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Questions 1 - 3:

Reading text:

At Grover Investment Services, we understand that you work hard to earn your money, and it is important to invest it _____(1)

This is where we come in. We offer our _____(2) a full range of investment services.

Whether you are a conservative or aggressive investor, we can help you develop an investment plan that suits your needs. At Grover, we are _____(3) to helping you get the best possible return for your money.

Call us today.

1. (1)
2. (2)
3. (3)
Questions 4 - 6:

Reading text:

From: Willie Tuipoulotu, Pacific Regional Director

To: Hank Jasper, Vice President

Subject: The new line

Mr. Jasper,

I'm concerned about the pricing for the new product line launched last week. The early signs from retailers throughout the pacific region are not _____(1).

Actual sales are down around 40% on our earlier projections. _____(2), according to reports from several stores, customers have been surprised and disappointed by the pricing of some of the new items.

I am worried that the strategy is not in keeping with our brand, and that we may be alienating some of our loyal customers. With your permission, I would like to instruct retailers to cut the price of all our new stock by around 10%. I'm confident that if we take this measure, sales will receive a _____(3) and we will be able to reassert our strength in the market.

I hope to hear back from you soon.


Willie Tuipoulotu

4. (1)
5. (2)
6. (3)
Questions 7 - 9:

Reading text:

Parking policy and regulations.

NATOKA has sufficient parking for all employees, on-site contractors and visitors to our site. To ensure the effect of our parking privileges and safety of the workers and visitors, NATOKA's parking policy has been modified to better monitor on-site parking.

All employees and on-site contractors are now required to register their _____(1).

Failure to display a parking permit might _____(2) your vehicle being towed.

For individuals who may use more than one vehicle for transportation to NATOKA, a separate permit for each vehicle is required.

The procedure of obtaining additional permits is the same as for registering the first permitted vehicle.

Permits must be renewed quarterly in accordance with the expiration date on each permit, so people who use the parking area _____(3) to read all the regulations on parking policies carefully.

7. (1)
8. (2)
9. (3)
Questions 10 - 13:

Reading text:

TO: Tara Fanning (
FROM: Sarah Monaco (
DATE: January 30
SUBJECT: E-mail order request

Dear Ms. Fanning,

A colleague of mine gave me some samples of your lotion and cream, and after trying them, I realized that your products are just what I need.

I understand that you _____(1) your Beauty Deep skin care products door-to-door. However, I’d like to know if they’re available any other way. Specifically, I’d like to purchase your deep moisturizing lotion online and have it delivered to my home. _____(2), I'd like a tube of your exceptional eye cream. This cream put _____(3) back into the skin around my eyes. The other creams I’ve used do not do that. _____(4).

Please let me know if you process online orders. If you do, I will send a complete order with my billing and shipping information. Thank you!

Best Regards,
Sarah Monaco

10. (1)
11. (2)
12. (3)
13. (4)


Questions 14 - 16:

Reading text:

Fax Cover Sheet

Date: August 15th, 2004
Time: 9:55 a.m.

To: Saul Leganza, Guzzi Imports
Fax: [345] 123-5668

From: Peter Brown, Mel-Mart Superstore
Fax: [336] 999-7356

This is just to confirm that I received your phone message. My flight to California has been canceled because of bad weather. I will now be leaving Denver and arriving at Los Angeles International Airport on United Flight 77 tomorrow. I am sorry for any trouble this will cause you. Hopefully we can reschudule our meetings for the 17th. I have attached my new itinerary. Please call me if you have any questions; otherwise, see you soon!

14. Where is Mr. Brown now?
15. Why did Mr. Brown send this fax?
16. When will Mr. Brown arrive in Los Angeles?
Questions 17 - 18:

Reading text:

This note is just to remind you of what needs to be done today. I'm very busy from early this morning until late in the afternoon, so I don't have time to do all this.

1. Wash the car
2. Mail this letter
3. Pay the gas bill
4. Pick up my clothes from the dry cleaner's
5. Return the videos we watched last night
6. Make a pizza for dinner tonight

Thanks so much!

17. Where will Andrea probably NOT go?
18. Why does Casey ask Andrea to do these things?
Questions 19 - 21:

Reading text:

Dear valued customer,

Our policy has been to provide customers with ground coffee when their coffee grinders undergo malfunctions. However, as more and more customers fail to remit their payment on time these days, we have determined to enforce a stricter policy in such cases.

Our new policy is effective as of September 3, 2007, and in details are as follows:

1. If a customer delays his or her payment for over 20 days and the machine does not work properly, we will stop supplying ground coffee. Instead, we will fix the unit, but the customer will be responsible for the expenses. Any payment related to these repairs will be reimbursed to the customer after he or she has remitted the unpaid balance in full.

2. A surcharge on accounts suspended for more than 60 days will be assessed.

Admittedly, this might sound a little extreme and may come as a surprise; nevertheless, we see no other alternative. As you know, we have always been committed to providing quality products and reliable service in order to meet your requirements. Without our patrons' cooperation and support, we are unable to continue to provide all of this.

In case of any inquiries concerning our new policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Miller Coffee Grinder Co.
319 Tegarden Rd
Gulfport, Ms 39507
(Tel.) 228-896-1445

19. What is the main topic of the notice?
20. What is NOT suggested about the new policy?
21. Why did the Miller Coffee Grinder Co. make such a decision?
Questions 22 - 23:

Reading text:

Date: Tuesday, Oct. 15
To: All employees
Re: Painting

This weekend, the office will be closed for painting, and no employees will be allowed in the building. Although official company policy discourages employees from working overtime hours from home, an exception will be made in this case. However, you should be sure to get prior approval for your overtime from your manager. Also, log on to the system from home when you start work, and remember to log off when you are finished. The painters will be here on Saturday morning, and they have requested that all office furniture be moved into the hallway. So, you are asked to leave work at 5:00 on Friday to give the maintenance staff a chance to rearrange the furniture. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Thank you.

22. What is happening at the office?
23. What do staff members need to do in order to work overtime?
Questions 24 - 26:

Reading text:

September 19

Mr. David Asher, President
Ford Construction Company
7083 Warren Sharon Rd
Brookfield, OH 44403

Dear Mr. Asher,

On behalf of the board of directors of Kelly Pharmaceutical Co., I would like to express our sincere appreciation to Ford Construction Company for successfully completing the reconstruction of our headquarters building.

Working under difficult conditions and tight schedules, your dedicated workers finished the project on time, as you had promised.

I want to especially recognize your project manager, Fred Zook, who effectively led your team of professional and skilled workers.


Eugene Klaasmeyer
CEO, Kelly Pharmaceutical Co.

24. What is the purpose of the letter?
25. What is mentioned as a problem of the construction?
26. Who is given special mention for leadership?
Questions 27 - 29:

Reading text:

Reece Anderson
Are you at the caterer’s yet?


Amy Goldman
I’m on my way over there now.


Reece Anderson
OK, good. The Leville branch just confirmed that they’re coming to the banquet.


Amy Goldman
So, we need to order more food?


Reece Anderson
Yes, for approximately 50 extra people. Also, let’s switch the dessert.


Amy Goldman
Do you have anything in mind?


Reece Anderson
Something light. Maybe a fruit salad.


Amy Goldman
No problem. I saw something like that on the menu earlier.

27. Why did Mr. Anderson contact Ms. Goldman?
28. What is suggested about the Leville branch?
29. At 3:51, what does Ms. Goldman mean when she writes, “No problem”?
Questions 30 - 33:

Reading text:

Prime Capital Co. is one of the fastest growing financial firms in the industry. We are currently seeking financial assistants.


  • Assist with daily operations of financial advisors
  • Review and analyze reports submitted from departments
  • Prepare financial reports for financial advisors


  • A college degree in Accounting or Finance
  • Previous experience directly related to the duties outlined above
  • Good computer skills
  • MBA preferred

Applicants should send their résumé and cover letter to Please remember only those chosen for the interview will be contacted. No phone calls. For further information about our company and the position, please visit our website at

30. What kind of position is being advertised?
31. What is NOT required in order to apply for the position?
32. How can people get more information about the company?
33. What is true about the recruiting process?
Questions 34 - 37:

Reading text:

Davenport Accounting


TO: All Staff
FROM: Phillip Christensen

As most of you are already aware, we will soon be undergoing a complete update of our office hardware. Much of our equipment is quite old and due for replacement this year. -[1]-. We will be upgrading our server as well as providing new PCs to everyone who has not received one in the past five years. In addition, new printer terminals will be stationed throughout the office. Many of you have also asked for new monitors. -[2]-. We regret that we were unable to authorize all requests as funding is limited.

If you are receiving a new computer, please make sure to download all the files you will need onto an external hard drive by Friday. This is important as the old equipment will be replaced over the weekend and will be inaccessible to staff from Monday.

-[3]-. The technicians hope to complete all the work on Saturday and Sunday. Should there be a delay, you will be notified. If you have any questions, call me at extension 115 or send me an e-mail at

-[4]-. Thank you for your cooperation.

34. What is the purpose of the memo?
35. What is NOT indicated in the memo?
36. According to Mr. Christensen, what are employees responsible for?
37. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong? "You should already have received an e-mail concerning your request if it was approved."
Questions 38 - 41:

Reading text:

Helen Gatineau [3:35] I'm sure you've all heard that we're going to be merging with Fresh Food Wholesalers at the end of next month. We will have a meeting to discuss transition plans next week. But in the meantime, I will try to answer questions you may have about the merger.
Leo Kinghorn [3:36] Everyone in the purchasing department is wondering how we will be affected by the change. Are there any firm details available?
Mimi Hanway [3:38] It's my understanding that administrative functions will be carried out in only one building for efficiency's sake. As a result, administrative personnel, including me, will be moving to the Fresh Food Wholesalers' building in the coming weeks.
Helen Gatineau [3:39] That's right. But, we are going to maintain separate warehouse facilities at their present locations.
Jude Mason [3:41] Any idea how that will change my routine?
Helen Gatineau [3:42] You'll stop at both facilities before taking your deliveries to the retail store, Jude. We'll hire additional warehouse workers to speed things up so you have time to visit both spots. They will help you load items.
Leo Kinghorn [3:45] You know, the workers at Fresh Food Wholesalers will probably need to take a health and safety seminar before they can handle meat. I believe that Fresh Food Wholesalers hasn't dealt in meat products yet.
Helen Gatineau [3:47] That makes sense. I'll arrange for instructors to visit as soon as possible.

38. What is the online chat mainly about?
39. What are some personnel required to do?
40. In what department does Mr. Mason most likely work?
41. At 3:47, what does Ms. Gatineau most likely mean when she writes, "That makes sense"?
Questions 42 - 45:

Reading text:

Baxter Communications
87 Hollowbrook Road
Bloomington, IL 61704

Melinda Armin
73 Lessenger Drive
Bloomington, IL 61704

Dear Ms. Armin,

Thank you for signing up for Baxter's Cable Plus package, which includes all the basic television channels plus movie and educational networks. -[1]-. This letter is to remind you of the terms of service as stipulated in the standard contract.

First and foremost, the account holder must use the cable service for lawful purposes only. -[2]-. It is strictly prohibited to copy any program for the purposes of distributing it on the Internet without the express permission of the program’s producers or of Baxter Communications. Similarly, profiting from a full or partial copy of a program through sale or rental is also forbidden. -[3]-.

Baxter agrees to maintain service for as long as the customer follows the stipulations and pays for use. Service includes continued delivery of cable programming, repairs, and general maintenance of the cable box. However, repairs or replacement due to damage or loss caused by the user is the financial responsibility of the client.

Baxter Communications is the top cable, Internet, and phone service provider in the city. -[4]-. As such, we look forward to many more years of doing business with you.


Otto Weed
Accounts manager, Baxter Communications

42. Why was the letter written?
43. What is mentioned about Baxter Communications?
44. Why might service users have to pay an additional fee?
45. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong? "Failure to abide by any of these regulations could result in termination of services without further notice or even legal penalties."


Questions 46 - 50:

Reading text 1:


Giorgio's World Famous Pizza House is now hiring people for the following positions:

  • Cook (Two openings — experience required)
  • Waiter (Four openings — experience preferred)
  • Cashier (One opening — willing to train the right high school graduate)
  • Dishwasher (One opening — must be physically fit)

Giorgio's offers good salaries and a very nice benefits package.

To apply, please bring your resume to the restaurant and ask to speak to the manager, Ms. Elissa Haggio.

Reading text 2:

Dear Ms. Haggio,

I am very interested in your job advertisement. I am a cook with over ten year's experience. I worked at Sandro's Spaghetti House for three years. I then worked at Pizza Amore for seven years. I am a very hardworking person and would like to work at Giorgio's. I often visit your restaurant and am always impressed by the food there.
I hope to hear from you.


Mike Di Beni

46. Who is this advertisement for?
47. How many people does the restaurant want to hire?
48. For which position is the restaurant not hiring?
49. How long has Mike Di Beni worked as a cook?
50. Which of the following is NOT true?
Questions 51 - 55:

Reading text 1:

To: Richard Fisher (
From: Tammie Harrell (
Date: September 12
Subject: Inventory

Hi, Richard.

The time for the bimonthly inventory has come once again. Before you complete the inventory and send the order form to SBF Supplies, our contracted supplier for office products, I want you to add 50 binders with our company logo on them to the order. I will distribute them to our employees so they can better organize their resources. In addition, an employee at SBF Supplies contacted me this morning and said that we should finalize our order before Saturday as the company is temporarily suspending its services for about 3 weeks. Call (201) 581-9020 to talk to the employee for details. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Tammie Harrell

Reading text 2:

To: Tammie Harrell (
From: Richard Fisher (
Date: September 14
Subject: Re: Inventory
ATTACHMENT: SBF Supplies Order Form

Dear Ms. Harrell,

I finished the inventory and placed the standard order with the items you mentioned included. Attached, please find the order form I sent to the supplier company. I also contacted Paul Garcia as you told me, and I made sure we will get our supplies by next week. However, a place to store all the office supplies is urgently needed as our current storage space will be undergoing renovations in 3 days. I will wait for your reply on this matter.

Richard Fisher

Reading text 3:

SBF Supplies Order Form

Order Information:

Order Date: September 1 Customer: Myra Accounting
Contact: Richard Fisher Phone Number: (201) 555-6028


Order Description:

Lot Number Item Maker Quantity
B9481 Computer Paper Ratcliff 70 boxes
P0349 Envelope (Company Name/Logo Imprinted) Tate 30 boxes
Y4251 Whiteboard Marker/Eraser Set Twin Oaks 15 sets
B2918 Binder (Company Name/Logo Imprinted) Bungalow 50 pieces
C5516 Paper Clip Folio 50 boxes

51. What is the purpose of the first e-mail?
52. What is suggested about Myra Accounting?
53. Who most likely is Paul Garcia?
54. What is indicated about SBF Supplies?
55. Which product was newly added to the order form?
Questions 56 - 60:

Reading text 1:

To: Max Sullivan
From: Martha Reynolds
Subj: Conference


I have been working on the arrangements for our upcoming conference. I've looked into the City Convention Center, and I think it is the most convenient location. It is close to public transportation and hotels. The accommodations are also excellent. The rooms are large, and we can reserve up to ten meeting rooms. However, the price is almost 50% more than we agreed we could spend. The other choice is the Mayfield Hotel. Many associations hold their conventions there. It is a nice place, and the price is reasonable. However, it is not close to the subway. Also, it is much smaller than the Convention Center. I think we could only get three meeting rooms. Would that be enough? Please get in touch with me today to let me know what you think. I need to reserve a place soon.


Reading text 2:

To: Martha Reynolds
From: Max Sullivan
Subj: Re: Conference


In regard to selecting a location for the conference, I think the Convention Center is better than the Mayfield Hotel. The hotel is much too small. Remember, we plan to hold at least five sessions at a time. We couldn't do that at the hotel. We expect more people to take part in the convention this year, so it is important to have a space that can accommodate everyone. About the price, I think we can rearrange the budget a bit in order to be able to pay for it. So go ahead and reserve the space at the Convention Center.


56. What are these e-mails about?
57. How many meeting rooms will they need?
58. What does Max prefer about the Convention Center?
59. The words 'get in touch' of the first e-mail are closest in meaning to
60. The word 'selecting' of the second e-mail is closest in meaning to
Questions 61 - 65:

Reading text 1:

October 12, 20--

Mrs. Sophie Bordeaux
118 Montrose Street
Stoneybrook, MI

Dear Mrs. Bordeaux,

We received the defective toaster which you returned to us asking for a full refund under the terms of the one-year warranty. Unfortunately, the warranty on the toaster expired a month ago. The terms of the warranty do not cover your product once it has expired. Consequently, we will not be able to send you a refund. However, we will be able to send you a refurbished toaster of the same model in exchange for the defective one if you desire. Please let us know if such an arrangement would be satisfactory to you.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. We appreciate your business.

Matthew Bodine
Matthew Bodine
Customer Service Manager

Reading text 2:

November 1, 20--

Matthew Bodine
Customer Service Manager
Kitchen Electronics, Inc.
194294 Honeywell Boulevard
Victoria Springs, AL

Dear Mr. Bodine,

I have received your letter offering to send me a refurbished toaster in place of my defective one. I had not realized that my warranty had already expired. After considering the matter, I have decided to accept the refurbished toaster. Your company has a good reputation, and I frequently use your products. In fact, this is the first time I have ever had a problem with anything I have purchased from you. Therefore, I am sure that the refurbished toaster will work as well as a brand new one. However, I would like to be assured that the refurbished toaster will be protected by a warranty, just as a new toaster would be. If this is the case, then please send me the toaster as soon as possible. Thank you.

Sophie Bordeaux
Sophie Bordeaux

61. Why did the customer return the toaster?
62. When did she purchase the toaster?
63. What will she get in place of the returned toaster?
64. The word 'considering' of the second letter is closest in meaning to
65. The word 'frequently' of the second letter is closest in meaning to
Questions 66 - 70:

Reading text 1:

Al's Autos Super Saturday Sale

Al's Autos, the number one used car dealership in Florida, is having a mega-sale Saturday, August 25, 2007, from noon until 4 p.m. to celebrate our twenty years of operation. All two-door vehicles with pink stickers are 10 percent off the ticketed price. All trucks with blue stickers are 15 percent off the ticketed price. All vans are 20 percent off the ticketed price. Plus, if you pay in cash, we'll reduce the price by another $300. As always, all purchases come with a 2-year Al's Autos Guarantee, which covers the cost of labor and replacement of parts if your car experiences mechanical problems. So if you're in the market for a used car, then come on down to Al's Autos this Saturday.

*Cars must be serviced by one of the following Al's Autos affiliates: Mike's Mufflers, Ace Mechanics, or Carl's Car Parts.

Reading text 2:

17 Washinton Rd.
Tampa, FL

September 26, 2007

Allen Hanks
Al's Autos
56 Wheelbarrow Rd.
Tampa, FL

Dear Mr. Hanks,

Last month I purchased a used Capri 1025 from you. At first, the car seemed like a great deal, especially with the $300 dollar discount I received. I bought the car because I have to travel a long distance to work each day, and with gas being so expensive these days I needed a car that was more fuel-efficient. You were right; the smaller car did save me about $30 in gas each week. Unfortunately, after about two weeks, the car started making a clanking noise if I went faster than 50 kilometers per hour. I took it to my mechanic, Smooth Rides, and had them evaluate the problem. They determined that the entire engine would need to be replaced, due to a crack down the middle of it. In total, the labor and engine parts will cost about $1,000. I assume that since I only purchased the car a month ago, I am well within the 2-year limit to the guarantee and Al's Autos will cover the cost of the repairs. Please contact me at 852-321-6547 if you have any questions.


Floyd Baker

66. According to the advertisement, what will happen on Saturday, August 25?
67. How can a customer save more money?
68. What can be inferred about the Capri 1025 from the letter?
69. Why will Al's Autos probably reject Floyd Baker's request?
70. What does Floyd Baker's car need?

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