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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


4. What has recently happened to the woman?
5. What is the woman's problem?
6. What does the man imply when he says, "There are always people like that"?
7. What is the purpose of the man's call?
8. What does the woman say she has to do?
9. When does Ms. Lee say she will be available to start?


10. What did the speaker do last week?
11. Look at the graphic. How much will the woman be refunded?
12. What does the speaker request be sent to her?


13. If we don't entertain our out-of-town buyers, they _____ such big orders.
14. The fitness club _____ a steadily increasing number of customers and is eager to develop new programs.
15. Each director has a uniquely _____ style of storytelling.
16. The CEO will use her _____ in determining how the reorganization of the company will be conducted.
17. The efforts and money which it will cost to unify the private law will be _____ repaid when it is there.


Questions 18 - 21:

Reading text:

To: Christine Lata (
From: Dr. Miles Hamilton (
Date: March 15
Subject: Retirement

Dear Ms. Lata,

My 40-year career as a physician is coming to an end as I plan to _____(1) from my position on June 1. Although I look forward to enjoying my golden years, I will miss my work helping patients. As your doctor, I believe I should suggest an appropriate replacement. _____(2), I'd like to recommend Dr. Jennifer Jana. She is an excellent physician whose clinic is _____(3) to my current office. With your consent, your medical records will be transferred to her on June 2. _____(4). I wish you good health and a happy future.

Best regards,

Dr Miles Hamilton
Hamilton Medical Clinic

18. (1)
19. (2)
20. (3)
21. (4)


Questions 22 - 23:

Reading text:

Dawn Konrad 4:48 P.M.
Yoon-Hee, are you busy tomorrow? Ms. Jackson sent a message saying that we need to rush the Lambert project. I'll be working overtime on it tomorrow night and could use your help.


Yoon-Hee Sung 4:51 P.M.
I'm heading to the marketing conference tomorrow, remember? I'll be out of town for two days.


Dawn Konrad 4:52 P.M.
Oh, that's right. It completely slipped my mind. Should I ask Mr. Martin?


Yoon-Hee Sung 4:54 P.M.
I'd try Mr. Stewart. He’s worked on the project longer and knows Percy Lambert really well.


Dawn Konrad 5:00 P.M.
I'll do that. Thanks, and have a good trip!

22. What is true about Ms. Konrad?
23. At 4:54 P.M., what does Ms. Sung most likely mean when she writes, "I'd try Mr. Stewart"?


Questions 24 - 28:

Reading text 1:

"Making your world more organized"


To: Millicent Pensky
752 Montrose Avenue
Proctorville, VT

Date: November 10, 20--

Initial consultation fees
Organizing four closets
$   75
$  800
$  225
Total due $ 1100

Thank you for doing business with us.

Please pay by November 30. A 10 percent late fee will be imposed on late payments.

Reading text 2:

November 15, 20--

Clary Closets
18 North Main Street
Chester, VT

Dear Ms. Clary,

I am writing to dispute the charges on the invoice I recently received from your company. The invoice contained several mistakes. First I was told that I would not be charged an initial consultation fee if I decided to use your services. Since I did go ahead and hire you to organize my closets I should not have to pay this fee. Second the final charge for organizing my four closets was $250 higher than the original estimate. I think this is too much and that I should be charged no more than the original estimate. Finally, I was charged for supplies that you ordered without my authorization. I could have obtained these same supplies myself at a lower price. Since I did not authorize this charge I think I should pay a lower price for the supplies.

I chose Clary Closets to organize my closets because several of my friends and business associates have been satisfied customers of yours. However I find it difficult to believe that an organizing business can be so inefficient when it comes to invoices. Please rectify these mistakes and send me a corrected invoice promptly.


Millicent Pensky

24. What did Ms. Pensky hire Ms. Clary to do?
25. According to the terms of the invoice, how much will Ms. Pensky owe if she pays on December 1?
26. How much was the original estimate?
27. The word "dispute" of the letter is closest in meaning to
28. The word "rectify" of the letter is closest in meaning to

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