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Questions 1 - 3:

Reading text:

Mr. Bevan Griggs

Albany City Mayor

City Hall

Albany, New York

Dear Mr. Griggs:

On behalf of the St. Michael's Charitalbe Trust, I would like to _____(1) you to participate in the opening of the St. Michael's homeless shelter.

The shelter, which is located on Steadway Drive in the inner-city, will feed, clothe and house up to 25 people at a time. I'm sure you will agree that we are _____(2) a vital social service for the city and its people.

We would be delighted if you would come along to the event to show your support. Perhaps it would be appropriate for you to say a few words for the volunteers who have worked so hard to develop this important community service.

The opening ceremony will begin at 3:30 p.m.on Monday, January 18. Light refreshments will be served _____(3) afterwards. I hope you will be able to make it in time for this symbolic occasion.

Yours sincerely,

Caroline Parker

Chairperson, St. Michael's Charitable Trust

1. (1)
2. (2)
3. (3)
Questions 4 - 7:

Reading text:

New Transit Options Coming!

City Council yesterday _____(1) to approve the proposed subway extension into the Glostrup zone of Copenhagen. _____(2). This has encouraged developers to build more apartments there. Moreover, the creation of the nearby Albertslund Technology Park has added thousands of new jobs. These _____(3) opportunities have been the key to attracting more people to the district. Since development began, however, it _____(4) the area’s transit capacity to its limits, causing local residents and businesses to campaign for a subway extension. A few council members opposed the proposal, pointing out the high expense of underground transit. Nevertheless, the building of the subway extension will proceed at an estimated cost of €650 million and should be operational within five years.

4. (1)
5. (2)
6. (3)
7. (4)
Questions 8 - 10:

Reading text:

Welcome to the office of Dr. Shaw. The following office policies are in effect.

- Please check in with the receptionist when you arrive. If you were given a referral, please tell the receptionist the name of the doctor who _____(1) you.

- We recognize that sometimes unexpected situations occur and you must cancel your _____(2). Cancelations must be made 24 hours ahead of time or you will be charged a fee.

- Please don't call us to find out the results of _____(3) test.

We will call you when the results are ready.

- Effective January 1, all bills must be paid in full at the time of your visit. We accept all major credit cards.

8. (1)
9. (2)
10. (3)
Questions 11 - 14:

Reading text:

Scott Harper has been _____(1) to lead Canada’s national sailing team in the upcoming Cannon Regatta. Team spokesperson Jeremy Dawes made the announcement at a press conference earlier today. _____(2).

Harper, a 39-year old New Brunswick native, is a lifelong boating enthusiast who has competed in several international events. He has won two Yachtmaster trophies for solo sailing and will compete in a third later next month, _____(3) time with a crew of six.

Speaking on behalf of his team in his new capacity, Mr. Harper appeared confident about Team Canada’s chances. “Most of us have worked together on previous occasions. _____(4), I've been in races with at least four of the other members,” he said.

11. (1)
12. (2)
13. (3)
14. (4)


Questions 15 - 16:

Reading text:

Colin McKay [8:45 A.M.]
Hey Brenda, what time are you supposed to have your yearly health checkup tomorrow?


Brenda Chan [8:51 A.M.]
At 3:30 in the afternoon. Why do you ask?


Colin McKay [8:52 A.M.]
Mine is at 1:00, and I was wondering if you could possibly switch with me. I've got a lunch meeting, and time might be a bit tight.


Brenda Chan [8:53 A.M.]
I wish I could. But I have to go to the plant at noon to get some information from the supervisor about the increased output. Couldn't you reschedule the meeting for an hour earlier?


Colin McKay [8:54 A.M.]
I guess I will have to do that. In fact, I’d better phone the client now.


Brenda Chan [8:56 A.M.]
Good luck!

15. At 8:53 A.M., what does Ms. Chan most likely mean when she writes, "I wish I could"?
16. What will Mr. McKay most likely do next?
Questions 17 - 20:

Reading text:

To: Kathryn Hale
From: Stacy Mott
Subject: Budget Proposal

Dear Ms. Hale,

After reviewing last year's budget figures, I would like to propose a few changes to this year's budget plan. If these changes are accepted, I predict that the company will reduce its operation costs by approximately 40 percent. First, I noticed that the company allocated one fourth of its total budget to purchasing office supplies. Of the office supplies that we purchase each year, paper is by far the most expensive. I think that requiring all employees to print documents on both sides of the paper will significantly cut down on costs. Second, the company currently employs 200 people; however, only about 150 people are needed for the company to function properly. Therefore, I propose the company reduces its workforce by 50 people before the start of the next fiscal year. I realize that this second proposal may seem drastic, but according to my estimates, if the company does not significantly cut costs by the end of December 2008, it will be forced to file for bankruptcy.


Stacy Mott
Financial Advisor

17. What is the purpose of this e-mail?
18. What does Stacy Mott point out about the company?
19. How many people work for the company right now?
20. According to the e-mail, what might happen if the recommended changes are not made?
Questions 21 - 22:

Reading text:

Dear Michael,

I am shopping for the day. I have to buy a new table and chairs. I won't be home until eight o'clock this evening. Please take the dog for a walk and don't forget to clean your room. Your dinner is in the microwave. There is some orange juice in the refrigerator, too.
See you later!


21. Who wrote the note?
22. What should Michael do?
Questions 23 - 25:

Reading text:

Stretch Makes Plans to Expand

Stretch Corporation announced yesterday that it plans to expand in a much larger location on the outskirts of the city. The athletic wear company's headquarters will remain at its current location at the corner of Dupont and Beverly Street, but production facilities will be moved to Haverford, around 15 kilometers from the city center. CEO Alex Cruz said, "For the past few years, the number of people who enjoy exercising has grown significantly. -[1]-. Our move will allow us to keep up with this increase so that we can continue providing our target customers with quality athletic wear and equipment." Moreover, Stretch's move is also good news for the local economy. -[2]-. "Even though domestically manufactured products cost more than those manufactured overseas, our customers are happy to pay a little extra," said Cruz. -[3]-. "For this reason, we intend to keep production nearby and have no reason to outsource to anywhere else." -[4]-.

23. What is the purpose of the article?
24. For whom most likely are Stretch Corporation's products made?
25. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong? "This is because the relocation is expected to create 150 additional jobs for the residents of Haverford."
Questions 26 - 27:

Reading text:

JOB OPENING: Computerworld, sales assistant

The Vancouver branch of Computerworld is currently seeking a full-time sales assistant. The sales representative is responsible for customer service in the store and assisting the sales manager with special events or promotions.

Primary responsibilities include:
- in-store customer assistance
- outcalls for local businesses/organizations
- writing proposals and estimates
- operation of cash register for direct sales
- inventory

The ideal candidate for this position should have a basic understanding of computers. Other requirements include use of word processing and simple accounting programs, and excellent people skills. Previous experience in computer sales is preferred, but not a requirement.

Those interested in this position may e-mail a résumé and cover letter to Melinda Gates at

26. What position is Computerworld advertising?
27. According to the advertisement, what is mentioned as a requirement for the job?
Questions 28 - 30:

Reading text:

Shangwan Corp.
211 Orchard Street

March 14, 2008

Attn: Mr. Andrew Han
Sales Manager
Evergreen Light Bulbs
4-16 Hill Road
Hong Kong

Dear Mr. Han,

Re: Order No. 768197

I regret to inform you that there is a problem with the order we placed recently. On March 7, 2008, we requested an order for 20,000 long-lasting light bulls. After receiving the shipment, we realized that only 2,000 of them had been shipped.

This discrepancy has caused our company substantial trouble since we had to make an urgent purchase to fill the orders our own customers made.

Please satisfy the missing portion of the order immediately, and make sure that this type of mistake never happens again. Otherwise, we will have no other choice but to turn to other suppliers.

I look forward to reading your response.

Yours sincerely,


T. Leung
Purchasing Officer

28. What is the purpose of the letter?
29. What is stated as a problem?
30. What does T. Leung ask Evergreen Light Bulbs to do?
Questions 31 - 33:

Reading text:

Home | Tours | Gallery | Contact Us

At Visit Indonesia, we offer a variety of tours to suit everyone visiting our beautiful country. -[1]-. You can enjoy Indonesia's natural beauty, experience the bustle of cities, or relax on outings to our ancient sites—all at the most reasonable prices around. Some of our most popular tours are described below, and you may click on "more" to view a full listing of tours offered.

Hiking in Sumatra
Sumatra is an amazing place with magnificent volcanoes, exciting wildlife, and beautiful scenery. Our trip will start in the hub city of Medan, and from there we'll trek to an orangutan sanctuary in Bukit Lawang. We'll spend a night camping in the jungle before ending the trip with a journey to the top of the Sibayak volcano. -[2]-.

Experience Java
Java is one of the smallest of Indonesia's main islands, but it packs a lot in—and not just in the famous capital of Jakarta. -[3]-. We'll travel through the mountainous landscape of central Java before making our way to Yogyakarta, a town containing the world's largest complex of temples, dating back hundreds of years.

The Beaches of Bali
Bali is famous for its beaches, and we will pick you up from the city of Denpasar and take you straight to the south of the island. There, you can participate in snorkeling and scuba diving! We also run day trips inland to see the rice paddies, lakes, and other attractions of the region. -[4]-.


31. What is the main purpose of the Web page?
32. What is NOT stated as an activity visitors can do in Indonesia?
33. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong? "Outside the city awaits a world of natural and historical wonders."
Questions 34 - 37:

Reading text:

Georgette Lindsey 3:45 P.M. I have to book a venue for our regional conference in Vancouver on July 5. I'd like to get the total number of participants we can expect by the end of the day. I need managers from branch sales offices in our region to fill me in on how many will be attending. Could you inform me right away?
Alison Bell 3:47 P.M. I'll be attending along with 15 others from here at the retail branch in Winnipeg.
Maxine Newton 3:47 P.M. Just nine people on my end, including me.
Lars Nordstrom 3:48 P.M. I am not sure I can make it. I have a deal to close here in Calgary for a large order of farm machinery on that date. I'll see if one of my assistant managers can take my place. And 12 others will attend as well.
Sanjay Kumar 3:49 P.M. There will be 10 of us from Edmonton, including myself. Are you also taking care of hotel and flight arrangements?
Georgette Lindsey 3:52 P.M. Thanks everyone. Yes, just like last year, I will be handling bookings. I'll be doing that later this week, so when you have the time, please send me a list of attendees' names.
Maxine Newton 3:54 P.M. Have already sent mine.
Alison Bell 3:54 P.M. I think a few people coming have special dietary requirements. Shall I send you that information, too?
Georgette Lindsey 3:55 P.M. Yes, it would be very helpful if you could all do that. I think about 20 of us from here at headquarters in Regina will attend, so I'll book a venue for about 70 participants.
Lars Nordstrom 4:11 P.M. I've arranged for Travis Rembrandt to represent our branch. I will ask him to send you a list and information on any dietary needs.

34. Where is the company's head office located?
35. At 3:48 P.M., what does Mr. Nordstrom mean when he writes, "I am not sure I can make it"?
36. What has Mr. Nordstrom decided to do?
37. What is suggested about Ms. Lindsey?
Questions 38 - 41:

Reading text:

Received: Monday, June 4th, at 8:32 p.m.
Re: Appointment Cancellation

Mr. Walker,
I apologize for having to cancel our appointment last Friday at the last minute. There was some urgent business at another job site, and I had to attend to it personally. I hope that we can reschedule for sometime next week.
Also, in your last e-mail you asked for some different options with regard to materials and our turn-around time. The sample books I couriered to you last week are the standard wallpapers that we use - 1.75 meter-wide, printed. But we have also started using a new process with large, floor-to-ceiling rolls that produces a papered wall without seams. The papers are the highest grade, and most have silk highlights. As your project is a luxury apartment complex, these products may better suit your needs. This is a specialty process, requiring special equipment, and so there would be additional charges on top of our usual labor costs. Since you would be doing so many units in your building, perhaps we could offer you a discounted rate on the labor. I will discuss this possibility with our sales manager and let you know when we meet.
With regards to our turn-around time, using standard-process papers we would be able to complete the 15 units in one week. The seamless wallpaper application process makes use of a large roller mechanism; so, potentially, we could complete the work in 3 days. Again, I am sorry to cancel our appointment. Please let me know at your earliest convenience when you would like to reschedule. Thank you.


Peter Lasco
Sales Rep,
All Walls, Inc.

38. Why was the appointment with Mr. Walker cancelled?
39. What kind of service does this company offer?
40. What did Mr. Lasco do for Mr. Walker the previous week?
41. How long does Mr. Lasco estimate the job will take?
Questions 42 - 45:

Reading text:

CE Corporation - Organic Chemistry Lab Safety Rules

1. Before lab activity
Wear safety goggles and an apron to protect yourself from hazardous chemicals during experiments and research. Avoid wearing clothing that could easily catch fire. Otherwise, make sure to wear a lab coat over your clothing. —[1]—.

2. Restricted items
With the exception of authorized heat sources, no items that can cause fires or explosions are allowed in the lab. Our lab activities are confidential, so filming devices are highly restricted in the lab. —[2]—.

3. Organization
It is evident that lab stations are clean and organized at all times to prevent accidents and chemical residues from causing reactions. Before and after lab activities, all chemicals should be put away with lids closed tightly. —[3]—.

4. Emergencies
Accidents can happen anytime during the lab, and thus you must be aware of the use and location of safety equipment. In case of a fire or chemical contamination, a siren will go off, and everyone must leave the lab immediately. —[4]—.

42. For whom is the information most likely intended?
43. What is NOT mentioned as an item the readers should avoid bringing into the lab?
44. According to the information, under what circumstance is evacuation necessary?
45. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong? “Lab materials should be cleaned thoroughly and be placed where they belong.”


Questions 46 - 50:

Reading text 1:

Valley Arts and Craft Show

Friday, March 15 - Saturday, March 16
Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Location: State Fair Grounds, Miguel Garcia Room
Price: Free

Come see local artists present their latest paintings, drawings, and handicrafts. Many items will be on sale at reasonable prices. You will also have the opportunity to meet the artists and talk about their latest creations.

Featured artist Janela Hampton will also be signing copies of her latest book of drawings and paintings for all interested customers. Ms. Hampton's newest work was inspired by her travels in Central and South America. We are still accepting applications. If you are a local artist who would like to have a display at the show, email by March 1st, stating what kind of work you do.

Hope to see you there!

Reading text 2:

Subject: Arts Show
Date: February 28 2006


I am a local artist who produces hand-painted clay pottery. I would love to have a stand at the Valley Arts and Crafts Show. I wanted to get a stand last year, but I applied outside the application period. I really hope that I am in time this year. How much is the cost for artists who have a stand? There is no price on the posters, so I was wondering if it was free. I hope so, but even if there is a charge, I still want to display. Please let me know.

Many thanks.
Amanda Wallace

46. What time will the show begin?
47. Who will be signing a new book?
48. Which area influenced Janela Hampton's work?
49. Which of the following does Amanda Wallace probably NOT produce?
50. Why does Amanda Wallace think stands at the show are free?
Questions 51 - 55:

Reading text 1:

The Meredith Fashion Institute (MFI) invites you to attend our annual spring fashion show featuring our graduating students:

A Breath of Fresh Air
A showcase of fashions that are light, airy, and innovative

Entertainment, Lunch, and Fashion Show
Master of ceremonies: Stylist Melvin Lee
Music by DJ Raina

$40 per Person
Saturday, May 7, Noon

Hannah Hall Banquet Room
Meredith Fashion Institute

As always, the event is being held at our campus on 1000 South Grand Avenue in Los Angeles. All proceeds benefit a start-up fund for beginning designers who need support to become established in the competitive world of fashion design.

Reading text 2:

To: Troy Seeger
From: Anna Cruise
Date: April 4
Subject: Re: Photo services

Dear Mr. Seeger,

I received your message concerning Meredith Fashion Institute's upcoming event. I appreciate what the proceeds of the show will be used for, so I would be happy to participate as the official photographer. Moreover, I am willing to offer my services free of charge and provide you with images for the school's use. However, the costs of covering an event as large as this one are quite high, even though it will provide me with a lot of exposure. Therefore, I am asking your permission to install a photo booth by the entrance and to charge visitors a small fee for prints. All I need is space to set up my camera, table, backdrop, and printer. I can leave an assistant in charge of the table while I photograph the event. Please contact me at 555-0493 to discuss this further.

Anna Cruise

Reading text 3:

Fashion Guide Magazine

LA Scene
By Beth Rowlands

As always, the Meredith Fashion Institute's annual showcase of student fashion offered an exciting glimpse into the possible future of the industry. For those who are unaware, MFI has turned out many successful graduates, including Roxy Cooper and Belle Hashimoto. The event's host, also a graduate of the institute, has done models' hair and makeup for several of Fashion Guide Magazine's feature articles. The fashions in this year's show truly lived up to the theme of being "light, airy, and innovative." They featured plenty of loose tops, baggy pants, and oversize coats. The clothing was subdued, consisting mainly of neutral shades accented by the occasional hint of color. But the materials stood out the most — textured fabrics expertly cut into a variety of bold shapes. Check out some photos below. You may be able to find some of them at a local fashion retailer one day.

51. What is NOT indicated about Meredith Fashion Institute's event?
52. What does Ms. Cruise say that she appreciates about the event?
53. Why does Ms. Cruise want to set up a booth?
54. What is true about Melvin Lee?
55. What does Ms. Rowlands mention about the fashions featured at MFI's event?
Questions 56 - 60:

Reading text 1:

Report Card: MARY SMITH

Subject Grade Comments
English 11 B Mary's writing continues to improve.
Math 11 A Excellent work, Mary!
Science 11 C Mary needs to work much harder.
Music 11 A+ It's a pleasure to have Mary in my class!
Art 11 B Please practice more with oil paints.
History 11 B- A large improvement. Keep working!
Phys. Ed 11 A- One of our top volleyball players!
Spanish 11 B+ Mary speaks quite well.

Reading text 2:

Parents: Please return the attached feedback form to show you have seen this report card.

Report card for Mary Smith

I confirm I have read the above report card.
Signed: S. R. Smith

We are very happy to see Mary received an A for Math. She has really improved. Last time, she received a C. However, her English and Science results are disappointing. Her grades have dropped in these subjects. Do you think she needs extra science classes? We are worried that she won't get into a good university when she graduates high school. She has only one more year to prepare for graduation. Please advise us.

Mary's parents

56. In which class did Mary get the highest grade?
57. In which class did Mary get the lowest grade?
58. In which classes did Mary get the same grade?
59. What do Mary's parents think about her Math 11 grade?
60. Why are Mary's parents worried?
Questions 61 - 65:

Reading text 1:

12th Green Technology Conference
Thursday, June 9 | Singapore Convention Hall, Room A
Hosted by the Green Technology Association

Program Outline

12:30 P.M. Registration
1:00 P.M. Welcome address
Speaker: Ellen Matsushita, Chair, Green Technology Association
1:30 P.M. Keynote address
Speaker: Harold Baker, President, Greentrade Technologies
2:00 P.M. Industry outlook
Speaker: Jeremy Porter, Managing Director, Green Research Institute
2:30 P.M. Wind, solar, and biomass power
Speaker: Nathan Chaudry, CEO, Leaftech international
3:00 P.M. Coffee break
3:30 P.M. New applications in green technology
Speaker: Thomas Keng, Chair, Environmental Research Group
4:00 P.M. Panel discussion: Financing green projects
Moderator: Barbara Woodbine, CFO. Global Lending
5:00 P.M. Closing remarks
Speaker: Sylvia Klein, president, European Green Initiative

Reading text 2:

To: Eduardo Ferrer
From: Ellen Matsushita
Date: May 14
Subject: Re: Conference program

There are a few additional changes to make. As it turns out, the president of Greentrade Technologies is unavailable. Instead, we will have Dr. Connor Aromdee from Thailand University. In addition, Ms. Woodbine from Global Lending will be leaving the conference early, so she cannot moderate the panel discussion. She suggested that we invite the minister of the Singapore Economic Development Board to take her place. I have contacted him, and he has accepted the invitation. If there are any other changes to make, I'll let you know in the morning. After that, the program will be finalized.


Reading text 3:

Business Bulletin

Singapore, June 11 — The Green Technology Association (GTA) recently held its 12th Green Technology Conference at the Singapore Convention Hall. The heads of several organizations playing a critical role in the development of green technologies around the world were in attendance. According to speaker Jeremy Porter of the Green Research Institute, the outlook for the industry appears stable despite politicians in some nations who are holding back the use of green technologies. GTA chair Ellen Matsushita was equally hopeful, citing insightful comments from the minister of the Singapore Economic Development Board, David Mah. Download a full report on the talks and material presented at the conference by visiting the organization's Web site at

61. What has NOT been scheduled for the conference?
62. What time did Dr. Aromdee most likely speak?
63. What does the article mention about green technology?
64. In the article, the word "critical" is closest in meaning to
65. What is indicated about David Mah?
Questions 66 - 70:

Reading text 1:

To: Customer Service
From: Maggie Flowers
Date: May 29
Subject: Compensation
Attachment: Rental receipt

Dear Customer Service,

On May 25, I was scheduled to fly on Flight 535 from Cleveland to Pittsburgh. However, the flight was canceled due to mechanical problems. While at the aiport, I was promised a flight voucher as compensation for the inconvenience. I never claimed it and would like to follow up now. Also, I'd like reimbursement for an incurred expense. I had a job interview to attend and could not wait until the following day. So, I rented a car and drove to my destination. I have attached a copy of the rental receipt in case you need it.

I hope you can help me resolve this matter.

Maggie Flowers

Reading text 2:

To: Maggie Flowers
From: Customer service
Date: June 8
Attachment: reimbursement_form
Subject: Re: Compensation

Dear Ms. Flowers,

I am sorry to hear of your inconvenience. Let me correct the situation.

First, our system indicates that you are entitled to the voucher. We normally tell customers that they will get it within four weeks. I apologize if our airline staff failed to convey this information properly at the time your flight was canceled. The voucher has been mailed and should arrive shortly. Second, all of the passengers on your flight were offered a night's stay at an airport hotel. Our policy states that we can reimburse a passenger with exceptional circumstances up to the price of the hotel stay. Your situation qualifies since the car rental amount was less than this cost. To proceed, complete the attached form and mail it to us along with your original receipt.

If I can assist you further, please contact me again. Thank you for being a loyal, valued customer.

Yours Truly,
Paul Russell
Customer service representative

Reading text 3:


Please allow up to 30 days for settlement.

Name: Maggie Flowers Membership rewards no.: 4793345
Address: 12704 Gruss Court, Cleveland, OH 44018 Tel: 555-2348
Type of claim:☐ Damage ☐ Loss ☒ Reimbursement
Amount of claim: $135.00
Flight no.: 535 Date: May 25
Origin: Cleveland, OH Destination: Pittsburgh, Paige
Please explain the reason(s) for your claim:
My flight was canceled, and I'd like to be reimbursed for some expenses.
Supporting documents (please attach): Car rental receipt

Maggie Flowers June 10
Please sign your name here Date

66. Why did Ms. Flowers write the e-mail?
67. What does Mr. Russel ask Ms. Flowers to provide?
68. In the second e-mail, the word "convey" is closest in meaning to
69. What is indicated about passengers to the canceled flight?
70. What does the form indicate about Ms. Flowers?

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