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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


6. What problem does the man mention?
7. What does the woman suggest?
8. Why does the man say, "I was in Richmond"?
9. What are the speakers discussing?
10. Who is Ms. Green?
11. What will the man most likely do next?
12. Where do they most likely work?
13. Where is Linda?
14. Who will most likely work on the stand?


15. Where would this announcement be heard?
16. Who is speaking?
17. What can be seen from the window?
18. What is the main purpose of the announcement?
19. What should listeners do once they have tickets?
20. What is scheduled to happen at 9:15?


21. To ensure prompt return of your laundry, _____ your hotel room number on the tag provided.
22. If you want to purchase a lower priced ticket, either contact us through regular mail _____ call our hotline and then we will send you an application immediately.
23. A smartphone is an electronic _____ that is used for much more than just making hone calls.
24. The customer service department is responsible for fulfilling _____ from the public and has to forward them to the chief financial officer.
25. The Sherman Act applies to all transactions and business involved in _____ commerce.
26. The technology, however, never lived up to its hype and communications fell back to old _____ : the intranet and e-mail.


Questions 27 - 30:

Reading text:

To: Denise Brooks (
From: Nelson Lee (
Subject: Acton
Date: January 18

Hello Denise,

As you know, I have an appointment with a potential client from Acton, the firm interested in purchasing our computer components on a regular basis. Since the meeting will take place in a few days, I have been hard at work trying to finalize a sales _____(1).

However, I seem to have misplaced the copy that I printed out. Although I have the file on my hard drive, the printed one is especially important because I wrote some notes on it. _____(2). Could you please check whether the draft was filed away by mistake? _____(3) I can get that particular copy back, I’ll have to go over the one I have and make notes again. It’s essential that we secure the Acton as a _____(4), so I would really appreciate it if you could locate the missing document for me. Thank you.

Nelson Lee

27. (1)
28. (2)
29. (3)
30. (4)


Questions 31 - 32:

Reading text:

Gary Perkins [1:25 P.M.]
Allie, when is your vacation to Cancun? Will you still be out of town on the 18th?


Allie Chen [1:27 P.M.]
Yes, I'll be gone for four days from the 16th to the 19th. Is something the matter?


Gary Perkins [1:28 P.M.]
We have a speaker coming to give a lecture here on the 18th, and I'm checking to see who can help out given that it's a Sunday.


Gary Perkins [1:29 P.M.]
So far, I've already recruited enough volunteers to handle the banquet and the decorations. I'll be picking up the speaker myself, so we just need people to help set up the stage.


Allie Chen [1:29 P.M.]
I see. I'm sorry I can't lend a hand.


Gary Perkins [1:31 P.M.]
No worries. There are still plenty of people I can ask. Someone's bound to be free.


Allie Chen [1:34 P.M.]
If I remember correctly, Ms. Farley should be back from her vacation on the 13th.


Gary Perkins [1:35 P.M.]
Is that so? I'll message her later. Thanks, Allie.

31. At 1:31 P.M., what does Mr. Perkins mean when he writes, "No worries"?
32. What is suggested about Ms. Farley?
Questions 33 - 37:

Reading text:

April 1, 20--

Mr. Roger Earnshaw
2943 Northern Boulevard

Dear Mr. Earnshaw,

Enclosed are your completed tax forms, which I have prepared for you at your request. I am sorry to report that you will not receive the $500 refund that you expected. Instead my calculations show that you owe $450 in taxes as well as an additional penalty of $45 for under-payment of taxes. The reason for this is that you and your spouse have chosen not to file your taxes jointly this year. You may want to reconsider this for the future since, as you can see it is more costly for married couples to file separately. If you and your spouse wish to continue to file separately, you may want to ask your employer to withhold a greater amount from your paychecks so that you don't end up owing money again next year. This will be even more important if you get the salary increase that you have been hoping for.

Write out a check for the taxes that you still owe and the penalty and mail it together with your tax forms before the April 15 deadline. Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.


Kathleen O'Hara

33. Who wrote the letter?
34. What is the total amount that Mr. Earnshaw owes?
35. What does Ms. O'Hara recommend to Mr. Earnshaw to improve his tax situation?
36. The word "jointly" in closest in meaning to
37. The word "deadline" is closest in meaning to


Questions 38 - 42:

Reading text 1:

To: Adam Johansson
From: Kristina Hausmann
Date: February 17
Subject: Urgent event update

Dear Mr. Johansson,

There are some changes to the schedule for tonight's fundraising event. Professor Trevelyan's flight from San Francisco has been delayed. He will not be able to arrive at the venue in time to speak during his original time slot. So, we will serve dinner 20 minutes early, and Mr. Trevelyan can speak immediately after. Now, the schedule has already been sent out, and we have no time to reprint it anyway. Consequently, it would be good if you could briefly mention these changes when you give your talk.

I'll be at the venue in about 15 minutes to make sure preparations are going smoothly and to meet with the caterers and help them set up. If you have any questions, call me at 555-7246.

Best wishes,
Kristina Hausmann

Reading text 2:

Helping Houses
Homeless Shelter Fundraising Event

February 17

7:15 P.M. Opening remarks will be given by Adam Johansson, director of Helping Houses.
7:30 P.M. Performance: The Denver Public Schools Choir will sing several songs, including pop, classical, and gospel numbers.
8:00 P.M. Talk: Professor John Trevelyan of Bay Area University will discuss the impacts of homelessness on society and why social and financial support is so urgently needed.
8:20 P.M. Dinner and dessert will be served.
9:30 P.M. Charity auction: Some of our lots this year include a two-night stay at the Carruthers Hotel, brand-new tablet computers donated by the Delft Corporation, and a signed jersey from the Colorado Coyotes baseball team.
10:15 P.M. Performance: Comedian Darren Benedict will do a stand-up routine for guests.
10:40 P.M. Performance: Singer-songwriter Kate Barton will treat us to some music from her new album, A Murmur In Time.
11:00 P.M. Denver mayor Tania Groot will deliver brief closing remarks.

Reading text 3:

Event Raises Funds for a Good Cause

During a fundraiser held at the Carruthers Hotel over the weekend, invited guests donated close to $25,000 for the continued operation of Helping Houses. Established 24 years ago, the organization has assisted homeless around the region in finding food, accommodation, counseling, and employment. Guests were presented with short talks, a selection of performances, and a banquet dinner. Mayor Tania Groot, who was in attendance, said, "It is our duty as a community to care for those less fortunate." She also presented the director of Helping Houses with a check from the city for an additional donation of $15,000. Corporate and private donations are still being accepted and can be made by visiting

38. According to the e-mail, what will Ms. Hausmann do next?
39. What most likely happened during the fundraising event?
40. In the article, the word "duty" is closest in meaning to
41. What was included in an auction?
42. What is indicated about Helping Houses?

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