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Thời gian làm bài: 120 phút

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In the Listening test, you will be asked to demonstrate how well you understand spoken English. The entire Listening test will last approximately 45 minutes. There are four parts, and directions are given for each part. You must mark your answers on the separate answer sheet. Do not write your answers in your test book.


Directions: For each question in this part, you will hear four statements about a picture in your test book. When you hear the statements, you must select the one statement that best describes what you see in the picture. Then find the number of the question on your answer sheet and mark your answer. The statements will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time.


Directions: You will hear a question or statement and three responses spoken in English. They will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time. Select the best response to the question or statement and mark the letter (A), (B), or (C) on your answer sheet.


Directions: You will hear some conversations between two or more people. You will be asked to answer three questions about what the speakers say in each conversation. Select the best response to each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet. The conversations will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time.


Directions: You will hear some talks given by a single speaker. You will be asked to answer three questions about what the speaker says in each talk. Select the best response to each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet. The talks will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time.


In the Reading test, you will read a variety of texts and answer several different types of reading comprehension questions. The entire Reading test will last 75 minutes. There are three parts, and directions are given for each part. You are encouraged to answer as many questions as possible within the time allowed. You must mark your answers on the separate answer sheet. Do not write your answers in the test book.


Directions: A word or phrase is missing in each of the sentences below. Four answer choices are given below each sentence. Select the best answer to complete the sentence. Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.


Directions: Read the texts that follow. A word, phrase or sentence is missing in parts of each text. Four answer choices for each question are given below the text. Select the best answer to complete the text. Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.


Directions: In this part you will read a selection of texts, such as magazine and newspaper articles, e-mails, and instant messages. Each text or set of texts is followed by several questions. Select the best answer for each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.
Questions 147-148 refer to the following calendar

Reading text:

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00 A.M.-11:00 A.M. Yoga Level 1: Room 4 Fitness Training: Room 1 Kickboxing Level 1: Room 3
11:00 A.M.-2:00 P.M. Weight Training: Room 2 Yoga Level 2: Room 4
2:00 P.M.-4:00 P.M. Cycling: Room 1 Kickboxing Level 2: Room 3 Nutrition Advice: Room 5 (book a personal appointment at reception)
4:00 P.M.-6:00 P.M. Yoga Level 3: Room 4 Fitness Training: Room 1 Marathon Training: Room 2

147. Where most likely would this calendar be seen?
148. Which activities take place in the same room?
Questions 149-150 refer to the following text message chain

Reading text:

I just sent you the itinerary for your trip to Chicago on Friday.


Perfect. Thanks!


Mike Ross wants you to add a meeting with Diamond Publishing while you’re up there.


No problem.


Okay. I can reach out to them. If you're too busy, that is.


It won't be a problem. I'm supposed to have a drink with Javier Sanchez from Diamond Sat. night.




When the guy is married to your sister, you're bound to see him.


Ah, that's right.

149. What is suggested about Mr. Sanchez?
150. At 9:11, what does Ms. Knight mean when she writes, "I can reach out to them"?
Questions 151-152 refer to the following e-mail

Reading text:

To: Accounting Department (designers@ptcdesign.com)
From: Robert Brown (robertbrown@ptcdesign.com)
Date: Monday, March 29
Subject: Upcoming Meeting

Hello everyone,

Our client from Japan, Mr. Sato, will be arriving the day after tomorrow to discuss an upcoming merger of our two companies. I ask that our accounting department work together to produce a financial statement for the first quarter in preparation for this meeting. Anyone who needs further data in order to complete this document should e-mail me without hesitation. Please finish this task by Tuesday afternoon. This document needs to detail all of our company's financial activities, including all of our assets and investments.


Robert Brown, CEO
PTC Design

151. When is Mr. Sato scheduled to arrive at Mr. Brown's company?
152. Who most likely will contact Mr. Brown?
Questions 153-154 refer to the following invitation

Reading text:

American Architects Society Annual Awards

You are cordially invited to attend this year's event, to be held at the Merriton Hotel in Houston, Texas, on Friday, July 24. As a member, you may bring up to two guests.

7:00 P.M. Reception
7:30 P.M. Welcome speech and introduction by Barry Humphreys, President of the American Architects Society
7:45 P.M. Dinner-Vegetarian options available-please specify when confirming attendance
9:00 P.M. Award ceremony-Best Design, Best Newcomer, Best Residential Building, Best Public Building-Presented by comedian Alex Dashwood
10:30 P.M. A special live performance from award-winning band The Pop Tones

RSVP to Event Coordinator Janice Harton at janice.harton@amarchsoc.net no later than April 21.

153. Who most likely are the invitation recipients?
154. How can attendance be confirmed?
Questions 155-157 refer to the following article

Reading text:

Northshore Financial News

June 29-A local mainstay at Northshore City may soon go national. -[1]- The Northshore Creamery first opened its doors in 1951 by owner Bill Bradley and has become an iconic landmark of the city with its huge rotating ice cream cone on the roof of the shop. Over the years it has remained a local favorite hangout for the residents of the city and soon captured the eyes of tourists driving through. -[2]- Bill Jr. took over the business and expanded the shop to keep up with the demand of locals and tourists. Northshore Creamery was even selected as a top-ten shop to visit by Travel & Tour Magazine.
In 1988, Northshore Creamery was featured in the hit Hollywood movie Future Then and Now, which made it the top ice cream shop to visit by out-of-towners and tourists. -[3]- Efforts were made by various corporations to buy the business from the Bradley family, but Bill Jr. and his son William insisted on keeping the business within the family, which pleased the residents of Northshore. -[4]- "We're keeping things small in scale and we're slowly expanding," explained William. "In order to keep the quality of our ice cream fresh and just the way my grandfather created his recipes, we don't want to take any short cuts, which is why we need time."

155. What is the purpose of the article?
156. What is indicated about Northshore Creamery?
157. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3] and [4] does the following sentence belong? "Now, the family is ready to open two new franchises in neighboring cities and, within 5 years, plan to open 6 new shops around the country."
Questions 158-160 refer to the following announcement

Reading text:

Announcement from Acreton City Council

April 3

Acreton City Council will be creating a new task force charged with reducing unnecessary spending over the next fiscal year. The team of twelve people will be comprised of local business leaders, union representatives, civil servants, and financial consultants. Group members are due to be selected by the end of this month and will begin work almost immediately the following month planning ways to reduce annual local government costs by 10% over the next year by eliminating waste.

Applications for a position are being accepted at this time. Please contact the city council at admin@acretoncc.gov for any information about getting yourself or your organization involved in the project.

158. What is the announcement mainly about?
159. When is the group due to begin work?
160. What should interested parties do to get involved?
Questions 161-164 refer to the following online chat discussion

Reading text:

Janet Logan [2:15] I just got off the phone and Mr. King informed me that he wanted his order a couple of weeks earlier than originally planned. Do you think this may be possible?

Margaret Lee [2:16] There's no problem on our end. We have all the fabrics ready and cut into their appropriate shapes and sizes. They are ready for the sewing machines.

Jason Brown [2:17] My team is currently working on the orders from Mr. Bartelli. We have over 1000 units to sew and another order from Carla Bean after that.

Janet Logan [2:18] Mr. Bartelli doesn't need his order until the end of the month and Ms. Bean's orders can wait until next week. I can authorize your team to begin this order first.

Jason Brown [2:19] What is being made and how many units are needed?

Janet Logan [2:20] Long-sleeved men's dress shirts. We need 100 units in small, 300 in medium, 300 in large, and 100 in extra-large.

Jason Brown [2:21] OK then, I think we can finish those in two days.

Peter William [2:22] We can get buttons on all 800 units within 2-4 hours.

Janet Logan [2:23] Thank you so much. I appreciate your help. I'm glad that we can accommodate one of our best clients this way.

161. At 2:16, what does Margaret Lee mean when she writes "There's no problem on our end"?
162. For what type of company does Janet Logan work?
163. According to the discussion, which department needs the most time?
164. What will Janet Logan most likely tell Mr. King?
Questions 165-167 refer to the following memo

Reading text:

Unsworthy Manufacturing

Date: Wednesday, October 17
Subject: Recycling

In response to pressure from local environmental groups, as of November 1 we will be separating all of our industrial waste for recycling. Collections will be made twice weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays from the regional recycling center, which will be supplying colored receptacles for different kinds of waste. All oils should be placed in the green container. All metals and glass belong in the red one. All paper waste should go into the blue one. Plastics will be collected for recycling as normal.

As this new policy also carries a financial benefit to the company, managers in all manufacturing bays are responsible for ensuring that the new protocols for waste disposal are followed, and failure to comply with the policy could result in disciplinary action.

Further information about our updated environmental practices will shortly be available on the website. Training sessions for managers will be held on Monday, October 22, but please contact me if you have any further questions in the meantime.


Davis Jeeland
Operations Director, Unsworthy Manufacturing

165. What is the reason for the change?
166. What can be inferred about Unsworthy Manufacturing?
167. What should supervisors do next week?
Questions 168-171 refer to the following letter

Reading text:

Normanville Farmers' Market

April 9
Dear Normanville Resident,

This year's first Normanville Farmers' Market will be open on Saturday, April 14, on Clark Street, between Main Street and Park Street. The farmers' market will be available between 9:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. The mayor of Normanville, Tom Daley, will be present to deliver an address at the opening ceremony. A lot of local farmers, food vendors, and street performers will be at the venue.

"This vibrant market will give our local farmers a nice place to sell their fresh produce. Additionally, because we cut out some middle processes, our prices are lower than those of average grocery stores," said Suzy Hammer, executive director of the Normanville Farmers' Association.

Ms. Hammer also mentioned that currently there is not enough parking space to accommodate shoppers. The Normanville Farmers' Association plans on expanding parking space in the coming months after the market has opened this Saturday. In the meantime, she advises Normanville residents who will visit the market to use public transportation in order to avoid parking difficulties.

The Normanville Farmers' Market is different from other grocery stores that supply mass-produced food products. The market will provide organic produce that is full of essential vitamins and minerals. As you know, the market will also help the local economy.

Please come this Saturday and see what the Normanville Farmers' Market has to offer!

Normanville Farmers' Association

168. Why was the letter written?
169. What is indicated about Ms. Hammer?
170. What problem is mentioned?
171. What is NOT mentioned as a benefit of shopping at the venue?
Questions 172-175 refer to the following notice

Reading text:

Lost and Found

Parkway City is bracing for another holiday season and urging its citizens and tourists to keep track of their belongings. -[1]- Every year, more than 2000 items show up at the city lost and found located at Parkway City Hall. "But we get even more lost items during the holiday season," explained Jean King, the managing director of the lost and found. "From around November 25 to January 2, we get a 25% increase in the number of items that are brought to us."
-[2]- Everything from keys, sunglasses, umbrellas, and jewelry to electronic devices, luggage, and shopping bags full of newly purchased items have been brought to the center over the years. "The strangest item we got was a suitcase full of period piece costumes," says Jean. "The intern working for a film at the time was happy to get it back."
-[3]- If the items are not claimed within 90 days, they are auctioned off at a public event to raise money for the community center. -[4]-

172. What is the purpose of the article?
173. What is suggested about Jean King?
174. What is suggested about the lost items?
175. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3] and [4] does the following sentence best belong? "Many people do come to claim their missing items, but a vast majority is still left unclaimed."
Questions 176-180 refer to the following article and e-mail

Reading text 1:

Tech Life Hires New CEO

New York, April 12-Amid a crisis of low sales and disappointing performance, the technology company Tech Life has hired Steve Cross as its new chief executive officer. Previously, he was the chief financial officer at the technology investment firm Esta Resources in San Francisco, California. He assumed the position of CEO at the company-based in Dallas, Texas-just this Monday. Stockholders voted unanimously for the appointment, hoping the new CEO will bring renewed vitality and strength to the company.

"Mr. Cross has an impressive record as a business leader who makes smart decisions," commented Lynn Dyer, the director of human resources at Tech Life. "We have faith that he will lead us in a new direction that will help develop new markets and optimize our company operations in general."

Steve Cross graduated from Chester University in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, with a master's degree in business administration. He once served as head of the American League of Business Leaders and is a dedicated family man.

Reading text 2:

To: Steve Cross (scross@techlife.com)
From: Lynn Dyer (ldyer@techlife.com)
Subject: Welcome!
Date: April 15

Dear Mr. Cross,

It has been almost two years since we met. I am so glad to be collaborating with you again after we worked in the same department at Esta Resources. I felt we cooperated very well at that time, and I had been hoping to work with you again. You will find that we have very dedicated and hard-working teams here. If there is anything I can do to help you make the transition, please don't hesitate to ask.

Additionally, Tech Life has recently added five new managers to our company. If you have time, please visit them when they will all be attending a mandatory training session at 3:00 P.M. this afternoon in Room 403.


Lynn Dyer
Director of Human Resources
Tech Life

176. What problem is Tech Life facing?
177. What is mentioned about the shareholders?
178. In the article, the word "optimize" is closest in meaning to
179. Where did Ms. Dyer work previously?
180. What is Mr. Cross asked to do?
Questions 181-185 refer to the following agenda and e-mail

Reading text 1:

The Association of Future and Culture (AFC)

Quarterly Conference
Homer Conference Center, January 10

2:00 P.M. Kelly O'Neill, President, AFC; Principal, Mulligan Elementary School
Welcoming speech
2:30 P.M. Mark Kreskas, CEO, SEM Development Group
Enhancing global awareness: leadership and diversity
3:30 P.M. Lucy Hoover, Co-owner, Piedmont Adult Education Center
Gender and fairness of leadership
4:30 P.M. Jon Kimura, Store Manager, Kent Grocery Store
The foundations of leadership in the workplace
5:30 P.M. Kenneth Schneider, Professor, Brookstone University
Ethics and morality in leadership
6:30 P.M. Question-and-answer session

Reading text 2:

To: AFC Members (members@futureculture.org)
From: Kelly O'Neill (kellyoneill@futureculture.org)
Date: January 11
Attachment: free_talk.jpg
Subject: Quarterly Conference

Dear AFC Members,

This quarterly conference has been another monumental success. I thank all of you for participating and sharing your expertise with others. I hope you can take the skills learned from the conference and apply them in your local offices and workplaces. Additionally, I encourage all of you to consider giving a presentation at the next conference. If you are interested in doing so, contact Amy Garcia at amygarcia@futureculture.org.

I would also like to inform you of the invitation made by Kenneth Schneider, who will be giving a talk entitled "Gaining confidence through leadership" in his workplace next month. The talk will be free and open to the public. For more information, please see the attached file.

Finally, it came to my attention that some members were not able to attend the conference due to scheduling conflicts. Therefore, from now on all future conferences will be streamed simultaneously on our website so that distant members can watch and listen.

Kelly O'Neill,

181. What was the topic of the conference on January 10?
182. When most likely will inquiries start being made?
183. Where will a talk be given at no charge?
184. What does Ms. O'Neill invite AFC members to do?
185. What is mentioned about the upcoming conference?
Questions 186-190 refer to the following webpage and e-mails

Reading text 1:

Stark Bank

Announcements | My Accounts | Transfer | Loans

Overdraft Fee

On the date of June 3, you withdrew $100.00 from an ATM in Jacksonville, Florida, exceeding the limit of your debit card account. Therefore, you will be charged an overdraft fee of $30.00. This may have resulted from an accumulation of account withdrawals that were in process at the time you withdrew money from the ATM. We regret to have to make this charge whenever a member's debit card transactions exceed his or her funds.

In the future, this mistake can be avoided by signing up for our Stark Bank mobile banking service. This service only costs $2 a month. Using your smartphone, you can access your accounts no matter where you are. You can check the amount of money in your accounts, your history of deposits and withdrawals, and most importantly, pending transactions. To sign up, please e-mail us at customerservice@starkbank.com or call us at 904-555-4514.

Reading text 2:

To: Customer Service (customerservice@starkbank.com)
From: Suzie Summers (ssummers8zippynet.com)
Subject: Overdraft Fee
Date: June 5

I am concerned that someone may have illegally accessed my account and made a withdrawal. I lost my debit card on June 2, and upon noticing the next day, I immediately froze all of my accounts. Considering these unfortunate circumstances, I politely ask that the bank refrain from charging the fee for this unforeseen overdraft.

I would like to sign up for the banking service you recommended. It sounds like a useful service that can help me manage my finances in a more efficient manner.

Thank you for your assistance.

Suzie Summers

Reading text 3:

To: Suzie Summers (ssummers@zippynet.com)
From: Customer Service (customerservice@starkbank.com)
Subject: Overdraft Review
Date: June 6

Dear Ms. Summers,

I am sorry to hear of your misfortunes. According to our account data, we see that you did contact us and freeze your accounts, though it looks like it was too late to prevent the withdrawal and subsequent overdraft of your account. It is a little bit unusual that the transaction that caused the overdraft was at an ATM machine a day after you say that you lost your card. Have you given your access pin to anybody recently? I would be happy to pass your request for overdraft relief on to our fraud department, but you will need to file a police report and then send us the case number that the investigating officer gives you. Once we receive this number, we can proceed with our review of your case.
Thank you and good day,

Laura Massey,
Customer Service Specialist, Stark Bank

186. What is the purpose of the web page information?
187. What is NOT mentioned as being checked using the mobile banking service?
188. What request does Ms. Summers make?
189. In the customer service's e-mail to Suzie Summers, what does Laura Massey think is odd about Suzie's story?
190. What does Laura Massey instruct Suzie Summers to do if she wants to get relief from the overdraft fee?
Questions 191-195 refer to the following e-mails

Reading text 1:

From: customerservice@thomsonapp.com
To: dkerry@coolmail.com
Date: July 6
Subject: Malfunction

Dear Ms. Kerry,

We are very sorry to hear about the malfunction with your deluxe refrigerator, MK1213, purchased from Thomson Appliances. You indicated that the ice dispenser on the door of the fridge has stopped functioning. Actually, several customers have reported the same problem. It turned out that the manufacturers made an error in the production process. Fortunately, this problem can easily be fixed by one of our technicians. Currently, our technicians are available Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday next week. Please specify what day and what time works for you.

Additionally, if your refrigerator is under warranty, this repair will be absolutely free. Please let us know your warranty number so we can verify this before sending a technician to your house.

We apologize for this inconvenience. Thank you again for choosing Thomson Appliances.


Greg Lewis
Customer Service

Reading text 2:

From: dkerry@coolmail.com
To: customerservice@thomsonapp.com
Date: July 7
Subject: Re: Malfunction

Dear Mr. Lewis,

Thank you for your prompt response. Actually, next week I will be away on a business trip in Arkansas and I won't return until Saturday. However, I have a housekeeper who comes to clean on Monday and Friday. If your technician visits on either day, she can let him or her in.

My warranty number is A344F56J and is still valid. I will leave this document with my housekeeper in case you need to see it during your visit.

Dana Kerry

Reading text 3:

From: customerservice@thomsonapp.com
To: dkerry@coolmail.com
Date: July 7
Subject: Repair Time

Dear Ms. Kerry,

Our technician will be able to come by your house on Monday. You will need to be sure to leave the warranty documents so the technician can scan them into our system. This is necessary for us to be reimbursed by the manufacturers. Our technician will come by in the morning and try to be gone by lunch; even though you have a housekeeper, they will try not to leave a mess. Safe travels and we appreciate your patience. Thank you for your loyalty to Thompson Appliances.

Greg Lewis
Customer Service

191. What is one reason the first e-mail was sent?
192. According to the first e-mail, what is true about the refrigerator?
193. What information does Mr. Lewis request from Ms. Kerry?
194. Why does the technician need to scan the warranty?
195. Why do you think the technician will come on Monday?
Questions 196-200 refer to the following e-mails

Reading text 1:

To: Lillian Ross (lillianross@kingstonsportinggoods.com)
From: Eric West (ericwest@jmsolutions.com)
Subject: November 4, 10:34 A.M.
Attachment: Details

Dear Ms. Ross,

You contacted us last week in order to ask some of our computer programmers to help your company develop a website. JM Solutions would be happy to offer you our services.

As I said on the phone, we will help design and program a website that will attract more customers and offer an online sales platform. During this time, we will need to hold meetings with your marketing division in order to best capture your company's goals. Once the website has been completed in mid-February next year, we will hold a training seminar in order to train your employees in the skills necessary to maintain and update your website. The website development and training seminar will cost a total of $32,000. We request that a deposit of 10% be paid in advance. Please see the attached file for detailed costs and schedules.

We look forward to working with you in the near future. Our staff members will strive to meet all your needs. Therefore, just let me know when your marketing division is available to meet us in person and discuss some of the details of the project. Please contact me at your convenience.

Eric West

Reading text 2:

To: Lillian Ross (lillianross@kingstonsportinggoods.com)
From: Raymond Wells (raymondwells@kingstonsportinggoods.com)
Date: November 4, 10:37 A.M.
Subject: First Quarter Budget
Attachment: Q1_Budget

Dear Ms. Ross,

I have attached the current draft for the company's budget for the first quarter of next year. As you will notice, all of the profits made from this year's back-to-school sale are planned to be spent on billboard advertisements on the main highways. I will call a design team later this afternoon and ask them to create eye-catching images for the advertisement.

At our last meeting, you mentioned that you would like to review the budget before it is finalized. I have already include employee raise in the first quarter's expenses, but if you can think of anything else, please let me know. I would like to have the budget finalized before next week's planning meeting.

Raymond Wells

Reading text 3:

To: Raymond Wells (raymondwells@kingstonsportinggoods.com)
From: Lillian Ross (lillianross@kingstonsportinggoods.com)
Date: November 4, 10:40 AM
Subject: Emergency Budget Addition

Dear Mr. Wells,

I am glad you forwarded me your proposed budget when you did. Just prior to receiving your e-mail, I received an estimate for our planned website development. It looks like it is going to be more expensive than I had anticipated. Although the final bill of $32,000 is not due immediately, we will have to find an extra $3,200 in next year's first quarter budget if we want to proceed with JM Solutions' proposal.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please just come to my office and we can go over where we can make the tough cuts to come up with this funding.

196. Why did Mr. West write the first e-mail?
197. What service does JM Solutions provide?
198. According to the second e-mail, how will the profits of the back-to-school sale be spent?
199. What is indicated by the third e-mail?
200. Why does Kingston Sporting Goods need to allow for $3,200 for web development?
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