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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


7. What are they talking about?
8. What will the company probably do?
9. What does the woman say about TV commercials?
10. Why does the woman plan to buy Orange Blast soda?
11. Look at the graphic. Which ingredient is the man trying to avoid?
12. What does the man request the woman do?
13. What problem do the speakers have?
14. Who will collect tickets at the dance?
15. Where will the dance likely take place?


16. What does Pablo enjoy about Korea?
17. What is Pablo studying?
18. Where is he going next and when?
19. How long has the speaker been working at the zoo?
20. What does the speaker like to do during her lunch break?
21. What is the speaker's favorite animal?
22. What does the speaker mention about the information booth?
23. Which month will the company offer a discount?
24. Look at the graphic. Which stop will be temporarily inaccessible?


25. Production of recreational vehicles _____ significantly low this month.
26. For those experiencing difficulties with Internet access, technical support is available _____ the day.
27. I am pleased to be able to offer my thoughts and opinions regarding the services your company, Sunscape Gardening, has provided me _____ this summer.
28. The new managing director _____ a more effective management structure.
29. The _____ size of the memory card in mobile phones which feature a built-in camera will allow users to save hundreds of images.
30. Please note that any changes to your reservation should be made at least three days prior to your _____ at the hotel.
31. It is important to understand what motivates a micromanager to command and control, even if it is _____
32. She provided the judge with _____ evidence in support of the case.


Questions 33 - 36:

Reading text:

Notice for All Staff

The shopping mall our store is located in will be closed from December 24 to 26. _____(1), some of you will be coming in on December 24 to set up for our post-holiday sale. The guard who usually opens the mall doors in the morning is off duty during this time. _____(2). Daniel Monahan is the most senior staff member, so I will give it to him, and he will let everyone inside.

It is vital that you _____(3) Daniel at the entrance at exactly 10 am. We don't want to waste time making him go back and forth to open the doors, so please be considerate and arrive as _____(4) as you can.

Thank you for your understanding.

Alison Culpepper
Store manager

33. (1)
34. (2)
35. (3)
36. (4)


Questions 37 - 39:

Reading text:

Renfrew Gymnasium: For all Members

At Renfrew Gymnasium, we always do our best to ensure that you have a pleasant and safe visit. To that end, we would like to remind all members about our policies regarding personal items. -[1]-.

The gym provides lockers in the changing rooms to store your possessions while you work out. However, please do not leave highly valuable items in your lockers for security reasons. Renfrew Gymnasium is not responsible for the loss of any items left in lockers. -[2]-. You may leave valuables with our front desk staff, who will put them in a safety deposit box. -[3]-.

Should you lose any belongings during your visit, please notify a staff member at the front desk. You may also ask them to see if anyone has turned your item in to the lost-and-found.

-[4]-. Thank you for your cooperation in these matters, and speak to one of our helpful employees should you have any questions or concerns.


37. What is the purpose of the notice?
38. According to the notice, what should gym users do when reporting a loss?
39. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong? "They will provide you with a ticket which must be presented to retrieve your stored items."
Questions 40 - 42:

Reading text:

Symposium to Stress Importance of Contemporary Art.
April 13-16

The Braker University art department is pleased to announce its annual Art Symposium schedule. This year, guest lecturers will focus on the significance of contemporary art in urban design. The four-day symposium will feature both artists and urban developers from around North America. The focal point of the event is the impact of art within our community, the trend of developers to include contemporary art in their community design along with facts and figures regarding community pride among residents with and without featured artwork. Specifics of each lecture or event can be obtained by looking at the Braker University Web site, All lectures and presentations will be held by the O.R. Morrisey Center at the North entrance of the University from 2:00 - 8:00 p.m. each day. A meet and greet with speakers and presenters will be held on Saturday April 16 at 8:00 p.m. Admission to all events is free, but donations are requested. All proceeds will benefit the Braker University art department. Seating is limited, so guests are advised to reserve tickets by contacting the O.R Morrisey Center box office by calling 768-9057 on weekdays between the hours of 9:00-11:00 a.m.

40. What is the speakers talking about?
41. Why should someone go to the university Web site?
42. When will guests have the opportunity to talk with an artist?


Questions 43 - 47:

Reading text 1:

12th Green Technology Conference
Thursday, June 9 | Singapore Convention Hall, Room A
Hosted by the Green Technology Association

Program Outline

12:30 P.M. Registration
1:00 P.M. Welcome address
Speaker: Ellen Matsushita, Chair, Green Technology Association
1:30 P.M. Keynote address
Speaker: Harold Baker, President, Greentrade Technologies
2:00 P.M. Industry outlook
Speaker: Jeremy Porter, Managing Director, Green Research Institute
2:30 P.M. Wind, solar, and biomass power
Speaker: Nathan Chaudry, CEO, Leaftech international
3:00 P.M. Coffee break
3:30 P.M. New applications in green technology
Speaker: Thomas Keng, Chair, Environmental Research Group
4:00 P.M. Panel discussion: Financing green projects
Moderator: Barbara Woodbine, CFO. Global Lending
5:00 P.M. Closing remarks
Speaker: Sylvia Klein, president, European Green Initiative

Reading text 2:

To: Eduardo Ferrer
From: Ellen Matsushita
Date: May 14
Subject: Re: Conference program

There are a few additional changes to make. As it turns out, the president of Greentrade Technologies is unavailable. Instead, we will have Dr. Connor Aromdee from Thailand University. In addition, Ms. Woodbine from Global Lending will be leaving the conference early, so she cannot moderate the panel discussion. She suggested that we invite the minister of the Singapore Economic Development Board to take her place. I have contacted him, and he has accepted the invitation. If there are any other changes to make, I'll let you know in the morning. After that, the program will be finalized.


Reading text 3:

Business Bulletin

Singapore, June 11 — The Green Technology Association (GTA) recently held its 12th Green Technology Conference at the Singapore Convention Hall. The heads of several organizations playing a critical role in the development of green technologies around the world were in attendance. According to speaker Jeremy Porter of the Green Research Institute, the outlook for the industry appears stable despite politicians in some nations who are holding back the use of green technologies. GTA chair Ellen Matsushita was equally hopeful, citing insightful comments from the minister of the Singapore Economic Development Board, David Mah. Download a full report on the talks and material presented at the conference by visiting the organization's Web site at

43. What has NOT been scheduled for the conference?
44. What time did Dr. Aromdee most likely speak?
45. What does the article mention about green technology?
46. In the article, the word "critical" is closest in meaning to
47. What is indicated about David Mah?
Questions 48 - 52:

Reading text 1:

From: Sallyday@tinynet.come
Subject: Free courses
Date: August 3 2006

Dear Sir,

I work in the Foothills Community College canteen, and I recently heard about free courses offered by the college. Is it true that all full-time staff can apply for these courses? I have been working here since the middle of June, and I am very interested in studying. Please send me further information about these course and the application process.

Thank you for your assistance.

Sally Day

Reading text 2:

Subject: Re: free courses
Date: August 4 2006

Dear Sally,

Here is our free course online information brochure:
Foothills Community College is now pleased to offer free college courses to all of its full-time staff and faculty. Funding for these courses has been provided by the State of Oregon and is available to all full-time staff and faculty who have been working at the college for at least three months. To register for classes:

1. Obtain a class request from the department secretary.
2. Make sure your classes do not interfere with your normal work schedule.
3. Present your selections to your supervisor and obtain his or her signature.
4. Register for your classes online through the college website.
5. When you are asked for payment method, enter your departmental code. Your confirmation for registration will be sent to your email account within one working day.

48. Why did Sally send an email to the community college?
49. Which of the following is NOT true?
50. How can a person register for classes?
51. According to the second step, what must applicants do?
52. What must applicants receive from their supervisors?

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