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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


6. What was the man missing?
7. Who borrowed the missing item?
8. What can be said about Natalya?
9. What are the speakers mainly discussing?
10. How did the woman learn of the plans for the plant?
11. What worries the man about the new plant?
12. What is required for all new purchases?
13. What is the purpose of this requirement?
14. What is the woman's opinion of this requirement?


15. What is the announcement mainly about?
16. What is mentioned about the exhibit hall?
17. Why does the speaker say, "Mr. Donner is making preparations"?
18. What is the purpose of the call?
19. What does the speaker mean when she says, "I think he needs to visit my home again"?
20. What does the speaker want to discuss?


21. Three hours _____ too short a time for us to talk about this matter.
22. A world-renowned economist _____ that except for the euro, currencies around the world will continue to devalue.
23. Drevno flooring products are designed for _____ in industrial settings.
24. Following some recent research, our engineers _____ that our index system has scope for fast improvement.
25. Millet has a variety of _____ with outdoor seating to fit your tastes and budget.
26. Real estate agents and brokers act as _____ in price negotiations between buyers and sellers.


Questions 27 - 30:

Reading text:

To: HR Associates From: Vincent Busch Subject: Office heating

Attention HR associates,

As you all know, the heating in our office building broke this morning. It's getting _____(1) too cold for our employees to actually focus on their work. More importantly, I'm worried that if any clients come to visit us while the heating system is broken, they might get a very poor _____(2) of our company. Since the heating system is still under warranty, I contacted the manufacturer. I _____(3) that a repairperson will be sent free of charge, but will not be able to come until Monday afternoon. To avoid any problems I previously mentioned, I am giving everyone permission to work from home on Monday. _____(4). Please inform all of the employees to stay home on Monday.


Vincent Busch, CEO

27. (1)
28. (2)
29. (3)
30. (4)


Questions 31 - 32:

Reading text:

Fumiko Nakamura [10:50 A.M.]
Philip, I'm about to board my flight and should arrive in Boston this afternoon. How's everything going?


Philip Akkarat [10:55 A.M.]
OK for the most part. However, a few system errors occurred in the new computer servers we're using to update the Web site. I called a technician, and he came in this morning at about 8:00.


Fumiko Nakamura [10:58 A.M.]
Was he able to fix the problem?


Philip Akkarat [10:59 A.M.]
He said the issue was more complicated than he first thought. He had another job at 10:00 A.M., so he said he'd be back at 2:00 P.M. to finish up.


Fumiko Nakamura [11:02 A.M.]
Hmm, but those updates need to be done by 4:00 P.M. Why don't you ask the staff to use the old servers for now?


Philip Akkarat [11:03 A.M.]
All right. That will take longer, so we should probably start now in order to finish in time.


Fumiko Nakamura [11:05 A.M.]
Good. I'll see you in a few hours.

31. When will the technician come to complete a repair?
32. At 11:03 A.M., what does Mr. Akkarat most likely mean when he writes, "That will take longer"?
Questions 33 - 36:

Reading text:

Tom Estrada 18:42 Good afternoon from Apex Cable TV. How may I help you today?
Alyssa Munro 18:43 Hi. I need help accessing movies using Movies On Demand.
Tom Estrada 18:44 OK. Please give me a moment to open your account details on my computer.
Tom Estrada 18:45 Thank you for waiting. It appears that you are not subscribed to our Movies On Demand service.
Alyssa Munro 18:45 Oh, really? I thought it was part of my subscription.
Tom Estrada 18:46 Well, our records show that you have the standard plan. This doesn't give you full access to our movie channels.
Alyssa Munro 18:47 Will I need to change my plan if I want Movies On Demand?
Tom Estrada 18:47 You can add the service to your present plan. It costs an extra $8.99 a month. Would you like me to add it now?
Alyssa Munro 18:48 Do you need my credit card number? I don't have it with me now.
Tom Estrada 18:49 That's all right. We can add the charges to your bill, beginning next month.
Alyssa Munro 18:50 OK. Let's go ahead and do that then.

33. What does Ms. Munro need assistance with?
34. What is indicated about the standard plan?
35. What can be inferred about Ms. Munro?
36. At 18:49, what does Mr. Estrada mean when he writes, "That's all right"?


Questions 37 - 41:

Reading text 1:

TrueBlue Mart Offers Rides to Local Customers

Customers of Kenneth County's most popular big-box store, TrueBlue Mart, will no longer have to worry about how they'll get their shopping done thanks to a new shuttle service. Concerned that a lack of affordable transit services has prevented certain segments of the population from shopping at TrueBlue Mart, store management felt it was appropriate to provide a free shuttle that will make stops at various locations throughout the community. The minibus will leave from Edgewood Avenue Apartments at 8:30 A.M. from Monday to Friday, making four trips a day. On Saturdays, the minibus makes just three trips, leaving from the same location at 10:00 A.M. and skipping over the second stop. The shuttle will not operate on Sundays. Routes and schedules were determined using client feedback and are posted on the store's Web site at

Reading text 2:

TrueBlue Mart

Home | Announcements | Locations | Customer Service

Welcome account holder 01983445, Emilia Harper, to TrueBlue Mart's Online Customer Service Counter. Your opinions are valuable to us. Please select a tab to leave a comment.

In-Store Experience Online Experience Shuttle Bus Experience

Thank you for starting the shuttle service program. I am able to run my errands more often now. However, I was wondering if you'd consider sticking to the same pickup locations daily. I live at the Helmhurst Retirement Community, which is close to the second stop, Glengarry University. On weekends, however, I'm forced to walk a little further to the third one. The walk is fine for me, but there are several other residents at Helmhurst who find it difficult because of mobility issues. At other times, the weather presents a hindrance.
I would also suggest that the minibus run more frequently than every two hours. Generally, I don't need more than two hours to perform my errands, so I often find myself sitting around waiting for the bus. If you take into account the travel time, that is nearly three hours out of a person's day just to shop at one store.

Reading text 3:

The True Blue Mart shuttle stops at these designated locations.

37. Why did TrueBlue Mart representatives start providing a shuttle?
38. What is indicated about the store's new service?
39. Which stop does Ms. Harper use on the weekends?
40. What is NOT indicated about Ms. Harper?
41. On the Web page, the word "presents" is closest in meaning to

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