $4.40/case $105.60
Sub-total $3,969.40
Discount: 15% $535.11
Shipping $160.00
TOTAL $3,594.29

Please note:
- A discount has been applied for the paper items in your order.
- An additional fee of $160 was charged for expedited delivery.
- Please pay by bank transfer to the account number sent by text message to your phone.
- Your order will not be processed until payment is complete.

62. In the advetisement, the phrase "browse through" is closest in meaning to
63. Why did Mr. Neilson write the e-mail?
64. How will Clarkson Trading pay for the order?
65. Why was Clarkson Trading charged an additional fee?
66. What requested item did Office World forget to provide in the invoice?
Questions 67 - 70:

Reading text 1:

Dear Mrs. Smith,

To thank you for being one of our regular customers, I am pleased to let you know about a great new offer. We are having our end of summer sale. You can find great savings on our catalog prices for T-shirts. We have cut the prices for men's, women's, AND children's T-shirts. Your whole family can dress well and look good, but you don't have to spend a lot of money.

Please take a look at the attached catalog.


Home and All Ltd.

Reading text 2:

Men's T-shirt

• 100% cotton

• Colors - white, green, blue

• Sizes - small, medium, large, X-large

....................................................Price - $9.95

• Buy 2, get one free


Women's T-shirt

• 100% cotton

• Colors - white, red, yellow, blue

• Sizes - small, medium, large

.....................................................Price - $8.95

• Buy 1, get a free pair of socks


Children's T-shirt

• 100% cotton

• Colors - red, yellow, blue

• Sizes - small, medium, large

.....................................................Price - $6.95

67. In which colors are men's T-shirts available?
68. How many men's T-shirts can you get for $40?
69. Mr. Smith, Mrs. Smith, and their son all want to buy T-shirts of the same color. What color can they get?
70. Why did Home and All send Mrs. Smith a catalog?

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