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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


7. What are the speakers discussing?
8. When will the new building be completed?
9. Why does the man recommend extending the rental contract?
10. What did the man forget?
11. Look at the graphic. Which service is the man most interested in?
12. According to the woman, what is the man unable to receive?
13. What are the man and woman discussing?
14. Which of the following does the woman admire?
15. What does the man say he will do?


16. How many bedrooms does the man's house have?
17. What is true about the man?
18. What is close to the man's house?
19. What is the purpose of the message?
20. What does the speaker ask the listener to do?
21. Look at the graphic. Which quantity on the invoice has to be updated?
22. What type of business is Lifan Industries?
23. Why does the speaker say, "But that's not our final goal"?
24. What most likely will happen next?


25. Visitors are asked to turn off their electronic devices when _____ the laboratory.
26. Employees working on an incentive-based contract are more efficient than _____ who are salaried and locked into a one-year term.
27. Ms. Walters was _____ to make a presentation on how to increase revenue when I entered the room.
28. Please read the instruction as _____ as possible.
29. The unions requested that they be offered _____ pay increases equaling about 40.000 dollars a year.
30. When you look at the modern office today you could compare the changes with those that took place in the industrial _____ in the 19th century.
31. What would you say to a member of your staff who always _____ his work in late?
32. Over half of the city's population has experienced at least one power _____ as a result of the violent storm.


Questions 33 - 35:

Reading text:

Concert by New York Symphony

The New York Symphony Orchestra is internationally recognized as having achieved a top place among prominent orchestras.

The NYSO will make musical history next week on October 10, 2007. An official announcement _____(1) by Maria Simpson, the former music director, yesterday.

Singers and Actors will also be able to have the opportunity to perform in full production, accompanied _____(2) the famous orchestra and presented at the Shore Theater.

Purchasing tickets early is _____(3), because many fans are expected to undoubtedly rush to the concert.

33. (1)
34. (2)
35. (3)


Questions 36 - 37:

Reading text:

The exclusive Montgomery Cafe, located on the first floor of the Gold Star Hotel, is the highest rated cafe in Deville City. The cafe offers only the finest coffee, which is imported once a month from Italy. You can choose from thirty different flavors of coffee, including French Vanilla, Mocha, Raspberry, and Hazelnut. At Montgomery Cafe, we believe that making coffee is an art. All of our new staff members are required to attend an intensive program where they learn how to prepare gourmet coffee. In addition to coffee, the Montgomery Cafe offers the following services:

. A daily selection of gourmet baked goods
. Free Internet access (must spend a minimum of $5.00 at the cafe)
. Fresh ground coffee to take home
. A range of coffee machines and accessories
. Coffee-making classes (applications available at the register)

36. According to the advertisement, what must the cafe's new employees do?
37. What is NOT being offered in the cafe?
Questions 38 - 39:

Reading text:

Airport Expansion in the Works

FORT REGINALD - The Fort Reginald Ministry of Transportation is currently finalizing plans to expand Mirabel International Airport. According to sources, a minimum of 142 million Euro, more than half coming from overseas investment, is to be earmarked for the project. The Ministry cites the steady increase in air traffic and the deregulation of air transport as the major factors that have led to the elaboration of a project for the expansion and modernization of the current airport.

The main feature of the project will be a major new addition to the terminal, to be designed by the architect Santiago Cervantes. This will expand the total size of the air terminal to cover an area of 25,000 square meters, including five additional gates, and experts estimate it will be capable to handle 2.5 million passengers per year. The groundbreaking ceremony is slated for early this September, and construction is expected to be completed in about 18 months.

38. Where will the largest portion of the funding for the expansion come from?
39. What is NOT part of the proposed plan for the airport?


Questions 40 - 44:

Reading text 1:

Advanced Financial
244 Harbor Rd.
Portland, ME

June 22, 2007

Dear Mr. Benson,

I have written to you several times over the past two months requesting an explanation on why you have failed to bring your account with us up-to-date.

By ignoring these requests, you are damaging the excellent credit record you had previously maintained with our company. In addition, every month that you fail to pay your account, you receive a $25 late payment fee. As of the date of this letter, your account balance is $235.04.

Unless I hear from you within ten days, I will have no other choice but to turn your account over to a debt collection agency. I am sorry that we must take such drastic action but I am afraid you leave us no choice. You can preserve your credit rating by sending us a check for the amount stated above.


Ross Gunter
Director of Accounting
Advanced Financial

Reading text 2:

Advanced Financial
244 Harbor Rd.
Portland, ME

July 8, 2007

Dear Mr. Benson

Thank you for your letter. You deserve an explanation for what went wrong in our accounting department, and I hope that this letter will help resolve our recent error. It has taken a lot of time to find out what happened, so please accept our apologies for the delay in this response.

A thorough look at our records revealed that we did receive your April payment on time, as you stated in your letter of June 25. However, it was credited to an account which bears a similar name to yours. Therefore, we began sending you our standard notices requesting payment, in keeping with our routine policy.

I am sorry for all the distress we have caused you. You have been a valued customer of ours for a long time and we appreciate your understanding. To express our sincerest apologies, we would like to send you a $175 gift certificate to The Wilson Spa and Massage Center.


Ross Gunter
Director of Accounting,
Advanced Financial

40. What is the purpose of the first letter?
41. In the first letter the word "drastic" in paragraph 3, is closest in meaning to
42. What problem did the accounting department discover?
43. How does the company apologize for their mistakes?
44. What can be inferred about Mr. Benson?
Questions 45 - 49:

Reading text 1:

Port Royal Cruises!
An unforgettable adventure in historic Jamaica!

Have the adventure of a lifetime by taking a cruise on an incredible replica of an actual pirate ship! Departing on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from beautiful Port Royal, Jamaica, the H.M.S. Lady Blackbeard travels to numerous sites of interest! Featuring gourmet meals and beverages, the ship has a dining room, lounge, bar, and café. And the itinerary also includes a deck party with a buffet meal created by popular chef, Elijah Bolt. The vessel can accommodate up to 110 passengers, and rooms are equipped with private bathroom facilities and televisions. Tickets are just $450 per person for a two-night cruise, including three daily meals. The ship is also available for lease for corporate or private functions. To inquire about trip details or to view images of the ship and its facilities, visit

Reading text 2:

TO Evan Baughman
FROM Rayleen Webb
SUBJECT Re: Post-conference activity
DATE April 30


I checked the Port Royal Cruises Web site you mentioned. I agree that it would be a fun activity for those of us from the company attending the conference in Jamaica in June. I contacted the company to find out about renting the ship, and the cost is $7,500 per day including meals, staff, accommodation, and tours. So, a two-day rental would fall within our budget. We could depart on Friday and be back in Port Royal on Sunday morning, in time for our return flights to Edmonton in the afternoon.

If needed, the ship has audiovisual equipment we can use, and Internet access is available. It also has a paid laundry service, and the cruise line's bus can pick us up at the Mont Drake Resort where the conference is taking place.

I'll proceed with the booking once you give me your consent.


Reading text 3:

Port Royal Cruises
Your comments are very important to us...

Please take a few moments to comment on your trip with Port Royal Cruises! The feedback we collect will be used to improve services and facilities. Your details will not be shared with any third party. After completing this card, please visit the reception desk on the ship or our administrative office to hand it in.

1. How did you learn about Port Royal Cruises?
It was recommended to me by a colleague.

2. Would you recommend a cruise with us to your friends?
Yes, as well as companies hosting events.

3. What were the best aspects of your trip?
Great onboard facilities, helpful staff, fun sites, excellent gourmet menu from Elijah Bolt, and comfortable lounge.

4. How could your trip have been better?
The laundry service could have been better. Some of my clothes came back wrinkled. Also, the shuttle bus could have been less crowded.

5. Would you like to receive regular e-mail newsletters from Port Royal Cruises? YES ☐ NO ☑

NAME: Reyleen Webb
DATE OF TOUR: June 26-27

45. What does Ms. Webb suggest about the cruise she took?
46. What is mentioned about the H.M.S. Lady Blackbeard?
47. What is the purpose of the e-mail?
48. What is indicated about the comment card?
49. What did Ms. Webb most likely have to do?

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