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Questions 1 - 3:

Reading text:

World Film Festival Set to Kick Off

The 4th annual World Film Festival begins tonight at the Caldwell City Theater. The _____(1) event is scheduled to last two weeks, giving Caldwell residents plenty of time to enjoy some of the best movies from around the world.

The event _____(2), Caldwell City Cultural Board Chairperson Natalia Sergovia, says that this year's festival incorporates an interesting range of films from a wide variety of countries: "It's a truly global festival now. We have films from places you don't normally see or hear from, like Sweden, Nigeria, Jamaica and Guatemala. It's a really exciting mix of cultural experiences."

The festival begins tonight at 7 p.m. with the critically _____(3) Dutch movie, The Last Dance. Further information regarding tickets, schedules and bookings is available on the Caldwell City Theater website at

1. (1)
2. (2)
3. (3)
Questions 4 - 7:

Reading text:

To: Scott Douglas (
From: Edward Kovac (
Subject: Brochure alterations
Date: 8 May

Dear Mr. Douglas,

Please find attached a copy of the brochure you designed with our comments. Our team has reviewed the draft, and we are _____(1) with the quality of the pamphlet thus far. Despite this, we do require a few changes.

In particular, there were minor layout and color errors and some important information was _____(2) as well. We left notes in the brochure regarding where the omitted details should go. _____(3). Please send us a revised draft when it is ready. We will, of course, be happy to _____(4) the extra cost.

Best wishes,

4. (1)
5. (2)
6. (3)
7. (4)
Questions 8 - 11:

Reading text:

Parking Notice

Parking along the streets in the Frederickton downtown area is prohibited every second and fourth Tuesday of the month between 8 A.M. and 12 P.M. for cleaning. _____(1). Anyone who violates this rule will be ticketed and charged a $15 penalty for the first three offenses. This must be paid within 30 days of _____(2).

City statutes permit vehicle owners to challenge a ticket’s validity within the same 30-day period, and owners may make an appeal if they disagree with the outcome. On _____(3) violations, vehicles will be towed at the owner's expense. Repeated negligence could also _____(4) to the suspension of a driver’s license.

8. (1)
9. (2)
10. (3)
11. (4)
Questions 12 - 14:

Reading text:

Dear members:

The Houston Book Club thanks you for _____(1) your ASAF membership.

Annual membership dues from September 2007 through September 2008 are $350.00.

Please click the purchase button below to complete your renewal process by credit card.

Or if you'd like, you will _____(2) be granted an option to pay by sending us a check or money order by post. In that case, please make it payable to ASAF of Houston, P. O. Box 123756 Houston, TX 77251.

As our way of saying thank you, we will offer a travel certificate for a free one-night stay at your choice of 3 different hotels.

We hope you _____(3) to enjoy the Houston Book Club for years to come.

12. (1)
13. (2)
14. (3)


Questions 15 - 16:

Reading text:

Sarah Badler, Director of Marketing and Sales
Victory Cosmetics
29 Singer Ave., 5th Floor 
Los Angeles, CA

July 7 

June Chadwick 
Visitor Promotional Productions
523 Duncan Street, Room 12 
Los Angeles, CA 

Dear Ms. Chadwick, 

We at Victory Cosmetics would like to extend our thanks and gratitude for the wonderful work you and your promotional team have done for our newest line of perfumes. The advertisements you created for both print and television are fantastic. Your promotional strategy has paid off as we've already started earning revenues after just the first sales quarter.

This has been the most profitable launch of any Victory product in the last 20 years. You have done a tremendous job, and we look forward to working with your firm again. With this letter you will find an enclosed bonus check which we would like you to use for a small celebration with your staff. This is just our way of saying thank you.

Sincerely yours,
Sarah Badler 
Director of Marketing and Sales 
Victory Cosmetics  

15. What is the purpose of the letter?
16. What does Ms. Badler say about the recent product launch?
Questions 17 - 20:

Reading text:

Sylvie Depardieu,
Small Business Association of Windover,
P.O.Box 7465,
Windover, VT

Dave Mitchell
Manager, Sunrise health Foods
154 Beecham Avenue, Unit 3A
Windover, VT

Dear Mr. Mitchell,
As a long-time member of the Small Business Association, I'm sure you're as upset as the rest of us about the recent hydro rate increase of 29 percent which took effect in October. The difference in our monthly electricity bills is considerable, and for small businesses such as ours that are struggling to make ends meet, I'm sure I don't need to tell you what the increase could mean in the long term.
I wanted to let you know that, as President of the Small Business Association of Windover, I have taken the initiative to contact the State Corporation Commission on behalf of the Association to voice the concerns of small business owners in the area and to register our opposition to this rate increase.
In doing so, I was informed that final approval for this increase has not yet been given to Vermont Hydro by the Commission. Commissioners will decide in the near future whether to approve all, some, or none of the requested 29 percent increase. If the full 29 percent increase is not approved, customers will receive a refund for any overcharges (so save your monthly statements).
This pending decision gives us an opportunity to prevent the increase. That is why I am writing to all of the members of the Association to ask for your support. As customers of Vermont Hydro, we can all contact the Commission and register our opposition to this rate increase. Now, it is your turn to be proactive. Call to register your opposition and pass the word along to businesses in other areas served by Vermont Hydro; even your friends and family could call - every little bit helps.
You can call the State Corporation Commission at (800)553-7845 between 8:15 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. You will be directed to leave your name, address, telephone number and a statement of opposition. The call takes only 2 to 3 minutes. Every call is tabulated and will hopefully make a difference in the final decision made by the commissioners.

Sylvie Depardieu

17. What is the current position of the sender?
18. What is the main purpose of this letter?
19. What information is NOT included in the letter?
20. Who should be contacted about the matter?
Questions 21 - 23:

Reading text:

Fire Damages Pet Food Warehouse

Rochester: April 1st. Late in the evening of March 29th, a fire caused extensive damage to the Huggy Dog Co. pet food warehouse on West 24th Street. There were no injuries. The only employee on the premises was security guard Russ Loupinek, who called in the fire at 9:47 p.m. Fire fighters arrived minutes later and put out the blaze. Most of the loading area was destroyed. The cost of the damage is estimated at $400,000.

Early investigations point to a faulty heating system as the cause of the fire. According to a Hugggy Dog spokesperson, the company that installed the system, AMC Heaters, had ignored numerous complaints about the heating units over the past 4 weeks. Huggy Dog plans to take legal action against AMC Heaters.

21. What business is Huggy Dog in?
22. What part of the warehouse was most affected by the fire?
23. What will the company do?
Questions 24 - 25:

Reading text:

Jessica Jang 9:27
I just got a message from a staff member in sales saying that salaries for her department have not been deposited yet. They should have come in yesterday afternoon.


Jessica Jang 9:28
Has anyone else gotten similar complaints from other departments?


William Stuttgart 9:34
I just checked with production and they got theirs, but those in purchasing did not. Neither did the employees in finance. Oh, and my salary hasn't come in either.


Jessica Jang 9:35
Nor mine. This is quite strange. I checked with research and development and they got theirs. I wonder if Erin's heard anything.


Erin Hinkle 9:37
Sorry, I was on the phone just now. None of us in human resources has gotten paid, apparently. I discovered this issue earlier this morning, and I just contacted Beacon Bank to find out the cause of the problem. They promised a response in the next 10 minutes.


Erin Hinkle 9:44
So, the bank says they had some technical issues with a new payment software system that they recently started using. They've resolved the problem now and those who haven't been paid yet should have their funds within the next hour. Let me know what happens.

William Stuttgart 10:34
I just received notification from the bank that the funds have been sent.


Jessica Jang 10:35
Same here. Erin, could you contact the other departments to confirm that the problem's been solved?


Erin Hinkle 10:36
OK. I can do that.

24. What is suggested about Mr. Stuttgart?
25. At 10:36, what does Ms. Hinkle mean when she writes, "I can do that"?
Questions 26 - 28:

Reading text:

Hamburger House

Summer Special Offer!

That's right, we've brought back our annual Summer Special Offer here at Hamburger House.

Buy two juicy hamburgers --> get one hamburger free! Buy two giant cheeseburgers --> get one cheeseburger and one drink free!

Cool off with a Mountain Milkshake (Caramel or Raspberry) for only $1.50 or a Glacier Sundae (Blueberry or Double Chocolate) for only $2.50.

The Summer Special Offer will last all summer, from June 1st to August 31st!

26. If you buy two giant cheeseburgers, what do you get free?
27. How long does the offer last?
28. How often does this special offer happen?
Questions 29 - 32:

Reading text:

Clara Dalton [2:01 P.M.] Good afternoon, everyone. As I'm sure you all heard on Monday, the board of directors has scheduled the opening of the Erik Masterson art exhibit for next month. We need to start letting people know about it, and I'd like to get a sense of how everything's going.
Aaron Cobble [2:04 P.M.] I finished designing the personalized invitations for everyone who attended our last exhibition, but the mailing list hasn't been compiled yet. George, do you think this might cause any problems?
George Duffy [2:10 P.M.] A delay of one day is fine. But the guests should receive their invitations before Saturday when we publish a press release about the opening. So, we need to get them to the courier by Thursday at the very latest.
Clara Dalton [2:12 P.M.] All right. I'll ask Steven to take care of it. Deborah, how about the posters?
Deborah Emerson [2:14 P.M.] They're ready to be printed. Do you have any thoughts on where I should tell our volunteers to put them up?
Clara Dalton [2:16 P.M.] I've heard that Masterson's work is popular with college students.
Deborah Emerson [2:20 P.M.] Oh, what about Randall University? The gallery is within walking distance of it.
Clara Dalton [2:21 P.M.] That sounds great. Maybe we should give a presentation on campus to promote the exhibit as well.
Deborah Emerson [2:22 P.M.] Sure. I'll call the university to check on that.

29. What kind of organization does Ms. Dalton most likely work for?
30. When will the event be formally announced?
31. At 2:20 P.M., what does Ms. Emerson mean when she writes, "what about Randall University"?
32. What is NOT mentioned as a method of publicizing the opening?
Questions 33 - 36:

Reading text:

Tips for shopping through the mail

Every year, thousands of people successfully order goods from mail order catalogs. However, some more unfortunate individuals find that the goods they ordered look nothing like the pictures, arrive damaged, or don't arrive at all. Here are some tips to help protect yourself when you shop through the mail.

. Before placing your first order, ask around. Have your friends or family used this catalog before? How was their experience? Were they satisfied with the goods and service? Would they use the company again?

. Read all available information, including the return policy. Look for companies that offer a no-questions asked return policy. Check whether you will have to pay postage if you need to return goods.

. Always include shipping costs and sales tax in the final price when comparing costs. In some cases, the shipping costs can really add up. Make sure you know exactly what you are paying for.

. How long will you have to wait for your order. If you need something in a hurry, shopping by mail might not be the best option.

. Keep records of your orders, including the catalog name, address, telephone number, and the date that you placed the order. Of course, you should also keep track of items ordered, operator name, and expected date of delivery.

. If you encounter any problems with a mail-order company, contact a consumer advocacy group. You can easily find telephone numbers for such groups in the telephone directory or on the Internet.

33. What should be included in the final price?
34. What should a buyer keep record of?
35. When could it be a bad idea to buy something through the mail?
36. Who should you contact if you have problems?
Questions 37 - 39:

Reading text:

Rollins University is looking for an energetic, personable individual to teach a marketing class for students in the honors program during the fall semester. The class, Advanced International Marketing 402, will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-6 p.m. This is a part-time position. Rollins University is one of the top business schools in the world and has campuses in Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo, and Geneva. This position will be at the university's campus in Tokyo, Japan, so the successful applicant will be expected to relocate if necessary. The successful candidate will have some teaching experience (at least 1-2 years in an academic setting) and have worked extensively in the marketing industry. Additionally, individuals without a PhD need not apply. The incumbent will be required to work during regular class hours, and spend two to three hours preparing for each class. A private office will be provided. Since this is a short-term contract, compensation is negotiable and will be determined based on the candidate's work experience and professional history. For more information, or to request an application, contact James Stewart at 1-541-265-6987.

37. What does the advertisement suggest about the course mentioned?
38. Where will the successful candidate work?
39. What is NOT a requirement of the position?
Questions 40 - 41:

Reading text:

Centennial Electronics Distribution
438 Swinn Avenue
Mount Pleasant, Michigan
Phone: 1.888.566.8431
Fax: 482.566.8437

May 3, 2006
Mr. Bryan Redding
Karnes Electrical Outlets, Inc.
4877 Firefly Circle
Honolulu, Hawaii

Dear Mr. Redding:

I would like to thank you for inviting me to participate in your annual charity ball on July 15. It will be a pleasure and a privilege to attend the event. Karnes has garnered quite a reputation within the industry and the nation for being a charitable organization. We at Centennial, feel that giving back to the community is the key to our success.

If you have no objections, I will be accompanied by Centennial's vice-president of our foundation, Sydney Price. She is responsible for keeping our company involved in a number of service organizations and for creating a support system for our own foundation, which provides electronic equipment to schools with minimal funding around the US. We are both looking forward to meeting you on July 15. Our executive assistant will be contacting you regarding our travel plans and making arrangements with you for a personal meeting regarding our new product lines.

Thank you

Janice Kensington
Vice-president of Marketing

40. What is the main purpose of this letter?
41. Why is Ms. Kensington go to Hawaii?
Questions 42 - 45:

Reading text:

Park Board Meeting

All local citizens! You are invited to the City Park Board open meeting!

Come along and find out what is happening in your local park. The City Park Board open meeting is schedule for Wednesday, October 12th at 8 p.m. in conference room B of the public library. Agenda items include the following: funding for new snow blowers, construction of a temporary outdoor ice rink for the winter, and next month's Winterfest Bonfire Ball to raise money for equipment for the children's playground.

Snow blowers will enable us to keep the park open all year round, even in the heaviest snow. With the park open all winter, we have decided to convert the central pond into an ice rink. Local business man Hans Brent has donated $10,000 towards the cost. Winterfest Bonfire Ball tickets will be on sale at the meeting. They always sell out fast, so coming to the meeting will increase your chances of getting a ticket.

It is not necessary to notify us of your attendance in advance. However, if you would like to speak at the meeting, or present a report on behalf of a local organization, please contact Glen Tuber at the city office, on 345-5467, extension 4, before October 5th. All speakers must be given authorization before the meeting, so it is essential that you do contact us in advance.

Every weekday, we receive dozens of phone calls from local citizens who want to know what is happening in the park. Don't be one of those people. Come along to the meeting and find out the truth for yourself.

42. Where will the park board meet?
43. What will NOT be discussed at the meeting?
44. Who should call Glen Tuber?
45. When will the park be closed this winter?


Questions 46 - 50:

Reading text 1:

Welcome to the Bernardo Mall

To ensure a pleasant and safe experience for all visitors, the Bernardo Mall’s parking policy must be strictly abided by and will be enforced at all times. Please read the following rules and instructions carefully:

• All parking is on a first-come, first-served basis. Park in designated spaces only. The Wells Zone, the parking space for large vehicles, such as trucks, buses, or vans, is located next to Carpe Diem, a toy store. All other types of vehicles should be parked in the Pedro Zone, located near the west wing of the mall.

• Parking is complimentary for the first half an hour for all visitors. Afterward, a rate of $2 per hour will apply. Visitors who spend more than $20 at the Bernardo Mall will have their parking fee waived. The receipts must be shown at each gate when leaving. Although we share parking spaces with several restaurants near the Bernardo Mall, restaurant receipts are not accepted.

Parking is available during the Bernardo Mall’s operating hours, 10:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M., throughout the year.

• Contact the Bernardo Mall at for any inquiries, requests, or complaints.

Reading text 2:

From: Charles Arana (
Date: March 20
Subject: Bernardo Mall Parking
ATTACHMENT: Parking Receipt (215117648)

To Whom It May Concern,

Yesterday, my son and I visited the Bernardo Mall and had a meal at Chips and Tacos, the restaurant located next to the mall. Upon leaving the mall, I was charged a fee of $5.73 for parking. I had not expected this as I think I had been informed that those who spend more than $20 will be exempt from paying the parking fee. Even though I did not buy anything at the mall, I spent far more than $30 at the restaurant. I was too busy to explain everything to the employee at Gate #5 at the time, but I hope I can be refunded for this error.

Thank you,

Charles Arana

Reading text 3:


Bernardo Mall Parking Lot
Receipt Number: 215117648

Parking Location Wells Zone Slot Number B07
Date/Time of
March 19, 3:19 P.M. Date/Time of Departure March 19, 6:41 P.M.


Receipt?  NO Discount? NO
Amount Due $5.73 Hours of Use 3 hrs and 22 min
Amount Paid $5.73 Payment Type Cash

Thank you and drive safely!

46. What is implied about the Bernardo Mall?
47. What is indicated about the parking lot Mr. Arana used on March 19?
48. Why will Mr. Arana be unable to receive a refund?
49. In the e-mail, the word "far" is closest in meaning to
50. What is NOT true about Mr. Arana?
Questions 51 - 55:

Reading text 1:

Murray (July 10) – The construction of the Rosemount Apartment Complex is now complete, and residents are flooding in. This new development is animating the area and boosting the sales of nearby businesses.

Businesses in the Lamere Building, which is located in front of the apartment complex, are benefiting greatly. Among them is Murphy Pizza on the second floor. The owner of the pizzeria, Hillary Dembowski, reports that she has “seen a 200% increase in revenue.”

Rosa Chisholm is the owner of Dream Bakers, a new bakery that opened its doors in the Lamere Building just yesterday. Ms. Chisholm is expecting a high return on her new business. “Everything seems to be working out positively.”

Reading text 2:

Attention, All Employees at Freshness Explosion

Thanks to the construction of the Rosemount Apartment Complex, we are seeing a sharp increase in the number of customers. To satisfy all customers and to deal with repeated requests from customers, we will spend the next week improving our facilities.

• A bathroom will be constructed inside the shop, thereby removing the need to share the bathroom with Murphy Pizza and Dream Bakers.

• The windows will be changed to thicker ones in order to improve energy efficiency.

• The parking lot will be repaved.

The store will be widened and more cash registers installed, so customers will not have to wait in long lines anymore.

Thank you for your cooperation and dedication.

Posted August 11

Reading text 3:

Do you have something to say to Jack Rogers, the owner of Freshness Explosion? Write your opinions or suggestions below and post this note on the board near the register.


I have been a customer of Freshness Explosion for about three years. Members of my fitness center especially love the onsite café’s fresh tomato juice and carrot cake made out of ingredients that I receive from Freshness Explosion every day. I am writing this note in order to express my gratitude to one of your employees, Ms. Michelle Murdock. She delivers fruits and vegetables to the café at 7 o’clock in the morning every day. She has never been tardy, which shows her professionalism and ensures that the café operates without any problems. She truly deserves a reward for her hard work.

Herbert Warren

51. In the article, the word "animating" is closest in meaning to
52. What is indicated about Freshness Explosion?
53. What has NOT been renovated at Freshness Explosion?
54. Who most likely posted the notice?
55. What kind of business most likely is Freshness Explosion?
Questions 56 - 60:

Reading text 1:

To: All Leisure Services Local Directors
From: Derek Gray, New Town Leisure Center Director
Re: Tennis promotion
Date: April 10th

We are trying to increase use of our tennis courts and facilities. At the moment, many of our courts are hardly ever used. If we want to maintain government funding, we need to show that there really is a demand for these facilities. I am planning on displaying the following poster in every local leisure center. Before I send it to the printers, could you take a look and give me your comments and suggestions? Do you think anything should be changed or added?

Many thanks,
Derek Gray

Reading text 2:

Tennis continues to be one of the most popular sports all over the world. One of the main attractions of this sport is that it can be played by people of all ages, young and old. Although tennis has a reputation for being an expensive sport, it doesn't have to be. A good racket can cost only $40 and a can of balls only $2.00. But where to play? Sure there are fancy private clubs that cost $100 a month, but why not try one of the many public parks and leisure centers which offer tennis courts free of charge and lessons for a very reasonable price? Contact your local leisure center director for information on how you can get involved in this exciting sport!

56. What is the purpose of this memo and sign?
57. How is tennis usually categorized?
58. Who can play this sport?
59. Where is it expensive to play tennis?
60. Who is Derek Gray?
Questions 61 - 65:

Reading text 1:

Gunton City Council to Consider Blandfolk Superstore Proposal

At a Gunton City Council meeting on May 2, members listened to a presentation from representatives of Blandfolk Superstore about building a branch locally. The retail giant proposed erecting an outlet measuring 9,500 square meters just within city limits on Medford Avenue. However, the chosen land has not yet been authorized for commercial establishments, so Blandfolk has requested that the property be rezoned. Gunton mayor Claire O’Rourke told representatives that the council would discuss the proposition this month and address it at their next meeting in June. A spokesperson for Blandfolk said the corporation hopes the proposal will pass, emphasizing that the development would provide employment for up to 190 local residents.

Reading text 2:

Gunton Herald

Home | News | Sports | Business | Entertainment | Lifestyle | Opinion | Contact us Trang chủ | Tin tức | Thể thao | Kinh doanh | Giải trí | Đời sống | Ý kiến | Liên hệ

Readers’ Comments

Ronald Pinero posted on May 7:
I am writing in regard to an article printed in your newspaper’s May 3 edition about the construction proposal from Blandfolk Superstore. As a long-time business owner in Gunton, I am concerned. I manage Ballas Boutique, a clothing store in the downtown area, and many of my friends and business acquaintances also operate private shops in the city. Large corporate retailers have forced many smaller stores out of business in other locations where they have opened, even when such establishments have been situated on the outskirts of towns. I’m not sure most businesses like mine will be able to compete without significantly dropping prices and, by extension, the quality of our goods. For now, Gunton is a very vibrant and diverse city, and I hope the mayor and council members will reject the proposal in order to keep it that way.

Reading text 3:

TO: Ronald Pinero (
FROM: Adeline Morris (
SUBJECT: Request from Gunton COC
DATE: May 8

Dear Mr. Pinero,

I came across your comments on the Gunton Herald Web site. Your concern is something the board of the Gunton Chamber of Commerce has been discussing, and we agree that something must be done to protect stores in the downtown area, like yours. On June 3, the city council will be holding a public meeting that some of us will be attending. It would be helpful if you joined us at the event. You could give a short talk describing the concerns you mentioned in your comments. You are welcome to use visual aids, bring supporting documents, and invite others who share our concerns. Please let me know if you would like to participate.

Sincerely yours,

Adeline Morris
Secretary, Gunton Chamber of Commerce

61. What is the article mainly about?
62. What does Mr. Pinero want Ms. O’Rourke to do?
63. In the article, the word "limits" is closest in meaning to.
64. What will take place on June 3?
65. What is indicated about Ms. Morris?
Questions 66 - 70:

Reading text 1:

Heathcliffe Sports Center
Annual General Meeting

Date: June 25th
Time: 7 p.m.
Location: 2nd floor conference room

1. Annual report
2. Resurfacing of tennis courts? - choose a contractor
3. Broken windows on first floor? - how to punish offenders and how to prevent more breakages
4. New policy on equipment rental
5. Membership cards
Any other business
To be followed by tea and coffee in the staff training room. All welcome.

Reading text 2:

To: Jennifer Martin, Sports Equipment Manager
From: Clive Wilbur, Management Committee Chairperson
Re: June 25th Annual General meeting
I know that you will be unable to attend this year's meeting on the 25th, so I am sending you the agenda now. Please take a look at it before the meeting and give me your opinion on the items.

We have decided to resurface the tennis courts and need to choose from three contractors. I will send you their price lists and a voting form later. Everyone at the meeting will have a chance to vote. As you know, we have suffered a lot of broken windows recently. I would appreciate it if you could fax me your ideas on how to deal with this problem. The fourth item on the agenda refers to renting equipment. We will limit rentals to one hour on weekends and two hours during the week. Only members will be able to rent equipment on weekends. This brings us to the next item: all members will be required to show their membership card in order to use the sports center at a discounted price.

Please send me your thoughts as soon as possible, and I will talk to you in person when you get back from your vacation.

66. How often does Heathcliffe Sports Center hold a general meeting?
67. How will the center choose someone to repair the tennis courts?
68. Why will Jennifer Martin be unable to attend the meeting?
69. Which of the following statements about rentals is correct?
70. What problem has the sports center been having?

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