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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


6. Where most likely are the speakers?
7. What is the purpose of the man's visit?
8. What section did the man originally want?
9. What are the speakers discussing?
10. Who is Keith?
11. What does the man offer to do?
12. How do the speakers feel about Alexa's business plan?
13. How will the man help Alexa?
14. According to the man, what is the most important strategy for success?


15. To whom is this advice directed?
16. What should you be sure to do?
17. What can ruin a picture?
18. When will the snowstorm end?
19. What is the current temperature?
20. What does the speaker suggest?


21. I have a walkway that needs _____ repaired next season.
22. Our hotline service is available for _____ who are not satisfied with our products and services.
23. The _____ of the new computer network was apparent among the employees after only a few months.
24. Sales of the book The Hours slowed down following the last few _____ of the movie's run.
25. The application is a key marketing tool for the applicant in the job _____ process.
26. Based on the law of demand, quantity demanded is inversely _____ to price.


Questions 27 - 30:

Reading text:

The city’s Waste Management Division has been cleaning Brentridge’s streets twice a month. However, in response to the rapid accumulation of trash in several districts, we have decided to increase the frequency of this service to once a week starting May 1. _____(1), we hope to improve the appearance of public areas while removing substances that could contaminate the environment.

There are a few things that you need to be aware of. First, each neighborhood has been assigned a day of the week for its streets to be cleaned. _____(2). Additionally, residents must make sure to keep their curbs _____(3) at these times. This is vital as our cleaning vehicles will be unable to reach them otherwise. We would truly appreciate your _____(4) with these changes.

27. (1)
28. (2)
29. (3)
30. (4)


Questions 31 - 35:

Reading text:

Audiences have waited a long time for the opening of the play Dusk to Dawn at the City Theater. Unfortunately, the long wait only adds to the disappointment of seeing a mediocre play. It is an uncomfortable experience from start to finish. The action is slow and the dialogue boring. The performance by most of the cast is awkward and, on the night I attended at least, many of the actors forgot their lines. They obviously did not rehearse enough before opening night. The plot is trite. Theatergoers had been told to expect a fresh approach to the age-old boy-meets-girl romance story. Instead, we get a story that is dull enough to drive one to tears. Although the play is relatively short-under two hours, the performance is so tedious it seems to drag on for three or four hours. The audience made an audible sigh of relief when the final curtain dropped. Rather than the predicted sold out performances, I expect that the play will close very shortly. Unfortunately, the producers invested a lot of money in this play, which they are not likely to get back. My advice to would-be theatergoers: spend the weekend at the movies instead.

31. What is the reviewer's opinion of the play?
32. How long is the play?
33. What does the reviewer predict about the play?
34. The word "experience" is closest in meaning to
35. The word "rehearse" is closest in meaning to
Questions 36 - 39:

Reading text:

Dream Vacation

Golden sandy beaches, deep blue seas, peace and quiet, and delicious food.

Would you like to take the vacation of a lifetime? Have you always thought about getting away on a romantic cruise but could never afford it? Now your dream can become a reality. Get away with Dazzle Tours. Why not take one of our mini-breaks? You will find that a seven day break costs a lot less than you thought. If you book now, you can get away for even less. For a limited time we are offering a Caribbean cruise with stops in Jamaica, Aruba, and Puerto Rico for only $499. (Excluding taxes, service charges, and visa fees included.)

Your Dazzle Tour includes:
. Round-trip airfare from Palm Beach to Belize
. All meals and on-board entertainment
. Choice of breakfasts, buffet lunch and three course dinner menu
. Includes full use of our sports center, sauna and casino
. Jet-skiing and scuba diving
. Savings on shopping
. Book of discount coupons given to each passenger-can be used in any of our on-board shops and boutiques (excludes alcohol and tobacco)
. Guided tours at destination cities with one of our expert local guides. All guides are fluent in English and extremely knowledgeable about their city.

With a Dazzle Tour, every day is a new adventure. All tours last seven days, six nights. Departures every Sunday until August 31st. Reservations must be made two weeks in advance. Call one of our agents to reserve your place now!
Dazzle Tours: 0800-990-990

36. Which place is NOT a stop for the cruise?
37. What is NOT included in the tour price?
38. If you wanted to go on June 21st, which would be the best date to make reservations?
39. How long does a Dazzle Tour last?


Questions 40 - 44:

Reading text 1:

Majestic Porcelain
312 Franklin St, Georgetown, DE 19947
Tel: 555-6973 /

Order No. 209154-68 Date: April 24
Deliver to: Lorraine Plummer
Customer type: ☑ New ☐ Existing
Address: 31 Longhurst Road, Crawley, UK, RH11 9SW
Telephone: 5555-7521

Item Description Quantity Unit price Total price
LV-36291 "Seated Lady with Peacock" figurine 1 $62.98 $62.98
OD-58792 "Angelic Cherubs" figurine 4 $35.00 $140.00
LV-98201 "Young Lady with Fan" figurine 1 $42.99 $42.99
Subtotal $245.97
Shipping $110.00
TOTAL $355.97

Note: You will receive a tracking number from our shipping provider once your order has left the warehouse. Expect delivery 5 to 7 days after the shipping date.

Reading text 2:

To: Lorraine Plummer
From: Joel Nesbitt
Subject: Re: Order no. 209154-68
Date: May 5
Attachment: Prepaid return shipping label

Dear Ms. Plummer,

I apologize for your recent experience. We always do our best to ensure that every item we ship is received in good condition by wrapping each piece separately in impact-resistant packaging. However, damage can still sometimes occur, particularly when items are sent overseas.

The problem is, as indicated on our Web site, that our shipping provider does not offer insurance, so they don't cover the cost of items damaged during delivery. However, we will compensate you at our expense. Just mail the damaged item (item number LV-98201) back to us, and we will issue you a full refund. We have attached a prepaid return shipping label for your convenience. Thank you, and we hope that you will continue to do business with us in the future.


Joel Nesbitt
Majestic Porcelain

Reading text 3:

To: Joel Nesbitt
From: Randall Howe
Subject: Shipping providers
Date: May 25

Dear Mr. Nesbitt,

You asked me to look up alternatives to our current shipping provider, PK Logistics. Below is a table I've put together of different providers. We want to avoid experiencing the sort of loss we had with Order no. 209154-68, so I think we should go with one that can ensure us that won't happen. It would also be good if the new provider can promise the same delivery time. Please check the table below, and let me know when you are free to discuss it.

Shipper Insurance Tracking Fastest delivery Pros
Super Mail Carriers Yes Yes 5 days Low-cost, delivers year-round
Corporate Parcel Service No Yes 5 days Strong overseas presence
Global Delivery No No 7 days Discounts for bulk shipments
Overseas Transport Specialists Yes No 8 days Largest branch network in US

Thank you.

Randall Howe

40. What is indicated about Ms. Plummer?
41. In the first e-mail, what is stated about Majestic Porcelain?
42. How much is being offered to Ms. Plummer as a refund?
43. According to the second e-mail, what advantage does Global Delivery have over other shipping providers?
44. Which shipping provider will Majestic Porcelain most likely choose?

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