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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


4. Who is most likely listening to this speech?
5. What is the main purpose of the speech?
6. What will the speaker probably talk about next?


7. If our health care provider has instructed all employees to be treated, _____ in our company should receive treatment at the same time to prevent re-infection.
8. We need to take a physical count to _____ the numbers in the computer.
9. Participating in public-service _____ is just one of many ways companies can improve their company image and bring unity among their employees.


Questions 10 - 12:

Reading text:

From: Andrei Shevkov

To: Book Club

Re: Book reading

Hi, everyone,

I'm writing to let you all know that renowned author Carl Brandon _____(1) a book reading at Halton Bookstore on Friday night.

The reading is supposed to begin at 8 o'clock, and it should last about 30 minutes. Mr. Brandon will entertain the audience with _____(2) from his latest novel, entitled Under the Cover of Darkness. He will also be available after the reading for a brief group discussion.

I think this could be a really interesting event to participate in, and I'm sure we could all learn a lot from it. _____(3), I suggest that we convene on Friday night instead of holding our book club meeting on Wednesday. I hope you are all okay with this proposed change of schedule. If not, please get in touch with me so that we can make alternative arrangements.



10. (1)
11. (2)
12. (3)


Questions 13 - 15:

Reading text:

Shangwan Corp.
211 Orchard Street

March 14, 2008

Attn: Mr. Andrew Han
Sales Manager
Evergreen Light Bulbs
4-16 Hill Road
Hong Kong

Dear Mr. Han,

Re: Order No. 768197

I regret to inform you that there is a problem with the order we placed recently. On March 7, 2008, we requested an order for 20,000 long-lasting light bulls. After receiving the shipment, we realized that only 2,000 of them had been shipped.

This discrepancy has caused our company substantial trouble since we had to make an urgent purchase to fill the orders our own customers made.

Please satisfy the missing portion of the order immediately, and make sure that this type of mistake never happens again. Otherwise, we will have no other choice but to turn to other suppliers.

I look forward to reading your response.

Yours sincerely,


T. Leung
Purchasing Officer

13. What is the purpose of the letter?
14. What is stated as a problem?
15. What does T. Leung ask Evergreen Light Bulbs to do?


Questions 16 - 20: refer to the following letter and form.

Reading text 1:

Santos Office Cleaners
112 Main St.
Windsor, Ontario

December 15, 20--

Mr. James Harrison
17 Hartland Road
Windsor, Ontario

Dear Mr. Harrison,

We are very sorry that you have decided to cancel your cleaning service contract with us. In order to assure that we provide our customers with the best possible service, we always try to determine the reasons for contract cancellations. Please take a few minutes to fill out the enclosed form. This is for our information only; completing the form does not obligate you to buy any product or enter into any new agreement with our company. We appreciate your cooperation. If at any time in the future you decide to renew your contract with us, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Rosa Santos

Reading text 2:

Santos Office Cleaners
Customer Questionnaire

Date contract signed: March 23, 20--

Type of facility:
single office
office building
private home

Frequency of service:

Reason for contract cancellation (choose one):
no longer need service
signed contract with a different company
payment dispute not satisfactorily resolved
specific complaint not resolved

Comments: I was always satisfied with the service provided by your employees. However, I am frustrated by your inability to resole the payment issues.

16. What is the purpose of the letter?
17. What is Ms. Santos's business?
18. Why did this customer cancel the contract?
19. The word "assure" in letter one is closest in meaning to
20. The word "specific" in form two is closest in meaning to

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