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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


5. Where is the conversation taking place?
6. Why is the man worried?
7. What does the woman suggest?


8. What is the announcement mainly about?
9. What does Jay Kim offer to do?
10. What does the speaker mean when he says, "Twenty minutes should be enough"?


11. _____ Doctor William will give a speech at the Remond Hotel remains undecided.
12. According to a new policy, overnight camping in all national parks is no longer _____
13. Though far from _____, the study conducted by The Caratini Business Center identifies some of the issues affecting business decisions in small companies.


Questions 14 - 16:

Reading text:

Dear Mr. Wilcox,

Your lease for the office you _____(1) at 121 North Main Street will expire next month.

I will be very happy to have you renew the lease if you desire. You have occupied that space for a _____(2), and during those ten years you have always been a reliable tenant.

Unfortunately, _____(3) to rising costs everywhere, I will have to raise the rent on that space by 20 percent.

I hope this won't cause you any hardship. Please let me know if you are still interested in renewing the lease, and I will have my assistant send one over to you.


Amanda Brightwood

14. (1)
15. (2)
16. (3)


Questions 17 - 20:

Reading text:

Nathan Chen 6:03 P.M.
Kacey Co.’s brand-launching show in England will take place next month! This London launching show is highly anticipated by the board due to the huge success of our brand launching in Norway last year. How are things going?


Douglas Stanfield 6:06 P.M.
We received the fragrance collection from our factory in India and it is ready for display. Now, we are waiting for the new Kacey’s skincare line to arrive from Germany.


Sajan Calen 6:10 P.M.
There will be a slight delay in the shipments.


Sajan Calen 6:12 P.M.
A severe rainstorm here has been going on for a few days, and no overseas transportation is operational. The good news is that all the products are safely packed and ready to go.


Douglas Stanfield 6:15 P.M.
Will this affect our brand-launching party schedule?


Sajan Calen 6:16 P.M.
It most likely won’t because there is still a month left until the grand opening, and the storm will pass in a couple of days.


Nathan Chen 6:18 P.M.
That is nice to hear.


Douglas Stanfield 6:20 P.M.
Mr. Calen, please keep me updated on all the shipping information.


Sajan Calen 6:23 P.M.
Of course. I will let you know as soon as possible.

17. What kind of company is Kacey Co.?
18. What has delayed the shipping of some display items?
19. Where does Mr. Calen work?
20. At 6:18 P.M., what does Mr. Chen mean when he writes, “That is nice to hear”?


Questions 21 - 24:

Reading text 1:

To: All life guards
From: Beachside City Council
Re: Beach rules and competition

The summer season is nearly here, so we would like to remind you about the beach rules. We will put this sign up at every beach. All life guards must keep a copy of the rules in their life-saving kit. Also, we will have a volleyball competition every day this summer. Please do not watch the competition. Keep your eyes on the sea.
Have a great summer!

Reading text 2:

Open: May 31st - August 31st
10:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.

. Special volleyball competition between 2:00 and 5:00
. First prize - $200
. All entrants must be over sixteen years old.
. Each team must have two players.
. Each team must have one male and one female.

No animals.
No camping.
No glass bottles.
No cars or motorcycles.
Children under eight years must be with an adult.

21. When is the beach NOT open?
22. Who shouldn't go alone to the beach?
23. Which team would be allowed to play in the competition?
24. Which of the following is NOT true?

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