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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


5. Where is this conversation taking place?
6. Why is the man visiting Vancouver?
7. How long will the man stay in Vancouver?


8. What kind of business is Ralph's?
9. What is the main focus of this announcement?
10. Whom can a customer ask for recipes?


11. The applications submitted will be accepted _____ accompanied by photo identification.
12. All fashion _____ have a limited life span.
13. A processing fee of $3. 00 will be added to _____ received by telephone.


Questions 14 - 16:

Reading text:

Melissa Broestl

916 Windy Way

Cottonwood, Australia

Dear Melissa,

Thank you so much for giving me your ticket to the Dana Gallery art show last night. I was able to _____(1) the event with some friends, and we had a great time.

As you know, the featured artist was the sculptor Teresa Friedman. She is from Cottonwood, and she has become quite famous for the unique style of shapes and the unusual _____(2) she uses. Her collection of figures made from roofing nails was particularly striking.

I wish you could have been there to enjoy the show with us. Mr. Constantine, the gallery owner, told me to give you his regards. I was unaware the two of you have known each other for more than twenty years.

Thanks again for the ticket, Melissa. I hope I can return the _____(3) in the future.


Zach DeLorm

14. (1)
15. (2)
16. (3)


Questions 17 - 21:

Reading text:

Don't miss the Yorktown Festival of Food. This exciting annual event will take place May 10-16 at the Yorktown Fairgrounds. * Over 100 local restaurants will participate. Which are the best restaurants in town? You be the judge! The price of admission includes:

- Samples of food from all participating restaurants
- Cooking demonstrations by local chefs
- Copies of recipes of some of Yorktown's favorite dishes, including ingredients lists and preparation instructions
- A free Festival of Food chef's hat and apron

Fifty festival ticket holders will be randomly selected to enjoy a meal especially prepared for the festival by world-renowned chef Jean Pierre de la Farge, director of the Paris School of Cuisine. You could be one of them! Get your tickets today. An unforgettable experience is guaranteed.

Tickets are available at all participating restaurants and at the Yorktown Office of Tourism. Ticket prices are $15/day or $50 for the entire week.

* If rain is predicted, the event will take place in the Yorktown Sports Arena.

17. How often does the festival take place?
18. What can people do at the festival?
19. What will 50 people win?
20. The word "randomly" is closest in meaning to
21. The word "predicted" is closest in meaning to


Questions 22 - 26:

Reading text 1:

Welcome to the Bernardo Mall

To ensure a pleasant and safe experience for all visitors, the Bernardo Mall’s parking policy must be strictly abided by and will be enforced at all times. Please read the following rules and instructions carefully:

• All parking is on a first-come, first-served basis. Park in designated spaces only. The Wells Zone, the parking space for large vehicles, such as trucks, buses, or vans, is located next to Carpe Diem, a toy store. All other types of vehicles should be parked in the Pedro Zone, located near the west wing of the mall.

• Parking is complimentary for the first half an hour for all visitors. Afterward, a rate of $2 per hour will apply. Visitors who spend more than $20 at the Bernardo Mall will have their parking fee waived. The receipts must be shown at each gate when leaving. Although we share parking spaces with several restaurants near the Bernardo Mall, restaurant receipts are not accepted.

Parking is available during the Bernardo Mall’s operating hours, 10:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M., throughout the year.

• Contact the Bernardo Mall at for any inquiries, requests, or complaints.

Reading text 2:

From: Charles Arana (
Date: March 20
Subject: Bernardo Mall Parking
ATTACHMENT: Parking Receipt (215117648)

To Whom It May Concern,

Yesterday, my son and I visited the Bernardo Mall and had a meal at Chips and Tacos, the restaurant located next to the mall. Upon leaving the mall, I was charged a fee of $5.73 for parking. I had not expected this as I think I had been informed that those who spend more than $20 will be exempt from paying the parking fee. Even though I did not buy anything at the mall, I spent far more than $30 at the restaurant. I was too busy to explain everything to the employee at Gate #5 at the time, but I hope I can be refunded for this error.

Thank you,

Charles Arana

Reading text 3:


Bernardo Mall Parking Lot
Receipt Number: 215117648

Parking Location Wells Zone Slot Number B07
Date/Time of
March 19, 3:19 P.M. Date/Time of Departure March 19, 6:41 P.M.


Receipt?  NO Discount? NO
Amount Due $5.73 Hours of Use 3 hrs and 22 min
Amount Paid $5.73 Payment Type Cash

Thank you and drive safely!

22. What is implied about the Bernardo Mall?
23. What is indicated about the parking lot Mr. Arana used on March 19?
24. Why will Mr. Arana be unable to receive a refund?
25. In the e-mail, the word "far" is closest in meaning to
26. What is NOT true about Mr. Arana?

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