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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


4. What does the man like about the painting?
5. Where did the woman have a similar painting?
6. What happened six months ago?
7. Who most likely is the man?
8. What problem does the man mention?
9. Why will Janice call the building manager?


10. Who most likely is the speaker addressing?
11. What is mentioned about Global Education?
12. Look at the graphic. Which is the largest room at the event?


13. They are developing _____ one-hour program that may interest older viewers.
14. Every employee is required to attend _____ one of the training workshops each month.
15. If you participate in online forums or attend events _____, you will get to know other members a lot better.
16. Budget requests for the next fiscal year should be provided by the appropriate managers, as _____ in the table below.
17. According to the Government Communication Network (GCN), a plan for internal communications should be _____ into every communication strategy.


Questions 18 - 21:

Reading text:

Claire Lewis
Coapow Industries
5411 Superior Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44103

Dear Ms. Lewis,

I am writing in reference to a conversation we had at last year’s Food Expo in Beijing. You asked me to contact you if an opportunity _____(1) business together ever arose.

As it happens, I have since established a cocoa farm and processing plant called Ecuacao near Quito, Ecuador. I recall you mentioning your interest in products _____(2) from Forastero cocoa beans. It was difficult to grow at first, but I have successfully produced a good quantity of beans, as you can see from the catalog I sent you. Enclosed in the package that came with this letter are some _____(3) of my products. After trying them, please let me know what you think of the quality. _____(4). I'm certain our product will add to your revenues.

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Daniel Gerber

18. (1)
19. (2)
20. (3)
21. (4)


Questions 22 - 23:

Reading text:

Jessica Jang 9:27
I just got a message from a staff member in sales saying that salaries for her department have not been deposited yet. They should have come in yesterday afternoon.


Jessica Jang 9:28
Has anyone else gotten similar complaints from other departments?


William Stuttgart 9:34
I just checked with production and they got theirs, but those in purchasing did not. Neither did the employees in finance. Oh, and my salary hasn't come in either.


Jessica Jang 9:35
Nor mine. This is quite strange. I checked with research and development and they got theirs. I wonder if Erin's heard anything.


Erin Hinkle 9:37
Sorry, I was on the phone just now. None of us in human resources has gotten paid, apparently. I discovered this issue earlier this morning, and I just contacted Beacon Bank to find out the cause of the problem. They promised a response in the next 10 minutes.


Erin Hinkle 9:44
So, the bank says they had some technical issues with a new payment software system that they recently started using. They've resolved the problem now and those who haven't been paid yet should have their funds within the next hour. Let me know what happens.

William Stuttgart 10:34
I just received notification from the bank that the funds have been sent.


Jessica Jang 10:35
Same here. Erin, could you contact the other departments to confirm that the problem's been solved?


Erin Hinkle 10:36
OK. I can do that.

22. What is suggested about Mr. Stuttgart?
23. At 10:36, what does Ms. Hinkle mean when she writes, "I can do that"?


Questions 24 - 28:

Reading text 1:

Orbitron Technologies is now in the process of hiring thirty new systems engineers. This expanding company, located in Golden Oaks, California, will pay each new employee a minimum of $45,000 a year (up to $75,000, depending on qualifications) and offers two weeks of vacation time per year. Applicants must hold a degree in systems engineering from an accredited university and have a minimum of two-three years of experience in the field. Please send a current résumé by mail or FAX to Dr. John Poplack by December 15th.

Reading text 2:

To: Dr. John Poplack
From: Alex Fenwood
Fax #: 02-922-2006
Date: December 5th

Dear Dr. Poplack,

I am very interested in the position of systems engineer advertised in this week's Golden Oaks Times. I have been working as an engineer for the past four years. I graduated from the University of California, Davis with an honors degree in systems engineering. I am sending you a copy of my résumé and the names and telephone numbers of three references. My current employer says he would be very happy to recommend me and is available for discussion of my work.

Thank you for your time.

Alex Fenwood

24. How much experience should preferred candidates have?
25. Where must qualified candidates have a degree from?
26. What is the maximum salary possible?
27. How often is the Golden Oaks Times published?
28. Which of the following is NOT true?

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