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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


4. Who sent the package?
5. When is the meeting with Ms. Jones?
6. Where is Mr. Ozawa now?
7. What is the woman's problem?
8. What will the woman do at 4 o'clock tomorrow?
9. What does Bob plan to do next?


10. What is the telephone number that people should call?
11. Who created this advertisement?
12. Who is likely to call the phone number?


13. To prepare _____ for the interview at Boyer Pharmaceuticals, Mr. Paik read about the company's history.
14. The corporation head, who _____ a large city orphanage, will establish a non-profit computer learning center for the underprivileged.
15. English is used by pilots to ask for landing _____ in Cairo.
16. Bestselling author Sasha Badke offers her advice on how to promote small businesses and what advertising _____ to avoid.
17. In 1939, the AIA recommended the phrasing, "present fairly in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles" in the standard form of the _____ report.


Questions 18 - 21:

Reading text:

Claire Staley
874 Country Lane
Stillwater, OK 74074

Dear Ms. Staley,

Best Link Telecom recently upgraded its network and is offering high-speed Internet in your area. We began delivering service _____(1) July 17.

Best Link _____(2) fast and reliable service for the lowest cost. We promise to match the price of any competitor charging less than us.

As our customer, you may use our online storage services for free. Whether you're downloading videos and photos or sharing your work, you'll be able to get it done in less time than ever. _____(3).

And those already using our telephone service can get a discount of 20 percent by upgrading to a high-speed Internet package. The reduced rates will be reflected in your _____(4) for the following month.

Please call 555-1573 during regular business hours to arrange an installation appointment.

Yours truly,

George Hyde
Best Link Telecom Sales

18. (1)
19. (2)
20. (3)
21. (4)


Questions 22 - 24:

Reading text:

Dear Mr. Daedalus,

Thank you for your interest in Caribbean Cruises. As you probably know, our cruise ships offer the ultimate in comfort and travel experience for every client. Our four-day package includes stops at three different Caribbean islands, full meal and drink service, and an optional dating service for single passengers. Learn more about the history and culture of each island as you explore each one with a knowledgeable tour guide. Once back aboard the ship, you will have the chance to make some of the handicrafts you saw on the island in our special crafts classes.

Please contact one of our friendly sales agents today to book your next cruise with Caribbean Cruises. We are sure we offer the best value for mid-size cruise liners.


Jenna Robertson
Travel Consultant

22. What kind of information is in this letter?
23. Who may be interested in the optional dating service?
24. How many islands will the cruise visit?


Questions 25 - 29:

Reading text 1:


Coriander Fine Dining offers a selection of services for groups:

DELIVERY SERVICE: We provide free delivery service for orders over $80. A $5 delivery fee will be applied to orders costing less than this amount. Delivery is possible within the Washington, D.C city limits only.

CATERING SERVICE: Coriander Fine Dining can cater weddings, parties, and corporate or personal events at any location. We will work with you to create a menu for groups of up to 800. Service dishes, plates, cutlery, and glassware are also available for an additional charge. Contact our catering manager Cecilia Shiraz at to make a reservation.

VENUE RENTAL: Let us host your gathering in our private function room! We can serve groups of any size (up to a maximum of 80 diners). Contact Raj Kapoor at to inquire about available dates and event bookings.

Reading text 2:

TO Cecilia Shiraz
FROM Steven Potter
SUBJECT Availability
DATE June 12

Dear Ms. Shiraz,

My name is Steven Potter, and I work for Spartan Tires. I was a guest at the banquet you catered for the opening of Lucas Industries' headquarters. We recently made a deal to partner with a manufacturing company in India, and a team of their representatives are going to arrive next week to finalize our agreement. We thought it might be nice to have a meal served after contracts are signed on Friday, June 18, here at our headquarters. Everyone should be ready for dinner by 6:30 P.M. Including our representatives, there will be 30 people in total. I would like a buffet-style menu with chicken, fish, vegetables, dessert, and salad. We can make arrangements for our own beverages. We do not have any dishes or dining ware, so we will need those items as well. Could you let me know if you are available for this date and, if so, what the cost would be?


Steven Potter

Reading text 3:

Spartan Tires Joins Forces with Maha-Rubber
By Enid Wendall

Spartan Tires announced in a press statement yesterday that it will finalize a deal with India-based manufacturer Maha-Rubber on June 18. The company will produce tires under the Spartan Tires brand. Spartan Tires has 38 branches across the country, with an average of four new franchises opening annually. However, it does not produce its own accessories or parts, carrying only those made by other companies. Spartan Tires CEO Carlo Gregario said in the statement, "We don't have the facilities to produce our own tires. Partnering with Maha-Rubber will allow us to do so at a reasonable cost." The first of the new products will be available at Spartan Tires retail outlets nationwide on August 1 of next year.

25. What is NOT true about Coriander Fine Dining?
26. What does Mr. Potter ask about?
27. What will Mr. Potter have to pay extra for?
28. In the article, the word "carrying" is closest in meaning to
29. Who might Ms. Shiraz be preparing a meal for on June 18?

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