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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


4. Who is Peter?
5. Which of the following sentences is NOT true?
6. How many people live in Peter's house?
7. According to the man, what is the maximum loan period?
8. Look at the graphic. Which book will arrive in September?
9. What will the man most likely do next?


10. What did the listener do on Thursday?
11. What was the CEO impressed with?
12. What does the speaker mean when she says, "the current manager will be retiring in three weeks"?


13. Business owners should think about what _____ can do for the public.
14. We had to hire more than 30 sales personnel last month _____ we have noticed a strong demand for our new products.
15. A good team leader must be able to _____ his colleagues to face the challenge of a downturn in business.
16. In order to make a sensible _____ among the different vacuum cleaners available, it is important to do some research.
17. Ms. Claire has informed us that she will leave her post as interim editor-in-chief in December _____ the committee offers her permanent position.


Questions 18 - 21:

Reading text:

TO: Tara Fanning (
FROM: Sarah Monaco (
DATE: January 30
SUBJECT: E-mail order request

Dear Ms. Fanning,

A colleague of mine gave me some samples of your lotion and cream, and after trying them, I realized that your products are just what I need.

I understand that you _____(1) your Beauty Deep skin care products door-to-door. However, I’d like to know if they’re available any other way. Specifically, I’d like to purchase your deep moisturizing lotion online and have it delivered to my home. _____(2), I'd like a tube of your exceptional eye cream. This cream put _____(3) back into the skin around my eyes. The other creams I’ve used do not do that. _____(4).

Please let me know if you process online orders. If you do, I will send a complete order with my billing and shipping information. Thank you!

Best Regards,
Sarah Monaco

18. (1)
19. (2)
20. (3)
21. (4)


Questions 22 - 25:

Reading text:

Starting Up
A Foreword by Michael Lawman

Starting Up is Anne Schubert's first nonfiction publication, tracing the events in her life that led her to become a successful businessperson. Schubert reminds us through her compelling life story that creating a start-up company is not something that one can do without planning. -[1-. Sufficient time and hard work are both necessary to make one's own business profitable, and the process of how to do that is outlined in detail throughout this book.

Schubert discusses how even from a young age she had always thought herself something of an inventor. Trying to come up with original products that others would find useful in their daily lives gave her inspiration. -[2]-. She also had to overcome the multiple challenges that go along with promoting a new product and ultimately landed contracts to supply Venus Footwear and Constant Sports Equipment.

And it didn't take Schubert long to open a start-up company in Seattle called Swift World, which eventually led to her becoming CEO of Swift Enterprises International. Now with over 280 shoe stores across six different countries, we learn in the book how Schubert came from nearly nothing and developed Swift Enterprises into one of the nation's most lucrative retailers. -[3]-.

Not only is Starting Up incredibly insightful and educational for entrepreneurs, but it is an entertaining read with lots of personal stories about the highly competitive world of product development and retail. I've been fortunate enough to be Schubert's professional peer for many years and have benefitted a lot from her insight and intuition. -[4]-. Now, with Starting Up, you too can have a look inside Schubert's world of start-up success.

22. What is stated about Starting Up?
23. What is mentioned about Swift World?
24. What is suggested about Ms. Schubert?
25. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong? "However, she learned quickly that idea creation alone was simply not enough to bring a product to market."


Questions 26 - 30:

Reading text 1:

To: All company staff
From: Claude Dubois, Personnel Manager
Re: Annual Awards Ceremony

It is time to start getting ready for the company's annual awards ceremony. It will take place at the Merrimack Hotel on Friday, November 10. Up to 15 staff members will receive awards from the company president that evening. We look to you, our company staff, to help us select deserving award recipients. Please send in your nominations for colleagues who you think merit the recognition of an award. Obviously, we would like to see names of people who have contributed more than average to the company. Send me your nominations by e-mail before October 15 so that we can have the list finalized before November 5.
Thank you.

Reading text 2:

Subject: nomination

Hi Claude,

I would like to nominate my coworker, Janet McGhee, assistant manager of the research department, for an award. Her dedication to her job is far above average. She always works long hours to make sure she gets her job done. If she is working on an important project, she will come into the office on weekends if she thinks it's necessary to completing her job on time. The rest of us in the department always look to Janet as an example of how to get a job done right. If anyone deserves the recognition of an award for loyalty and dedication, it's Janet. I hope you will consider her as an award recipient.

Thank you


26. When will the awards ceremony be held?
27. Who will suggest award recipients?
28. Why does Marilyn Freeland think Janet McGhee deserves an award?
29. The word "Obviously" of the memo is closest in meaning to
30. The word "dedication" of the e-mail is closest in meaning to

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